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Internet, social media adding to problem of bullying

January 26, 2013

Warren Township resident Margie Wesel is at her wit’s end. For more than a year, her 11-year-old daughter Pam has been bullied mercilessly, she said....

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Jan-26-13 2:57 AM

Just to make things clear, I have repeatedly tried to get the schools principle. But she is obviously not fixing the problem. She told me warrens 0 tolerance policy was often misleading and that unless it is heard by an adult and there's 100% proof that it is happening then there is nothing they can do short of just talking to the student.

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Jan-26-13 3:12 AM

well i can honestly say i personally know that pam and the rest of the "billy" clan are no innocent party. 3 of them are bullys with a capital b. pam being one of the worst. always pushing kids around because she is so much bigger. i have 2 kids that go to warren one is class with her and has been on the receiving end of her tantrums! my other child is in class with daniell and well that is just a load of fun. i get to hear all kinds of stories! so ms. wesel before you make your daughter out to be the victim get your story straight. 3 of your daughters are completely out of control at school and more than one parent has to hear about it. i'm sure that is why the principle has done nothing about it. it's not that the kids are bullying her, they are sticking up for themselves and she can't handle it! by the by i saw your facebook pose and the reason pam was crying in the bathroom is because the boy she liked didn't show up for the dance not because she was being bullied. learn

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Jan-26-13 3:17 AM

learn the facts before you go as far as getting the marietta times involved in your personal matters. things that should be resolved in the privacy of your own home. this is not front page news, this isnt news at all. this is a teenage girl doing what teenage girls do, being a drama queen for attention! you have 4 so are we going to have to read about everything that happens with them in the paper i sure hope not. get a handle on your children and be a mother

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Jan-26-13 3:51 AM

Well warren mother of 2. If my children are being bully's, it had certainly not been brought to my attention which again goes to prove that the principle isn't doing her job because if my kids are being bully's, I would be the first to make then apologize . As for my daughter the night if the dance, I was there, I know what happened and I didn't see you or any other adult in that bathroom consoling her. Pam has constantly been treated like crap since we moved here. I knew when I decided that enough was enough and finally got someone to say something that there would be parents like you "the loyals" that would give me back lash. I know what's been happening and u also know nothing has gotten done about it. So as u said, if you think that my kids are bully's, give me the names of the children who you think my kids are bullying and I will be giving my kids the 4th degree about it.

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Jan-26-13 3:53 AM

And btw if you are who I think you are then maybe you should check on ur little fella and ask why she lashed out on him.

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Jan-26-13 4:39 AM

Both my "little fellas"are girls and her saying she should punch my daughter in the face because my daughter didn't invite her to a sleepover a few month back then incessantly calling her rude names like ugly skank loser n my favorite fat any time she walked by her, now mind you this sleep over was small and for close friends only, my daughter is not the only one Pam throws her weight around with. Maybe instead of blaming the school for not doing right by her talk to them about what she is doing wrong! She is no angle. She is the bully and you are enabling her. No you were not with her the whole time i read your post its all over Facebook. You ma'am are a liar!

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Jan-26-13 4:58 AM

I did not say I was with her the whole time. I was with her in the bathroom, when she was on the floor crying because kids were making fun of her. You have absolutly no clue what is going on. I never..........not one time said any of my kids are ANGELS. And I promise you that if I ever caught wind that my children were being bullies, I would do something about it. May I please ask you what your daughters name is? I will address this to pam. By the way,if you "know" this is happening, why, as a parent are you allowing it?????? hmmmmm

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Jan-26-13 5:08 AM

And why would i console a child who is bigger than me n bigger than my 75lb 11 year old who she threatens bodily harm to? I was there the whole time i didn't see her come in but i didn't see her get picked on either. I saw her walking around n looking around start yelling like she does when she gets mad screaming that he lied n storm off, n according to your statements, to the office to call home.

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Jan-26-13 5:17 AM

So it's my fault your daughter is a bully? Well atleast i know where she gets it from! It only continues because the policy is a joke n until there r cameras in the classrooms to catch it there is no way to stop it. My kids know they r better than the garbage that comes out of the mouth of the ignorant so they can turn a blind eye. No i will not put my daughters names out for the world to see, i unlike u believe parenting doesn't need to b front page news! U just needed to know the truth ask the teacher's n other students, not just the ones in her class either!

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Jan-26-13 5:19 AM

There are so very many things I could say right now. But I am going to choose not to because A, you have proven by your last comment just how grown up you are and B, I dont think I need to say more. I know what is going on, you my dear are very mislead and I know for 100% certainty what is going on, not only with my children, but several others. have a good morning.

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Jan-26-13 7:49 AM

Well, welcome to the world of criticism...the cowards and chickens have been so tough on community leaders, teachers and coaches for several years using their social media hiding screen. It is a great way for people to say things that they would never have the nerve to say face to face. Great teachers get so beat up by social medial,,and from parents who have raised an idiot.

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Jan-26-13 8:47 AM

Ducky1 & warrenmotherof2, what a disgrace you two are. You get on and article about bullying and the effects it has then you to get into a pi&&ing match for all the world to see. Tell me exactly how you're helping the situation? Be a role model for your kids because in today's society they need them. The exact environment you display is what your kids learn. Both students may be at fault, that is not for me to judge. Instead of whining, complaining, and blaming like our society constantly does how about we work on solutions to remedy, correct, and prevent future bullying in every school in America. Next time when one of you sits down with the principal, think are you both approaching this with an open mind?

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Jan-26-13 8:47 AM

i know from experience how warren local school protects the bullies!!! i don't know how many times i was at the school because my son was being picked on! i was told by the principle that he needed to start fighting back!! NO HE DIDN'T HE NEEDED PROTECTION FROM THE BULLIES! i would never send another child to that school!

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Jan-26-13 8:50 AM

yea right ducky1 like you would really make your kid apologize!!! i've heard that a million times

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Jan-26-13 9:29 AM

felinus combatae.

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Jan-26-13 9:32 AM

Warrens BOE and administration have bullied people for years. Why should the parents and kids be any different. You are what your are taught.

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Jan-26-13 9:36 AM

With parents like these ones we are seeing, these poor children are doomed. The teachers are also doomed - they should not have to deal with this stuff and should be focused on teaching. I think these mothers and their girls need to focus on their school work. If they were, then they would not be on here showing themselves.

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Jan-26-13 9:42 AM

Somehow I feel as if I am watching Jerry Springer

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Jan-26-13 9:51 AM

wouderful. i am so proud. not!!!!

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Jan-26-13 10:02 AM

So sad /in an article about children being bullied ,we get real live adult bullies. Can you parents of these children read what you wrote and maybe see a problem there? Old hickory your Jerry springer comment was right on.

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Jan-26-13 10:43 AM

Ms. Wesel, you are aware of Pam's bullying. My child is also in Pam's 5th grade class. I have along with several other parents talked with the principal regarding your daughter's bullying and major behavior problems and tantrums she throws in class that disturb our children's entire learning process. Do you think it is ok for Pam to tell other little girls to not even think about looking or touching the boy she likes or she will "kill" them. Is it ok for her to throw books across the room? I could go on and on with all of her disruptions and tantrums she throws on a daily basis. I was outraged to read your sad little story on facebook that was an absolute lie. What was more disturbing is that people were sharing it left and right and believed it. I am sure that the security guard that stood by the front door of the dance the entire evening allowed 6 kids to hold the door shut on Pam. You are a liar! Warrenmotherof2 has stated nothing but the truth regarding you and your

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Jan-26-13 10:45 AM

And we wonder why the children behave the way they do? Maybe they have learned by example!

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Jan-26-13 10:57 AM

Warrenmotherof2 is not a disgrace. She is just setting the record straight. Ms. Wesel should not spread her lies all over facebook and the Marietta Times. On her facebook page she is slandering the school and school officials. Stop enabling Pam. Stop thinking Pam is innocent. Pam is the bully. By the way Ms. Wesel, why do your girls not attend St Johns anymore? Same problems? Your facebook states you are going to transfer your girls to Marietta. Hmmm...think you will have the same problems?

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Jan-26-13 11:02 AM

My child is a victim of this family. My child has not behaved in any wrong manner nor have I.

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Jan-26-13 11:16 AM

Perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? I don't know any of you and don't care to. Perhaps family counseling is in order. The school doesn't need to be involved in this if the bullying is taking place at extracurricular activities or is cyber-bullying. School personnel has enough to do without expecting them to do this too.

Bullying is a learned behavior and when it becomes entrenched in a personality, it's very hard to change it. Child bullies grow up to become adult bullies, destroying people right and left.

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