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Man accused of making meth

February 11, 2013

A Washington County man was jailed Saturday on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine and assembly of chemicals. Harold L....

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Feb-15-13 2:04 PM

You are missing the big picture, yes he did the crime and he will be punished. You got to realize how many people in the MOV are doing the same thing and selling it to our children and in schools. Harold is a so called weekend worrier who was involved with some of the wrong people. Some of witch would rather give up a friend to the cops to save their own self. He had a full time job and family. Why dont the cops go after the people flooding the streets with the filth and the everyday welfare users. At least he was not using our taxes to make it.

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Feb-12-13 5:51 PM

It isn't often, but at times I find myself wanting to give my username away to better qualified candidates.

Jenny, your words are as reasonable as I have ever read on this site. Harold Yoho is accused of some serious crimes and did some very bad things, and your choice to not enshrine him with glowing reports of his character is commendable. Your choice to not resort to mudslinging, insult, and namecalling is nearly unheard of on this site, as well.

While I am absolutely no fan of Harold Yoho as a person, I am quite impressed with how you chose to respond to this article and these comments.

Realism and honesty go a long, long way in this world. It seems to be a lost art with the majority of people, but it is refreshing to see that someone still knows what it is.

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Feb-12-13 2:30 PM

We were introduced to God at a very young age... taught about morals, loyalty, respect, pride, honor... values and most of all Love!! That person in the picture on the news that people are talking so poorly about... That's not Harold!! I don't know what happened or where we lost him... but I miss him terribly and will do anything I can to help get him back. He is lucky to be alive... on so many different levels. God has put him on this earth and left him here for a reason... We will try and help guide him to finding a more positive purpose in life. So instead of wasting your day bashing my brother and our heartbroken family…. Maybe you should bow your head a say a little prayer for healing, comfort and strength for my family to keep it together and help my brother get his life back together!! Harold is extremely lost right now… but I have faith that God will guide us through this. Please keep your negative comments to yourself… they are hurtful to people that truly know and love Harol

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Feb-12-13 2:30 PM

My name is Jenny…. Harold is my brother. I have sat back and read all of your post... and wasn't going to lower myself to the level of some individuals on this site. However, I would like to say that I am the first person to stand up and say that what he did was horribly wrong. I realize that sometimes the people who should be the closest in your life are the ones who decide to be the furthest can't change them, just love them! Watching someone you love struggling in all areas of life and not being able to help them is one of the most heart wrenching feelings ever! Family will never give up on you... even when you have given up on yourself. They love you unconditionally through good and bad. They stand by you & NEVER give up! This person we are talking about is not my brother... my brother is so much brighter and smarter than this! He is a good man and was raised by good people who loved all four of us more than life..... (cont)

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Feb-12-13 1:37 PM

Call me kooky, but I think it's going to be a hard sell to get someone to believe that a guy who endangered everyone around him by cooking meth is a kind, caring, intelligent man.

Baseball? Really? I dislike Harold because he struck me out in baseball? Man, there's a reach to validate your friend that seems a bit farfetched.

Especially, you know, since I'm 16 years older than him. They don't have a league that allows people with 16 year age differences to play against each other when they're in school.

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Feb-12-13 1:23 PM

Sounds like someone thinks higher of themselves than they actually are. Thanks for the chuckle from your untrue "opinion" of Harold "ReasonableVoice".

Harold is someones family and friend, who is not at all what our "ReasonableVoice" has portrayed him to be but instead a kind hearted, caring, intelligent man that had drifted onto the wrong path. He did break the law and should be in jail but he actually needs support, love and compassion, not judgemental bashing from some know-it-all that probably doesnt like Harold because he struck him out numerous times as a child due to his admirable baseball skills he owned. Anyone that TRUELY knows Harold Yoho knows that this is not at all what he is like and is heart sick for his family and for him. I personally pray for him and that he gets the help and support to help bring back the old Harold. I'll also pray for you too "ReasonableVoice". Sounds like you could use it.

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Feb-12-13 9:58 AM

That's all anyone is good at doing on here is passing judgement on someone by a mugshot or what they are "accused" of doing. Lily2012 is correct, he is someones family, a brother, uncle, father, son, etc. He is not a known problem is this area like some of the others that have been busted lately. I've known Harold for many many years and while I can't believe this news, I also hope that with the love and support of his amazing family that he has, that he will get the help and this is a wake up call for him.

Tables would be turned a different way if this was one of posters family members. This is happening more and more in this area and with people you wouldn't ever suspect. ANYBODY at ANYTIME can get mixed up in this, while it is a choice THEY make, it could be your family member making that choice. Don't think that you know your family enough to think they wouldn't do anything like this. I'm sure that's what a few of the recently busted family members thought too.

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Feb-12-13 12:50 AM

I had to take a minute and look up a photo of Yoho. The name sounded familiar so I wanted to be sure before I continued to write.

Yep, that's Harold Yoho that I'm familiar with. The guy's so big a raging idiot that the mere mention of his name sparked a connection in my mind with "massive dingleberry".

Good to know he's off the streets, at least for now. I hope he's convicted. If so, the lack of his presence could possibly raise the average IQ of the Coal Run geographic area by as much as 46 points.

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Feb-11-13 2:40 PM

Most states have a limit on how much of pseudoehpredrine you can buy a week-in my state you need to show your license and sign for it. Its the law so yes if you are continually buying this it does set off red flags. You can be followed home and searched and arrested. I don't know about Ohio law,but the police are allowed to look at a drug store's log just as they can for schedule V drugs. That is how you put a dent in drugs that are used for illicituse or manufacture. If you want drugs off the street or at least curbed,-this is a perfectly legal way for police to get the bad guys that are doing it.

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Feb-11-13 12:52 PM

@JoeBob1 i do believe this man was associated with a few of the other people recently busted for meth.. either they were waiting for more evidence to receive a search warrant or someone is narced him out.

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Feb-11-13 12:36 PM

Lily-Rough world out there. Are you saying he is not guilty? How would you feel if this fellow made the Meth that killed someone- that is a part of someone's family?

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Feb-11-13 12:17 PM

This person is part of someone's family. I hope you all have perfect families since you are quick to judge someone else's. We were raised to believe only God should judge others so there's something to think about.

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Feb-11-13 10:35 AM

If you buy it they put you on list and I believe there is some cross referencing done from that list and there are red flags that show up. You can also only buy 1 package per a week for a few weeks or whatever would seem normal. These guys are buying large amounts and going to every store in the area usually.

If these guys are dumb enough to keep buying it then I think they let them buy it as it directly leads the police to their lab.

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Feb-11-13 10:27 AM

So if you are congested, go to the store and buy some pseudo-whatever, you are followed home and your home searched? There must be some other factor that made them suspect this guy--let's hope! We want to catch the bad guys but not at the cost of freedom.

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Feb-11-13 6:40 AM

Once he is proved to be a criminal, no mercy for the wanton display to corrupt our society.

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