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New gun law

Competency paper waived after initial permit

January 3, 2013

Some changes are coming for owners of firearms in Ohio after legislation signed by Gov. John Kasich takes effect in a couple of months. House Bill 495, inked by the governor Dec....

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Jan-12-13 2:33 AM

But Freddy, cite these lawsuits the NRA has mounted to prevent Connecticut lawmakers from enforcing the laws they passed. Cite the enormous pressure brought by Colt that prevented the same.

I've got your answer you were too lazy to seek out on your own. The California shooter took his older brother's shotgun. So, he's a thief too!

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Jan-12-13 2:20 AM

Freddy, I seem to remember the Columbine shootings went on DURING the time when the AWB was in place. The shooters, from well-off families, had enough disposable income to persuade 2 adults to buy their guns for them.

How did the kid in California get his guns? Beats me, I haven't seen news reports stating that fact.

Bu the majority of the mass shootings you speak of happened in "gun free" zones. In the case of the Arizona shooter, a CCW holder actually helped subdue the shooter.

One little problem with the "gun free" zone concept. Law abiding gun owners wouldn't be carrying a gun there, so it would be pretty tough for them to stop the shooter.

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Jan-09-13 10:27 PM

Well Irish, I thought you capable of expressing yourself in language better than a text message. I guess not!

So, in your opinion, since a madman used stolen firearms to murder children, better than 1/3rd of America deserves punishment? Didn't we try this "ban" stuff before in our history? Aren't we still trying that futile effort to combat drugs? And how well is that working out for us? Didn't we repeal prohibition after learning it was impossible to force Americans to not drink alcohol?

I assure you, if such legislation is introduced, America will fight back! Legislators who support such a measure better be seeking an honest way to make a living, because they'll be voted out as soon as possible.

The honest, law abiding gun owners are not responsible for this crime. Where is your outrage at the ACLU, who forced the closure of mental institutions? Who brag about lawsuits where they won the right of mentally ill people to NOT take their medication if they chose not to?

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Jan-09-13 9:22 PM

Some of u on here promise defiance with gun control, ull git it! Its coming ur way, and ur not going to like it! Crow all u want about prying guns from ur cold dead hands all u want, but if u insist, it will be given to u, big time! Children were killed by a nut with a gun, not a car or club, a gun, and u want to defend killer weapons in this society! The sooner u have ur way the better for everyone

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Jan-09-13 2:40 PM

Fred, clearly you have lost your mind! A 28 day waiting period? Why? You propose a restriction that will have zero impact on mass murderers. What, if they have to delay their killing spree, they'll change their mind? They'll lose the oppourtunity to kill lots of people if they have to wait 28 days?

There are TWO recurring criteria in these mass murders: 1. They are all "gun free" zones. 2. The murderers are mentally ill.

Yet, you on the left feel, since you have a tragedy, it's time to push your anti-gun agenda? What, is this another "Never let a crisis go to waste" moment?

Putting more restrictions on lawful citizens, as a "knee-jerk" reaction to Newtown, is as illogical as most everything you on the left push on America. Be ready to face resistance, LOTS of it! Be ready to face defiance! Because, even though you folks have rammed a ton of crap on America, Constitutional rights are non-negotiable!

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Jan-09-13 12:09 AM

Freddie, I know it totally screws up your "talking points", but any dealers operating at a gun show have to require buyers to fill out a Form 4473, and call in the buyers personal info for the required background check.

Have you ever attended a gun show? I'm guessing the answer is NO! Because, if you had, you'd know there is typically a fairly high number of law enforcement officers in attendence at them. From local police right on up to BATFE agents.

Criminals don't buy guns at gun shows. A government study found the vast majority of criminals send a family member to legally buy them a gun. Or they buy it from another criminal who stole them from the owners home.

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Jan-08-13 11:58 PM

Fred, check the rate of gun violence in Jamacia, where there is NO private gun ownership. And they're an island, where their law enforcement could easily monitor everything that enters the country.

You like statistics so well, check out the DOJ's crime rate statistics for the past several years versus gun sales numbers. We've seen more firearms bought for around the past decade or longer. Yet, we're seeing firearms related violent crime rates drop.

Now, if as you claim, gun ownership by civilians is such an issue, how could crime rates drop? There are more privately owned guns, more civilians carrying for self defense, yet less firearms related crimes?

Oh, BTW, the cops being outgunned can't be a problem. The government is, and has been, arming police departments who requested them, "select-fire" M-4 rifles for many years. They're armory refreshed surplus military rifles, the "full auto" model M-4, the designation these days for the AR platform rifle. They're a

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Jan-08-13 1:12 AM

And to answer a previous question... The Mayan Palace, Jeanne Assam at her church, The Appalachian Law School, the Oregon mall, just to name a few.

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Jan-08-13 12:50 AM

Here's a little trivia. The worst mass shooting in the country was accomplished with what weapons?

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Jan-08-13 12:09 AM

Your side of this argument are choosing to dance in the blood of those children to advance your own political agenda. That shows a lot about you folks!

Have you seen the recent Gallup poll? The NRA currently has a higher favorable rating than your hero, Obama. The lunacy the left has discussed recently has been the driving force in seeing gun shops cleaned out of anything that has "AR" or "AK", and prices for those items going to 3-4 times prior retail prices. And you really think passing more idiotic laws will MAKE these buyers hand over these guns?

If you "gun ban" nuts could offer even a shread of evidence that more laws would end such tragedies, I'd be first in line to listen to you. But instead, anyone who disagrees with your agenda, gets insulted. You guys refuse to have an adult discussion!

Passing laws that turn 1/3rd of America into criminals will not safeguard our children. Making baseless claims that current laws somehow makes you less safe

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Jan-07-13 11:57 PM

You read my comment, then try to twist it to fit your own agenda. Both the Boy Scouts & the 4-H have marksmanship programs. The NRA sponsors both, and NRA instructors offer their expertise to both groups for free.

The NRA assists smaller police agencies with training as well, with member ranges offering their facilities and instructors at no cost. Perhaps you've avoided reading Gallup poll results since the election, but the NRA has a higher favorable rating than your hero, Obama.

I avoided posting anything about guns for a time after Colorado and Newtown, until you and your lackey Free started out spouting your lies!

And, for the record, if you or any other anti-gun zealot could show even a shread of evidence that new gun laws/bans/restrictions, could stop insane people from exploiting "gun free" zones to kill as many as they could, I'd listen to your ideas. BUT, you can't do so! You choose instead to try to paint law abiding gun owners as criminals. You choose to i

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Jan-07-13 6:06 PM

I really don't get you Freddy! No matter what I reply with, you go off on a screed about anything and everything under the Sun, other than what I addressed.

Are there people in militias? Duh, sure! How many cases have there been of such a group actually causing a problem? ONE! And how exactly a militia composed of guys in their 60's are really a danger? I ain't seen it, these guys (if media reports were correct) were a lot of talk.

So, now your solution is to implement a military armory set-up in order for people to have semi-auto rifles? What about people who live on enough land that they do their target shooting on a range they constructed on their own acreage? What, they have to join a gun club?

Try reading the well-reasoned article by Tom Gresham in Sunday's Columbus Dispatch.

The NRA has never advocated for firearms that you claim they do. A major project for the NRA is firearm safety and youth shooting programs. They partner with the Boy Scouts and the 4-H in running

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Jan-05-13 7:06 PM

Keep telling lies Fred, the NRA has always advocated keeping guns out of the hands of those who aren't allowed to own them, be it because of their criminal record or their mental health issues.

But admitting that would hamper your ability to try and paint them otherwise.

I'm not playing Rambo, or anything else. I go to a shooting range, where safety is mandated, and shooters are supervised by range officers. Even shooting more than one round in less than 5 seconds time is prohibited.

Spare us the dramatic claims of gun owners out playing "army" or something similar. Stop the idiotic attempts at painting law abiding gun owners as criminals.

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Jan-05-13 2:57 AM

Fred, for as much as you bash the NRA, they've advocated for the addition of mentally ill people being added to the data used in FBI background checks.

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Jan-04-13 7:31 PM

"Media blackout: Shooter kills family members, wounds baby and police officer"

h ttp://w ww.examiner.c om/article/media-blackout-shooter-kills-family-members-wounds-baby-and-police-officer


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Jan-04-13 3:01 PM

oneill - My arsena's fine! I am running low on Liberal-based lube cream though. Care to bumble out in front of a bus for us?

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Jan-04-13 2:58 PM

Workingstiff, if you know of people who are selling CCW training, and not requiring them to complete the standards, report them!

The 88 sheriff's departments of Ohio are running short-staffed in this economy, and many actually take the full 90 days to issue a permit. And you think they need to have to administer a test themselves of applicants?

I advise anyone who has completed the basic course to qualify for a CCW to take as much training as they can. Every instructor I know offers advanced courses for conceal carry permit holders.

I don't see any changes in this law that places the public in any danger, I ask if anyone has a legitimate issue, to offer it up.

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Jan-03-13 10:51 PM

HEY! oneill's IS still s@cking, err, I mean breathing.

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Jan-03-13 10:11 PM

Sorry about some of the spellings....typing from a cell phone isnt as easy as from a desktop or labtop

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Jan-03-13 10:09 PM

I am glad that law abiding citizans can carry a gun....i was raised in the country and we always had at least 2 on hand....but the way 2 solve these problems isnt gun contr and stricker laws because bad news everyone criminals r gonna get them one way or another so strickter laws for the ones who r following them isnt going 2 b much help.....what we need 2 do is take all this money we pay 2 the government and use it 2 fund state mental words and classes for teachers to be able 2 point out troubled kids and get is ordered by schools or the state 2 have them b evaluated by doctors......all these horrible thing happening is because kids r slipping through the cracks we need more focus on mental health and less on guns because guns dont pick themselves up and drive cars people do

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Jan-03-13 8:42 PM

He took your gun to his car???I dont think he is allowed to do that.

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Jan-03-13 6:58 PM

Wow thegreek! 5 miles over the limit and he gave you a ticket? Lol

I got pulled over recently going 9 miles over in a 35mph zone and luckily I only got a warning.

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Jan-03-13 4:11 PM

@ thegreek it is a ne gun law by allowing loaded clips/magazines during transportation for non CCW holders. I called MPD once to verify this and he couldn't really answer it. he said "Better be safe than sorry and don't do it"

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Jan-03-13 11:48 AM

Competency testing needs to be the same across the board. All 50 states should be the same and recognize each other’s CCW. I find it ridiculous as an Ohio resident with Ohio Competency Training that I can’t carry my firearm in Pennsylvania. However, I also have my CCW through Virginia as a non resident and who does have reciprocity with Pennsylvania. Virginia by the way is a very lax state when it comes to obtaining a CCW through their state. All I had to do was pass an on-line course and then apply for a CCW permit. Self defense is not a state to state issue.

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