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Marietta school security

Community, board continue discussion

January 8, 2013

Bulletproof glass, holding areas, non-lethal weapons and arming security guards and teachers with guns were among the ideas for improving school security discussed at Monday’s Marietta City Board of......

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Jan-10-13 9:08 PM

@oneill - your comment, " so-called NRA "training" for teachers involves a $150 up-front fee. For that, one gets TWO hours of "training" - mostly "target-practice". AS a certified NRA instructor, I can tell you that the training is a minimum of 10 hours, which includes lessons on the use of deadly force. Believe me, as a CCW holder, the last thing I want to do is discharge my firearm. Frankly, I don't want to go to court to justify my actions, and leave the outcome in the hands of someone who may be opposed the the use of firearms under any circumstances.

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Jan-10-13 5:03 AM

Fred, you say you're a pretty good shot, but in a "smoke-filled room" like that theater in Aurora, you don't think you'd have been able to see your target? Where do they still allow smoking in theaters? Not Colorado! You can't even smoke in restaurants in most states in the US! Or bars!

There's a case of a school shooter down South, I believe Mississippi, where the Principal was a concealed carry permit holder. He complied with the law, and his firearm was locked in his car, parked outside of the "gun free zone" of the school property.

He heard shooting start, and ran, retreived his pistol, ran back and subdued the shooter, preventing more injuries.

These people doing the shootings are cowards, when faced with someone willing to fight back, they either take their own life, or surrender. Look at Aurora, when police arrived, that loon put down his rifle and surrendered. When the Newtown shoter heard police arrive, he killed himself. IF one person had refused to b

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Jan-09-13 12:01 AM

Look a well placed hand cannon round might have stopped this act, but in reality how many times would have this young man fired his weapon until the response of "hey, I hear shooting got to get my 6 shooter from my purse or jacket in the closet, make sure my students dont follow me, find and then stop or deter the shooter, one life lost is too many, but would this line of thinking stopped all of the murders by this young man who was intent on firing first and*****the consequences, respectfully no It would not have.

By the way I used to carry thousands of dollars to buy commodities and never thought much about being a victim. But of course, My big thing was being aware of my surroundings and how I comported myself, carry your weapon, but be careful around innocent children, Saturday`s events prove we are human beings, and accidents happen!!!!

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Jan-08-13 10:21 PM

Or we could fence the schools in with armed guards, and even a watch tower or 2. Get some of these kids used to their future. I mean really, guns around elemenary schools. "Guess that`s somethin you wont understand."

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Jan-08-13 10:15 PM

Wow, lets put this in perspective, most threaders on this site think teachers rate less respect than those that put a Big Mac in a sack, but now their reaction is to put more guns around five year olds and let the educators carry weapons, which these innocent minds, have mostly no idea what the dangers of guns can inflict. These acts of violence have benn going on for years in inner cities, with not much being said or done. Now that is in the face of those with a voice and political capitol, something must be done now.

Tell you what, give it 6 months and 3 request to the state rep. for funds to pay for these armed guards and we will see what the reaction is then.

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Jan-08-13 9:24 PM

O'Neil... About your library situation. If you continue to offer yourself up as a soft target, then whackjobs will fully expoit you. Personally, I am done being a victim. I attempt to avoid all businesses & buildings that are soft targets. On that vein, I guess I have embraced the world of e banking & shopping. I choose not to do business with those that promote these opportunists. For instance, I have several family members that are into the craft thing. I refuse to spend money at JoAnn Fabric because they post a placard. I spend my money in P'burg or at the Walmart because of their stance. I am certain that there are some in town that will do go there for that very reason. Their business to be caught in a soft target, but not mine.

We will have to agree to disagree. To me everything is simple & easily solvable. Too often we get lost in minutiae & the simple solution....

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Jan-08-13 8:37 PM

I just checked the BOE website. There are approximately 2,900 students in the school system. At say $125 per student, that equals $362,000 dollars. That will pay for a few police officers.

Now don't bark, balk, or bemoan the proposition. We have a problem, this is simply a solution. Bottom line folks, the school pays, the city pays, all people pay, or just parents of school children pay. It is that simple. Identify your problem, then solve. O'neil, it is that simple....... Good luck to our leaders, may we continue to benefactors of good fortune, & God bless all of us parents that send our children off every day....

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Jan-08-13 8:32 PM

O'Neil, this isn't complex! You choose to be in the middle of the road. That is why you say what you say. Folks, it is this simple... Whack jobs in all of these but one instance was a feel good medicated, but not medicated nut who shirked personal responsibilty for a coward's choice. The 'why' is important, but no one will act to correct that matter.

So, what have is a this scenario...Allow our schools to be a a soft target, & wait for our turn. Or, take an affirmative posture & kill any wanna be glory coward before they get to our children! If you chooose the latter, then have the BOE lawyers get money into place to hire police officers. If not that, then get a levy to specifically fund police officers. Fund the levy, fund the police. It is pretty simple. If the community doesn't support the levy, then assess every family of a child some magical dollar amount, NO EXCEPTIONS for the poor, dole, disadvantaged & hire another officer..........

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Jan-08-13 8:27 PM

No matter, comments on here dont matter, i strongly suspect that very few teachers in our schools will be carrying guns to class, if any ( i hope). Some of u dont seem to wrap ur minds around the fact that its not a good idea to bring firearms inside our schools. Some of u question the cost of the security that would be required to make our schools safe. We recently had a president before the one we have now who had no problem at all coming up the money to fund two foreign wars, how much did that cost? Our children should be protected with alot less than wars! Fence off intercity schools just like any school, whats the problem?

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Jan-08-13 7:56 PM

unloading his own gun ,which he should have been well aware on how to do.

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Jan-08-13 7:54 PM

I realize that this is a late post but just saw Ms Sawyers interview with Gabby Gifford and husband Mark Kelly on ABC news- One question asked was if they agreed with the NRA slogan "A bad guy with a gun is only stopped with a good guy with a gun."(both have called for new gun laws in the wake of the Sandy point massacre ) Mr Kelly remarked that there was in Aurora Colorado parking lot&this good guy with a gun and nearly shot the officer who was arresting the shooter James Holmes. It was dark-he could not see well ,Holmes was also in an all black swat type outfit. I would say to all of you who promote guns, this type thing is very possible /just because one may know how to shoot a gun, hunt for sport and target practice, they also (unless current ex law enforcement or ex military )are not trained as police or military are in emergency situations.That training is usually not offered to the general public.The recent shooting at had a shooting the gun show happened just by

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Jan-08-13 6:52 PM

Yes, there was an armed security guard at Columbine. He was in his car having lunch at the time. When the two shot at him, he ducked and never followed them into the building. It took the police 45 minutes to enter the building, all the time hearing shots being fired.

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Jan-08-13 5:35 PM

Hundreds of teachers in Ohio & Texas are signing up for concealed carry classes, provided to them free of charge. There are plenty of people, teachers & other school staff included, who would be willing to step up & provide this extra layer if those who implemented this foolish notion of "gun free" zones got out of the way.

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Jan-08-13 3:31 PM

asknot, I do not object to a little more testing for a teacher to carry in the schools. We agree on this.

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Jan-08-13 1:42 PM

irisheyes, maybe we should just ban mass murder in schools. Oh wait.....

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Jan-08-13 1:38 PM

The point that we should try to achieve is to keep guns away from schools, and undesirables out. Simple, harley, even u may be able to understand. A barrier, fence outside of the buildings, patroled by heavily armed guards. Point, guns OUTSIDE the schools!

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Jan-08-13 1:22 PM

bobber21, I am quite capable of disagreeing with respect when that person deserves it. I have little respect for someone that isn't even capable of following the thread. Asknot,(hardly a bastian of conservatism) stated he knew teachers that had concealed carry and wanted to do it at school.

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Jan-08-13 12:57 PM

You raise many valid points, and I don't necessarily disagree. But, just because a teacher/staff member has a permit and is willing to carry, doesn't mean that they should be encouraged to or allowed to do so.

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Jan-08-13 12:56 PM

I would rather have my child in a classroom with a teacher trained and allowed to carry a weapon, than a teacher who would panic and/or be unable to protect my child.

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Jan-08-13 12:03 PM

I am quite capable of doing a search on any topic, but no amount of internet research will tell me that there are local teachers that are gun carriers who are willing to be the designated person with that added resposibilty. The only way we'd know that is to take a survey of local eductors. Afterall, this artice is dealing with MARIETTA school security. HR: your constant berating/belitting posts and opinions of those that do not agree with you gets old. Can't you disagree with some amount of respect?

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Jan-08-13 11:42 AM

and bobber21, it is called a search engine. You plug in the topic and then you can read different articles on the subject you type in. I know it is different than the spoon fed crap you are used to, but you really should give it a try, it may just open that closed mind of yours.

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Jan-08-13 11:40 AM

bobber21, it is a fact that there are teachers who do carry in schools. It is also a fact that some teachers would be more than happy to carry in there school. Nobody is suggesting they have to carry, just let them have the option. If I were a teacher I would gladly confront the shooter on my terms rather than cower and wait to be the next victim.

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Jan-08-13 11:35 AM

Teachers have enough concerns and responsibilities in these situations without expecting them to "take down the shooter" too! HR: you asked irisheyes if they had asked teachers how they felt about carrying guns in schools while stating he/she is uninformed and going off "half cocked". I think we would all be interested in the results of the research you have done on same subject. Who did you interview? Was it a local or national survey?

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Jan-08-13 11:28 AM

For those that don't think teachers should carry, think about this. You trust the shapping of their young minds to these people, but you would not trust them with a gun?

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Jan-08-13 11:17 AM

arearesident, Columbine had an armed gaurd. Plus you have added cost. In case you missed it, we already are pretty muched tapped out financially. Taking down the signs and allowing teachers to conceal carry costs nothing.

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