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Co$t of crime

Lawbreakers often struggle to pay fines

February 8, 2013

Not only does crime not pay, but many times it costs a criminal cold, hard cash....

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Feb-08-13 4:59 AM

I'm poor. Do you think they could waive the price of gasoline? LOL....

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Feb-08-13 6:18 AM

I am so sick of the all the deadbeats getting away with things because they scream they are indigent. If these people commit a crime and cannot pay the fine then make them go out and work picking up trash on the side of the road or picking up dog poop somewhere. Teach them that just because they have no money does not mean there are not consequences for their actions.

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Feb-08-13 7:09 AM

I am a strong proponent for the chain gangs. Put the criminals in bright orange or striped uniforms and put them to work. Picking up along roads, scooping poop, pulling grass from between bricks on sidewalks and any other work that needs done. Do the crime, do the time, but don't sit around doing nothing while doing the time. The penalties need to be such that it makes a criminal reluctant to want to go back to jail/prison. Stop coddling them. Of course, we will now hear from the liberals on how the criminals come from broken homes, need psychiatric help, etc. Heck no, they need to do their time with hard labor.

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Feb-08-13 7:31 AM

The judges fine assessment system sounds a lot like "redistribution of wealth". The so called indigent get off scott free while the wealthier pay the max. Obamanomics 101

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Feb-08-13 9:05 AM

I agree with armybrat and Tinker. Make these offenders do hard labor.

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Feb-08-13 11:12 AM

Criminals must pay their fines. To let these "people" off with community service is ridiculous. However, I know it is going to happen. How about having the criminals mow our lawns, shovel our drives, rake leaves. Something that will actually benefit those of us who are not criminals.

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Feb-08-13 12:49 PM

So let me get this straight.... Prisons are overpopulated, so non-violent offenders (drug dealers)get little or no prison time, then they get their fines waived if they're low income?? Remember when prison was a deterrent?? - and folks wonder why I sleep next to a pistol...

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Feb-08-13 1:35 PM

You spelled "cost" with a dollar sign. How imaginative.

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Feb-08-13 7:44 PM

Meanwhile, in the rest of the developed world, they look at ways to habilitate and rehabilitate people and attract people with education, finances and business plans. In Washington County, we consider prisons to be a source of revenue. So much so, we have a "for rent" sign on our prisons. Call me a liberal fool and shoot me down with your guns, but I would prefer our elected leaders focus on bringing in other people.

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Feb-10-13 10:57 PM

Why waive it simply because they "can't" pay it now? Make them make payments AND place them in some osrt of hard labor program. If the chain gangs were still around, I can say with utter certainty crime would go wayyyyyyyy down. Also, once prohibition finally ends, it will empty out a lot of jail cells and reduce costs in court hearings, prisoner transportation and keeping, etc. I certainly don't think anyone should be let off the hook because of their economic status.

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