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Kids & guns

Will Ohio require teaching safety basics?

February 7, 2013

Hunting and guns are an integral part of the culture in Washington County, and children are often introduced to them at a young age....

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Feb-09-13 8:09 PM

Hilarious, the White House says Obama went skeet shooting, so he went. Obama surely wouldn't lie to us would he. He always tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. AND O'NEILL IS A DIE HARD CONSERVATIVE.

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Feb-09-13 7:24 PM

You'll also notice a stream of smoke coming from the right front of the barrel. That would indicate a ported barrel, to ease recoil. BUT, firearms are not ported on just one side of a barrel, rather it's ported on BOTH sides. If one is ported on a single side, it nullifies the effect of the porting.

There's also the total lack of distortion of his face, as would be obvious, while shoulder shooting a shotgun with your cheek directly on the stock of the gun.

You want to believe it's genuine, great! But there are far too many inconsistencies in the photo to make it believable to anyone who has ever watched someone shooting a gun, or has shot one themselves.

But of course, since he claims he did something, it's hardly a shock to see them "produce" evidence of it. That doesn't mean it's true!

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Feb-09-13 12:38 PM

“Attn skeet birthers ... “Make our day — let the photoshop conspiracies begin!”


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Feb-09-13 12:30 PM

Also farther into the article it states...

The White House said the photo was taken on Aug. 4, Mr. Obama’s 51st birthday. But it offered no further details on whether his target practice was a regular hobby or a one-time event.

Reading comprehension for some seems impossible :)

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Feb-09-13 12:27 PM

Rocker says...If you look at the picture you can see trees with leaves on them lol. How many trees around here have green leaves on them now? NONE!

If you had read article you would have seen this line...

In a photo released by the White House on Saturday, President Obama is shown skeet shooting at Camp David in August 2012.

It was right beneath the picture for christ sakes...

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Feb-09-13 4:13 AM

I'd say the NRA would be the logical source for a program teaching young children how to act if they find a gun. They are the prime source of certified firearms instructors for civilians in the US. They're also the source of firearms instructors for most all smaller police agencies in America as well.

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Feb-08-13 4:53 PM

And Harley, I agree AtticusFinch's comment is the dumbest comment I have heard also. But that is also the outcome of ignorance. Ignorant people who have no clue of the issue. That is 90% of the entire problem.

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Feb-08-13 4:43 PM

I agreed concerned patriot. This agree and disagree button just spins for 5 minutes when I hit it.

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Feb-08-13 4:40 PM

Thanks asknot. I thought he was seeing the light for a minute then he goes off on his "you bunch on psycho's rant" and it is a waste of time. I don't watch Mad Max, The Walking Dead or Revolution. I have no idea what you are talking about. Us gun owners are not all about overthrowing your precious government of idols that you have managed to elect. I can see the light that if there happens to be a chaotic event in this country that my/our gov. may not be able provide me with security. I don't see the cops coming when I call them if they aren't getting paid or are busy helping their own families. So, I would like to protect myself. I/we never uttered a thing about warring with the US gov. Just because someone in another state does something bad, does that mean we all have that agenda?? It does not hurt anything to be prepared for the worst, does it?

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Feb-08-13 4:32 PM

I wrote this yesterday, I guess since 7 people disagreed with me, you that did disagree with me feel your kids are not as good as Obama's? I find that extremely disgusting!

Feb-07-13 11:44 AM Agree | Disagree

Be careful armybrat, they already got all over the NRA for saying our kids were on the same playing field as Obama's.

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Feb-08-13 2:42 PM

AtticusFinch, are you serious? So you are appossed to having very knowelegable people teach kids about gun safety. I take it back; this is the dumbest post I have seen.

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Feb-08-13 1:41 PM

My daughter brought home NRA "safety" materials from Safety Town. I'm all for gun safety lessons, but isn't having the NRA teach gun safety like bringing in the Dyslexia Society to teach spelling?

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Feb-08-13 1:24 PM

oneill, the pic of obama is more than likely fake.

If you look at the picture you can see trees with leaves on them lol. How many trees around here have green leaves on them now? NONE! Its like everything else obama does, its all fake and show for the cameras which is aka the obama dog and pony show.

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Feb-08-13 12:58 PM

See, Freddie's idea of who or what kind of person SHOULD teach such a class would be someone JUST like him! Frankly, crackpot liberals are a lot scarier than the far right extremists.

Oddly, in his warped sense of reality, anyone who identifies with conservative principles in any manner equals far right extremist.

I just pray that the present day educators are NOT like Freddie! That they can do their job of educating young minds without pushing their own political agendas.

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Feb-08-13 11:55 AM

oneill says "I AM opposed to certain "gun-geeks" whose unhealthy love for combat-style weapons surpasses their empathy for other human beings ... ".

Oneill people who like modern semi auto firearms and other guns are a "hobby" for some people. It makes no difference how many guns people have or whether they are survivalists or not. And NO I do not have "empathy" for others against guns or them telling me what kind of firearms to own. Its none of their business as long as I use them lawfully.

Furthermore, if they don't like guns they can move to one of those europeon. countries.

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Feb-08-13 11:38 AM

Sounds like a good idea to teach kids about guns and be safe rather than them be subjected to anti-gun propaganda by the liberals. I love seeing kids become responsible gun owners! And it drives libs like oneill wild to see kids with guns.

"liberal principles were founded on the openness and acceptance of others life styles". Yeah well that only holds true if it agrees with their agenda. Libs are the biggest hypocrites ever!

Good idea Morningperson about teaching our kids to spit and chew lol. Its not as bad as other things our kids are being taught to accept in school.

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Feb-08-13 8:22 AM

"Stiff", I fear it's much like wrasseling in the mud with a pig. You get all sweaty and dirty, and eventually realize the pig is enjoying it a bit too much!

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Feb-08-13 6:18 AM

Thank you for positive words about the instructors teaching the Eddie Eagle program; most would not identify themselves as "progressives" though - as a matter of fact, most are likely conservatives. Normal, law-abiding gun owners who care about our kids.

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Feb-08-13 2:10 AM

The group you love to hate on so much still works with the Boy Scouts and the 4-H in running their marksmanship programs. As well as conducting marksmanship programs and shooting competitions for youth and adults throughout the country.

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Feb-08-13 2:07 AM

THAT kind of stupidity is why I'm finding it pointless to even attempt a discussion with you! I suggested nothing of the sort!

Since age 6-7 is the usual age of 1st grade children, you don't think teaching them a reasonable method to react to finding a firearm would be helpful? The "Eddie Eagle" program has nothing to do with handling a gun, nothing to do with shooting.

I would think a responsible parent who owns guns would have an idea of what age to introduce their own child to shooting. I'm looking to get my grandson his first BB gun at age 10, to be used only with supervision by his parents or myself.

Myself, I had access to BB guns earlier than that age, I was groundhog hunting at 10, with an old bolt action .22. And going on*****hunts with our neighbor and his hounds.

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Feb-07-13 9:09 PM

Oneill, I appreciate your honesty and decided that we have some common ground. I do not know anyone that loves their weapons more than they do people. Not sayin there not out there, just that I don't know any. We all agree that mentally ill people shouldn't have guns. That is why we are against gun bans. Mentally ill people are ill, not stupid, they have enough sense to steal weapons !! And, survivalist are not the people you should fear. Survivalist will dissappear into the country side and you will probably not see them unless you interfere with them. The ones to fear are the ones that cannot eat if the power is out at the fast food restaurant and they are waiting in a long line to get gas and the shelves are empty at supermarkets.!!And the ones that are fleeing the big cities and break down or run out of gas on I77 and decide to forrage for food and gas, at private residences. Hopefully they can protect themselves and their guns have not been banned.!!

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Feb-07-13 8:16 PM


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Feb-07-13 8:11 PM

Why thank you Roscoe, anything to help a fellow traveler.

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Feb-07-13 8:03 PM

The "Eddie Eagle" course must be taught by a certified NRA instructor. Parents should be allowed to preview the course, if desired, prior to presenting it to the children. Then, the parents can decide if the want their children to take the course. Once they know the content, most parents don't object.

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Feb-07-13 7:00 PM

Thank you for underscoring my point scrappile - in more ways than one.

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