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Wanted: New Red Hatters

Local chapter helps women support each other

January 21, 2013

A local chapter of the international Red Hat Society—an organization dedicated to reshaping the way women are viewed in today’s culture—is looking for new members....

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Jan-21-13 10:03 AM

The Red Hat Society chooses to emphasize those things that unite women--crossing boundaries of race, religion and age. Given this philosophy, this local group, Marietta Angels Rejoice, is not a true Red Hat Society. It is a Christian group masquerading as a Red Hat group. My take on the MT's ever-present fact-box:

We're not a church group

The Bible calls laughter 'good medicine'

ministered to women and families

"We're a group of Christian women who just want to show the world that it's fun to be Christian"

The Red Hat Society grew out of interest in the poem "Warning" by Jenny Joseph. Eg:

WARNING When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me. And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves.....etc.

Red Hat Society is NOT a Christian group! Frankly I'm tired of people who profess to be Christian trying to push their Christianity on those who practice other religions or no religion.

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Jan-21-13 10:27 AM

Goodness, Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel, Tessie!

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Jan-21-13 12:27 PM

This here is a good idea. We new NEW redhaters, them commies is everwhere.

I don't real unnerstan the artickle but when we got China an Russia and Castrol just a waitin to nuke us we should be perparaed.

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Jan-21-13 1:46 PM

Tessie: You are so right! Those*****subversives. It's all a dangerous conspiracy!

We're through the looking glass here, people!

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Jan-21-13 8:18 PM

You people and your negative comments. You seriously need to get a life. You don't even know these people though you are quick to judge. Grow up. For one I think you are throwing your negative comments toward the wrong chapter. I do not personally know them either,and I am not from the area, however I was visiting some family in Belpre a few months ago and I had see these same ladies at the Redwood Restaurant there. They were not loud, nor demanding, or complaining,or rude and nor did they leave such a mess behind. To be honest if I personally owned a restaurant it would be a delight to have them in it. In what I saw, was a group of fun loving Christian women having a beautiful fellowship together. Grow a heart and perhaps you might learn that you to can cease living such a negative life and have one full of joy, love and friends.

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Jan-21-13 8:36 PM

Really that your name because you want to say what the servers have to say but don't want people to ask..Who exactly you mean...yes that's what immature gutless weak people do...with a mouth like that word is sure to get about and I am sure whoever (servers-business) you mean will be very happy when it does and to see the business they begin to lose because of a mouth such as yours. Perhaps it is your workmates or boss you are referring too. I sense that because I read between the lines of what you have said. Remember this...when a mouth like yours speaks garbage about a business and it workers it will drive customers away not to mention....I would hate to think what it would do to your job if by chance you happen to work at the place you are silently mentioning. Perhaps you should think before spewing garbage out of your mouth.

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Jan-21-13 8:59 PM

Go Red Hatters. You go girls. Don't let the idiocy of these negative people and their comments stop you having fun. Go! Go! Go!

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Jan-21-13 9:22 PM

Tessie, gonefromMov and asknot, you are all so very wrong and I agree with PixieDust and Winnie62. You are all negative and judgmental. No one is pushing religion by the way. As I read the article they are rightly stating what their chapter is about. It is a free country and they have a right to do so. Quite frankly as a reader I don't like you pushing your negativity and filthy language down our throats either. Trash talk will never get you anywhere. Obviously you need to go and read up what Red Hatters are all about. You might very well learn a thing or two. It might hurt your brain so be careful as you will be reading about truth as to what they are about. Twrecks, have no idea what planet you are off but what you wrote makes absolutely NO SENSE....go study what Red Hatters are about and get some COMMON SENSE. If you can't say anything nice your lips. We don't want to hear it. I think what these ladies are doing is wonderful. God Bless you all Marietta Angels Rejoice.

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Jan-21-13 9:33 PM

Thank you, PixieDust for being supportive! I was at the restaurant in Belpre the day that you are speaking about. It was a wonderful day and we met some really nice people at the restaurant. We truly are a fun group of ladies who care about others and are never rude to servers. And I, for one, am a generous I am sure the others in our group are. Someone does not have to be a Christian to be a part of our group. We all happen to be, but would NEVER exclude anyone or make anyone feel unwelcome who isn't. That is not what we are about. By the way, I am the accordion player...and these ladies sing along with me even when I play a sour note now and then! It is truly all about caring and having fun and EVERYONE is welcome!

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Jan-21-13 11:57 PM

Actually folks. I was being sarcastic. Where Tessie sees a grand conspiracy, I see a group of nice, middle-aged ladies enjoying each other's company.

My mother was a red hatter and loved going out to lunch with them.

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Jan-22-13 12:19 AM mean then that you were not apologies because it did not come across that way when I read it. So I do apologize. I am glad you see that in these ladies. It is nice to hear that your mom was a Red Hat Lady and enjoyed having fun with them also. It is sad to see people spin off opinions and be so judgmental of others that they do not even know. Very sad and it shows you where there hearts are and the mentality when they speak such filth and negativity. We wish for them they they will someday find some positivity and happiness in their own lives.

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Jan-22-13 12:37 AM

okay sorry so it this here takes out the 3 w's before the name and the . com at the end

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Jan-22-13 12:51 AM

Actually you started the attack on innocent people asknot. I was simply replying. And if you cannot handle that and feel that you are being attacked then might learn to stop attacking innocent people. I honestly believe that you have the wrong group of ladies that you are accusing of placing fake scripture money on the tables. It is not right of you to falsely accuse by hearsay. And that in itself is a slander case so you need to watch your mouth and your language. This is not the only Red Hat group of ladies that are around here. There are ones from Parkersburg, Vienna, Belpre that travel to this town often and I believe you are falsely accusing the wrong ladies. I am glad you think they might be a lovely group. But personally I also think you owe these people an apology for falsely accusing them. I saw these ladies at the Redwood Restaurant at Belpre and I can assure you they are not as you portray them to be. I too am very observant they were lovely and well mannered.

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Jan-22-13 1:03 AM

And I can assure you that you would not have learnt to speak as you do from our generation....Oh no. We actually grew up to love and respect others and not judge and criticize people whether we new them or not.Far different from today's generation. Our generation was not perfect and yes there may be some that went astray though not as many as there are in today's generation. You see we had the one thing that was the key to there being more kindness and caring and respect for was called discipline. Yes. Something today's generation is severely lacking sadly because people came to a point of not knowing the difference between healthy discipline and abuse. That is why most of this generation has no respect for others because most have no healthy discipline. Very sad.

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Jan-22-13 1:05 AM

I could not have said that better myself PixieDust. Very well said.

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Jan-22-13 1:15 AM

Amen! to that Winnie62 and PixieDust. You speak such wisdom.

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Jan-22-13 6:41 AM

Thank you so much to everyone who is showing kindness toward our Red Hat ladies group. PixieDust, again, you are very kind and thank you again! :)

I assure everyone that our group did not tip with scripture money. My mother ran a truck stop in Michigan for many years and I was a waitress there for about five years when I was in high school and in my early twenties. Trust me, I have the utmost respect for servers and am a generous tipper. I see others in our group tipping and being respectful to the servers as well.

Also a "fyi"--Our ladies minister to those in nursing homes and the homeless shelter. They are loving, sweet ladies and I am thankful to be a part of the group and drive 40 minutes each way (1 hr, 20 minutes round trip) for the wonderful fellowship!

Everyone be blessed and stay warm!

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Jan-22-13 11:47 AM

You are welcome BeckyDb. This town is in such a dark negative spirit that needs to be lifted. I watched your group as you walked in the parade last year. And it was so lovely to the sadness of people lifted and the happiness that fell upon them from the laughter and joy you brought into that parade. It lifted many peoples spirits. This town needs more of you, more joy, it needs to be brought out of the slump of depression and negativity.Keep up the good work ladies.

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Jan-22-13 2:30 PM

Now why was my comment with the website I found that these ladies have removed. It is not like it isn't public because you only have to type in the name in google and everything comes up. So please explain why it was removed.

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Jan-22-13 2:42 PM

I agree with you PixieDust. It is a public one because I also saw it. It is a shame and your post should not have been removed as there was nothing wrong with it at all. If any post should be removed it should be the ones with the filth in them. When will people get their priorities right. If you want to be out there and known for what you do then why have posts such as the one that mentioned your website that helps to spread the word about your group removed from here. We support you and will stand up for what is right and defend innocent people such as yourselves from being attacked but if you do not want people to see that you have a site or anything then why even go public in the first place. Please explain!

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Jan-22-13 2:46 PM

Totally agree Winnie62. That was a bit rude and wrong of whoever did that. Pretty sad really.

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Jan-22-13 8:24 PM

Just to let you all know--we did not have any comments removed. We appreciate the kind words and are more than happy to have our site posted on here. It must have been whoever moderates the comments? Someone from the newspaper would be my guess. Our site is public and we are more than happy to have people visit it.

Again, we sincerely appreciate all of the kindness. It is great being a part of a wonderful community like Marietta. I am originally from out of state and have to say that Marietta is my favorite city in Ohio. It is absolutely beautiful and seems to always have something going on.

To asknot-- It's really not our place to instruct other Red Hat groups as to what they should and shouldn't do. I am sorry you and others have had negative experiences, but it wasn't us. In fact, this is the first time I've ever heard anything negative toward Red Hatters, ever. So my apologies for anyone who was rude to you or your colleagues, but it was NOT our ladies. Blessings

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