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Police stop alleged meth operation

January 19, 2013

Two Marietta men have been arrested for being in possession of several of the materials used to make methamphetamine. Chad W. Warner, 27, of 260 Greenbrier Circle, and Trent D....

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Jan-19-13 7:17 AM

trent mason a harsh punishment instead of a slap on the wrist,,they use him to get info about others and give him a far to light sentance,,,,he has nt been out of septa but a few months,,,,he is a thief,,,and a druggy and has been like that for a very long time,,,if you remember last year he was pretrayed as a victim when he stole from someone and they took the law in their own hands,,,,those two guys could have went to prison,,,and im sure it cost them plenty to get out of that mess....lock him up this time

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Jan-19-13 8:52 AM

Wasn't he also involved in the fire on Front Street that took two buildings and severely damaged a third? Was he ever charged in that case of arson?

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Jan-19-13 9:13 AM

yes and i donnt think he got anything from that

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Jan-19-13 9:16 AM

others went to prison over that ,,,, not him

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Jan-19-13 9:28 AM

Flipping crooks is nothing new but Washington County seems to take it to a whole new level of leniency of the flipped. Just how many times DOES someone get to break the law and remain relatively unpunished here? At what point does such leniency become a danger to our families? Maybe the Times would do a study of convictions, especially the drug ones; handed down in say the last 10 years and see who has re-offended, how many times they have been rearrested and what their punishments were for repeat criminal acts. Would be nice to know just how effective the slapping on the wrists punishments, especially the drug ones; has worked out to the benefit of the public.

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Jan-19-13 10:23 AM

All of these meth labs being busted because everyone's willing to tell. What did wtap say, 12 in this area? 12 meth labs and how many dropped charges? Stop letting the criminals do your job and send these people away!

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Jan-19-13 10:56 AM

Let the trash back out on the streets with us.Keep your squirt gun ready in case a meth induced nutjob threatens your family

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Jan-19-13 11:00 AM

These dudes don't look smart enough to cook meth.

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Jan-19-13 1:23 PM


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Jan-19-13 1:39 PM

it's Saul...better call Saul

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Jan-19-13 3:07 PM

The Front street address is a rental house. I'm sure the residents of that area really appreciate the standards the landlord rents property by.

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Jan-19-13 4:01 PM

they r not smart enough but some one is telling them how,,,,,so when it exspodes that will be front page news;;;; this time they got caught first which will make them more carefull next time,,,,,dont know the landlord but im sure he wasnt paying rent i dont think he has ever worked,,,,,maybe while he was in septa i think that is part of the program to get out,,,,

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Jan-19-13 4:02 PM

im sure he wont be locked up long,,,,,

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Jan-19-13 7:37 PM

Give them the maximum so they won't get a chance to make it.

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Jan-20-13 1:55 PM

Good job to the Police and Major Crimes Task Force!

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Jan-20-13 2:53 PM

Tax records say owner of 712 Front is KELLY ROBERT GENE & DORA B, 607 WOOSTER ST

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Jan-20-13 2:53 PM

rist of all u really dont know them they didnt live on front st and second of all all of u talking probaly have alot of dirt on ur own back porch just hanent been caught up yet that all will just ask urself how much do u really know about trent or chad really not much at all and think u know everything

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Jan-20-13 3:01 PM

Paper said Trent lived at 712 front street. If that is incorrect, take it up with the Times. I find it interesting that you are upset about where he is said to have lived but don't give a hoot about him getting ready to make Meth. So if you know them do they do drugs or make meth?

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Jan-20-13 3:05 PM

good job that is right and trent mason doses not live there so come by anytime u would live and see for urselves u have nothing better to do then set on here and run ur mouthabout something u know nothing about and think u know evertuthing and man women and 2m girls live thereirf u would like sense u are so bored with urself self stop by and see them

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Jan-20-13 3:11 PM

how do u no he was gettin ready to make meth??? what cause the police say so???? there as dirty as well... they all proably do drugs themselves!!! why dont yall worry about what ya kids are going to do and how they will more than likely to get knocked up at a young age or be junkies cause marietta is all that it consisted of.... i hate that i have to bring my children up in this town!!! because of there race they will always have it bad here!! i know trent and chad both honestly there both good people and got mixed up in this town with the bs but honesty money was key and that the fasted way to make it due to how many druggies there are in marietta!!! insead of bashing ones that u dnt know try makin marietta a better place for people who need help insead of catching 1 or 2 and think the police did a good job... they didnt catch the source at all js!!!

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Jan-20-13 3:27 PM

WHAT ABOUT THIS CRAP THEY DIDNT GET THIS MUCH PUBLICITY AND THEY DID IT AROUND KIDS!!!!! JS.....The Sheriff Office says an eight year old was living in the Ohio Blvd. home shared by Estes and Cochran. They say Cochran is the mother and she is also pregnant. Investigators do say they don't believe she was doing the drug but was helping to purchase ingredients.

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Jan-20-13 6:26 PM

Another great job by Jeff Waite and his crew. We should all be very proud of the alert and timely work Marietta Police does! They make it all safer for the citizens.

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Jan-20-13 10:35 PM

wow!!! lol

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Jan-20-13 10:46 PM

i have known trent since he was 4 or 5 as a teen he was out of control into drugs and what ever else he could get a hold of and it has nt stopped just got worse,,,step dad went to prison for a over dose death at a party that trent was having,,,he was living with his mom in marietta and sent her to jail for parole vilation when they found his stash in her house,,,,and it goes on ,,the warner boy i donnt know but i do know if trent gets off again it will contenue,,,

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Jan-21-13 9:29 AM

It is a shame that so many possible starter homes are know being gobbled up and turned in to HUD rental trash.

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