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Views on nation’s debt limit vary locally

January 18, 2013

To some, raising the nation’s debt ceiling is something that simply must be done, but to others, it’s a line in the sand....

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Jan-20-13 12:39 PM

I like my Independent from corporate oppression sources of information just fine, and with it being flu season, I dont want nuttin to do with what you been catching,back to subject if Obama increases the debt at a rate that ronnie did, where would our unfunded liabilities be 200 trillion and up. The big spending fascistic style of govt. the conservative movement has dumped on us for over 30 years, has helped create the beast. Fact. Sludge report, hee hee hee,

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Jan-19-13 10:25 PM

Speaking of gold, heard anything about that drilling of gold bars and filling them a metal with the same mass but far less value, of course if Fox News is your only source of uh-hum, info, probly not....

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Jan-18-13 8:27 PM

Stock market closed at its highest since Dec. 10, 2007, that would be pre depression, so somebody in the world of bankers and investors are really liking the tax proposals, and even though I am not an Obama supporter, where were you when ronnie, bush 1 and worst were raising debt limits.

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Jan-18-13 3:15 PM

Yeah BeRight, I havn't heard anyone of the libs say they like their new payroll tax increase. Just wait until obamacare gets going and they have to pay for that or be fined lol. They'll be screaming like a mashed cat.

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Jan-18-13 3:12 PM

The debt ceiling should not be raised until cuts are made. And the Congress should never give this guy obama the right to raise the debt ceiling anytime he wants.

If you read up on Cloward and Piven its almost like obama is following their destructive theory of "collapsing the system". We can't let that happen especially with the 60's radical rejects who inhabit our govt. now. Trust NONE of these people or what they say.

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Jan-18-13 3:06 PM

Not one liberal in these forums has anything to say about their paycheck getting smaller as of Jan 1 of this year from the tax increases that was suppose to go only to millionaires and billionaires.

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Jan-18-13 1:06 PM

The reality is quickly appraoching that we will be forced to default, or make the dollar completely worthless in order to pay the debt. It is just the natural course of situations like this. All you have to do is go read a little bit of history on this subject. Unless spending is drastically reduced, we are headed for more than a cliff.

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Jan-18-13 11:08 AM

Everyone got their taxes rasied after obamacare passed.Businesses will raise their prices for goods and services to cover the cost.

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Jan-18-13 9:40 AM

"Views on nation’s debt limit vary locally" .......based on the IQ of those asked.

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Jan-18-13 7:04 AM

It's time to quit stealing our grandchildren's future.

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Jan-18-13 7:01 AM

We should have took the ride over the cilff and didn't. Now we need to not raise the ceiling and and go into government shut down and get it over with. Better now than later when it will be shut down for good .

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