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Guns in church

Ohio law is clear; It’s a local decision

February 11, 2013

Arkansas is poised to join a majority of other states, including Ohio, that allow concealed handguns in churches and other houses of worship....

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Feb-13-13 8:53 PM

Freddie, your little rant brings to mind the old saying "there's the pot calling the kettle black!"

It's clear, your biggest problem with me is that I won't knuckle under to your constant insults!

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Feb-13-13 6:19 PM

People are so focused on guns being the only weapons. Didn't it state in the christian bible that Christ once used the jaw of a, I will use the word mule, as a weapon when he entered a holy building and saw people behaving in an inappropriate way?

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Feb-13-13 3:43 PM

NasCarNut, as I recall the left has told us over and over again that Sen. Byrd changed and was no longer affiliated in any way with the clan. So he can change but Ted can't?

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Feb-13-13 2:03 PM

oneill, you never cease to amaze with your lack of information. I am guessing by your posts that you had no clue that the left was rallying around the nut job ex cop and singing his praises all over social media. Once again your assumptions have been proven wrong. Oh and BTW the conspiracy theories are coming from the left as well.

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Feb-13-13 9:50 AM

As patriotic as Uncle Ted claims to be, he pulled a nasty stunt to evade Uncle Sam during the Vietnam War. In a July 15, 1990, Detroit Free Press interview, Nugent crowed about how he managed to dodge the draft. He claims that 30 days before his draft board physical, he disavowed personal hygiene. The last ten days he ingested nothing but junk food and Pepsi, and with a week to go until the physical, he stopped using the bathroom altogether. When the big day came, he had been living in excrement-caked and urine-stained pants. Always the hero, however, Nugent reassured the Free Press, “But if I would have gone over there, I’d have been killed, or I’d have killed all the Hippies in the foxholes. I would have killed everybody.”

He's a POS...

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Feb-13-13 3:34 AM

And for the record Freddie, my CCW instructor is the Montgomery County Shreiff's department training officer. And Lord knows I spent many hours in weapons training in the Army, where I learned a LOT more than any concealed carry class is capable of covering.

Maybe we need to enforce the existing laws that prohibit mentally ill people and felons from owning guns? Oh, that's right, those are laws that according to Joe Biden, we don't have the resources to enforce. So passing new laws that we don't have resources to enforce makes sense?

Only in the mind of a dedicated lefty!

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Feb-13-13 3:27 AM

Like I said, the newer folks here you might fool with your new found support of the 2nd amendment. Long time folks here have seen your comments, we'll let the masses decide.

I'm pretty sure my 3 years in Airborne Infantry more than qualifies me for my use of a AR platform semi-auto rifle. As always, you claim we're out traipsing through the hills with a rifle. My shooting is done at a established shooting range, with range officers to insure that all safety rules are followed.

Are you so stupid that you'd believe any network would show Nugent at the speech? We both know that showing a 2nd amendment advocate in a good light ain't in their stated agenda. Nugent is a deputy sheriff both in Texas and Michigan. I'd wager he'd be on the cops side!

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Feb-13-13 1:59 AM

O'Neil: Why do the educated as.s. wipes in the media, the elected no brainers, & appointed Czars call our .223/5.56 rifles assault weapons? We all know that assault weapons are "auto" fire, not semi, (pull the triger each time). Knowing this, you continue to defend that trash.

Meanwhile our all truthful government purchases truly automatic weapons w/o a single MSM/O'neil type lifting a finger. Our government is so deceitful & cowardice that they call their fully automatic platforms...wait..wait, it's coming... PERSONAL DEFENSE WEAPONS, (PDW)! Do you see the irony in this? My rifle that is spooky bl.ack fires one bullet with the squeeze of trigger is a personal defense weapon. You tell me I own an 'assault weapon'. They have full 'auto' and it is called personal defense.

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Feb-13-13 12:03 AM

Freddie, you wouldn't even call it restaurant carry, you insisted on calling it "bar carry." Now suddenly, you support concealed carry? Sure you do!

It's really too bad for the newer folks here that the discussions over restaurant carry aren't available, they'd see how much of a liar you are!

Where did I defend Nugent, I said he's extreme, as are many on the left. Maybe you need to watch that "misquote" deal yourself.

Once again, you remind me of why I am so blessed to NEVER have a twit like you as a teacher!

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Feb-12-13 3:25 PM

oneill, you are the most intellectually dishonest poster I have ever seen. Are you still claiming that guns are WMD's? I am still waiting on you to claim that Iraq was and still is full of WMD's. After all if guns are WMD's, Iraq has a bunch of them. Until that time, you have ZERO credibility.

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Feb-12-13 12:19 PM

oneill: LOL , I remember Dinah singing "See the USA in your Chevrolet America is asking you to call Drive your Chevrolet through the USA America's the greatest land of all

On a highway, or a road along the levy Performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her Life is completer in a Chevy

So make a date today to see the USA And see it in your Chevrolet

Traveling East, Travelling West Wherever you go Chevy service is best Southward or North, near place or far There's a Chevrolet dealer for your Chevrolet car

So make a date today to see the USA And see it in your Chevrolet."

Must be getting older than I thought.

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Feb-12-13 11:29 AM

When I turned my computer on today, I heard a giant sucking sound and at that moment I just knew o'neill was flapping his jaw. Sure enough, the "sucking sound" was not wrong.

Also, o'neill wrote ""You can't cure stupid!" ~ comedian Ron White"".......

That's "you can't FIX stupid"....If you are going to quote, QUOTE!

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Feb-12-13 2:41 AM

Cont: I've never advocated that everyone should own guns, nor have I claimed that everyone who does should get a concealed carry permit and carry for self defense. That's a personal choice! And in today's society, with the number of people looking to sue at the drop of a hat, choosing to carry for self defense opens one up to all sorts of liability. But frankly, I'm not seeing all the doom and gloom the anti-gun side claims there would be if regular folks legally carry firearms.

You railed on about restaurant carry, that there would be blood flowing from any place that allowed concealed carry. That hasn't happened! I feel that proves my belief that regular folks that have CCW's obviously are a lot more responsibile than you'd care to give them credit for!

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Feb-12-13 2:32 AM

Freddie, why all the hate? What did Ted Nugent ever do to you? He's extreme, granted, but so are many on the anti-gun side. Ms. Feinstein also has her own concealed carry permit, should she be "strip searched" as well? Lord, would I ever hate to be that police officer!

And why should it amaze you that I'd attend church? Better yet, why would you admit you'd doubt that I would attend church? You've claimed to know so much of my background, if you truely did, you'd know I was raised to be a good Catholic. You really need to calm down a little, you're much too old to be getting so upset at people who don't agree completely with your point of view!

I find it rather insulting that you classify anyone who has gone through the many requirements to get a CCW as a danger to society. Sure, I know a lot of everyday folks who carry for self defense, they range from common workers to executives of companies, even a few members of the clergy.

I've never advocated that everyone shoul

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Feb-11-13 10:27 PM

My church has the required signs posted. As a law abiding citizen, I follow the law and respect the wishes of our pastor. I fail to see why Arkansas has to pass a law "allowing" concealed carry into churches, unless their CCW law was flawed with a "no guns" in churches law. I'd say Ohio has the more reasonable approach, they leave that decision to the individual church.

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Feb-11-13 8:18 PM

Thank you Lord for not demanding a human being to be part of an organized religion for their soul to be saved. My tenets would not allow me to carry any weapon into your house, temple or mosque of worship.

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Feb-11-13 5:59 PM

Amen to that.

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Feb-11-13 5:50 PM

God Chevrolet Apple Pie and USA.

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Feb-11-13 5:47 PM

"And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,"

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Feb-11-13 1:33 PM

We are a very small rural congregation 15 miles from town. One Sunday 2 men came into our church service. One stepped completely inside while the other waited in the vestibule. No one said a word. They just looked around and left. Perhaps they were stopping in for service and realized it was about over OR they were looking for some victims and decided we looked too poor to rob. Whatever the case, since then I have carried my revolver to church every Sunday. I have a permit to carry concealed and have had one for several years. I will continue to renew it as needed. I REFUSE to be a victim of anyone who wishes harm to me or my family. That includes the elderly members in our congregation. It would take the sheriff department way too long to get there to be of any help. At least IF the situation arrives, the intruders can be held until law enforcement arrives.

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Feb-11-13 12:54 PM

@asknot - I'm good friends with several of the pastors at my church and we've discussed the fact that I carry and several others do. They were all in agreement that it's good that there are those in the congregation that have a weapon. Obviously, no one outside our discussion would know that I am armed.

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Feb-11-13 12:48 PM

Did no one notice the after effects of those liberal news editor/owners up in the NY area? Yeah, the bastion of its our right to know published names and addresses of legally obtained gun owners. Well, some folk's homes were broken into as a result, but also some of the "I'll stick my head in the sand" folks were victimized as well, b/c the bad guy doesn't follow the law!!!!

Bad guys will not steal or create chaos where they know their chance of success is greatly challenged by a weapon's holder. It so Darwin! Why can't you folks see it, embrace it, & join???

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Feb-11-13 12:44 PM

To all of you sign lovers...

Thank you for posting that you do not approve of licensed individuals in your sanctuary. I will be certain to note that, so when I decide to go on a rampage, your place will be first. Also, thank you for telling me that your dearest worshippers are still welcome so long as they leave their $300-$800 dollar weapon in their car. Do you think that you can get them to put a "I follow the sign" sticker on the car window? It will make the break in that much easier.

Are you all that numb to the realities of life around us? Good Lord there are some seriously deficient common sense folks out here. Are you all that naive? Or just flat out dumb when discussing this matter coherently? Conviction will not save you when someone he.ll bent on terror shows up at your church, or child's school.

Just sheep to the slaughter with your types of mentality

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Feb-11-13 12:07 PM

When I look at all the commenters and all the people who agree with them, I see a lot of people who need to read Psalm 91, where God speaks of His ability and willingness to protect His children. What father would do less?

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Feb-11-13 10:16 AM

I would not worship in a church that won't respect my rights. My church not only allows CC weapons but I have been thanked numerous times for carrying mine regularly. Lots of ignorance in this article.

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