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Trustees receive sales tax revenue

January 4, 2013

With Washington County townships struggling with budget issues and the never-ending need to repair, maintain or replace roads and bridges, township trustees and residents were glad to learn that mor......

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Jan-05-13 7:19 PM

Washington County Commissioners = thieves.

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Jan-04-13 11:26 PM

Fired,there is someone in charge to be sure that the job is done.Its called a voter.

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Jan-04-13 8:58 PM

Sounds like wally has some accusations...bordering libel, unless he has some evidence to support his claim, I'd be real careful. Just saying.

The township association may not ask for any more money, but the two new guys can step up to the plate and fullfil their campaign promises and reallocate some more funds into the road and bridge account.

That would be a great way to test their resolve in a hurry.

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Jan-04-13 5:13 PM

Giving away $34,000 and then complaining about the tax money you receive isn’t being efficient. What I don’t get from the township that I wanted is my roads cleaned off when it snows. The answer I got from Asa was, “It cost to much to plow and put cinders down.” Isn’t that what the township is suppose to do? Ask the two remaining employees left at Belpre township what they think about the way he spends money. You all would be surprised at who’s palms he greases. That’s why he keeps getting reelected.

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Jan-04-13 3:27 PM very well put.The township trustee sys is by far more efficient that any other level of gov.When these tax's were passed,healthcare/pension cost represented a far less share of the budget.Over the years as these cost's increased,funds were shifted to other directions to cover funding shortfalls in other areas.A TRUE community leader would address these fiscal issues and fix the funding and or cost's instead of "kicking the can down the road",shifting resources away from intended(voter) uses

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Jan-04-13 2:29 PM

wally world is out on pike street right.

He needs to have more respect for a hard working guy like Mr. Boring.

If the Commissioners and the State and Federal Governments did as much with the money they have or don't have as the trustees in this county; we'd all be a little better off.

I'll say it...Thank you Mr. Boring; and thank you Mr. Karas for trying to help make all of townships a bit better.

Spring dumpsters; wish our township offered them; our right of ways might be less cluttered with TV's or mattresses. Clean-up probably costs more than those darn dumpsters in the long run.

Mr. Commissioners; nice work and we all look forward to moving a little closer to that 85-15 split as it was intended.

Now that I have thought about it, wallyworld must not have gotten something he wanted from the township.

Sounds like it anyway.

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Jan-04-13 11:08 AM

What a crock of you know what!! The County Commissioners are "stealing" the sales tax money!! The funding should be restored to 85% for roads and bridges. The "mighty" commissioners are really thieves.

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Jan-04-13 10:53 AM

I would like to know how come it went from 85 percent down to 15%. Thats a huge hit. I would assume the commissioners needed some money for their pets. Another example of a tax supposedly being for one thing, and then once its implemented politicians taking the money for another (the general fund, which they can do anything with)

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Jan-04-13 10:13 AM

wallworld, although I do agree some about trustees needing to be held accountable for some of their actions but, there are some trustees that don't get enough credit too. I know just in the township that I reside the trustees have there own full time jobs & are still out working very hard on the roads & on other projects thru out the township. Give credit where credit is due.

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Jan-04-13 7:36 AM

Asa whining about money, yet he gave away $34,000 on a pet project and thousands more on the spring dumpsters. Trustees need to be help more accountable for their actions!

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