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More taxes

Ohio may widen potential sources of income

February 18, 2013

Those who frequent bowling alleys, sporting events or hair salons might soon find themselves paying sales tax for these services. Gov. John Kasich’s new two-year, $6....

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Feb-19-13 7:47 AM

How much is someones "Fair Share" to pay in taxes ?

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Feb-19-13 6:10 AM

(stiif) I know it not about bowling it about a local business that because of the rise in cost of utilities has had to raise it prices per game to the point where It's harder for a family to go and bowl like they use to. Which in turn already has hurt business any added cost would only hurt it more.

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Feb-18-13 3:25 PM

BabsM: 7% in Washington Co. To those who want a fair/flat tax plan, it will never happen, Columbus, and D.C., why it even causes friction in Washington Co. about how to divide the taxes that are supposed to rightfully come to the townships.

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Feb-18-13 3:17 PM

If a certain Corporation pays 35% in taxes, yet receives an IRS tax check they are not EFFECTIVELY paying 35%. In 2010 37 of the largest corporations in America paid no income taxes and received 7.8 billion in rebates. When measured as a percentage of total GDP, over the last three fiscal years, “total corporate income tax payments fell to only 1.16 percent of the GDP … a new sustained record low since World War II.

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Feb-18-13 3:13 PM

sunbird--It's not the sales tax that gets passed on to the consumer from the BUSINESSES--that goes straight to the state to be distributed. When we have to add sales tax to our customers' invoices, we don't get that money, we're being tax collectors for the state. Now, where additional costs to businesses potentially may come that may get passed down to consumers is the additional amount WE'LL pay for services when those businesses have to charge sales tax. For example, if we pay an accountant $250 a month to do payroll and payroll taxes for us, in Summit Co. we'll have to pay an extra 6.5% (I don't know what sales tax is in Wash. Co.) for that service.

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Feb-18-13 3:02 PM

DA: Only low wage earners get more from the govt than they pay in.True to a point, 1 they still pay taxes that go to D.C. not going to mention them at nauseum, as they have been posted too many times. 2 the percentage of taxes they pay more directly affects them, it is simple math.

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Feb-18-13 2:57 PM

Uh-oh, heeeeres Johnny that tax and spend liberal, what was the overall increase from first bi-annual budget to this one, and what was the increase from when Ted was governor, all these increases in service fees, while cutting municipal and township budgets. Must be hard increasing ohio senate wages and inner circle cabinet wages and raising taxes on any and all who pay for it.

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Feb-18-13 2:22 PM

They shouldn't tax TV Cable (at least SuddenLink) because they charge way too much even without any extra channels - such as movie channels- and that tax would fall onto cable subscribers.

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Feb-18-13 2:17 PM

Businesses (services) will just pass along the tax to the consumers, as always.

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Feb-18-13 1:24 PM

Hawk, You are cras & blindly wrong! Kasich is lowering an out of balance rate, & to ensure that their endless spending doesn't run up a larger negative; he is including previoulsy exempted areas of commerce.

Get a clue dude

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Feb-18-13 1:14 PM

How's that Kasich thing working out for you fellows now?? Enjoy..

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Feb-18-13 12:24 PM

Currently all businesses collecting state tax cut a quarterly check to the state at .055 They get to simply adjust their registers down to .050, while the now included businesses get to use that extra button on their cash registers. They now have to program their machines to add .050 to the sale of their goods.

@Josh: Absolutely a consumption tax is needed. Only when the sales tax is gone though. Too many on the left want both. That is economic suicide. Gee, exactly what those kind want for us.

Might as well fix the fed tax code as well.. Make every one pay something. That means the poor who always cashes in on credits. How can someone get money back who never pays? Zero tax liability, but manages to get money back for paying zero in tax?

Everyone pay a flat .18? If that doesnt' work, then tweak it up a 1/4 point at a time. Do away with credits, deductions, & itemizations for eveyone.

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Feb-18-13 12:09 PM

@jac: I remember them telling us to accept lottery so that the old & school children would never suffer. Nothing about doing away with the sales tax.

Anyway, expanding sales tax to protected classes while lowering it all together is a good thing. Lowering it makes the state more competitive with its surrounding peers, & throws a larger net for others to jump in & make up the difference. Also, it must be noted that a sales tax is different than raising a tax on businesses. This is a tax on us, not them. There should be no passing it along. Con't.....

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Feb-18-13 12:06 PM

I notice that the lefties who usually opost are strangely quiet on this issue. lol What a quandry they are in....they hate the Gov. but he is doing what they like.

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Feb-18-13 10:15 AM

JoshBrown: Do you remember when we were told pass having a lottery and there will be no state income tax? Then they passed the state income tax and they still want more.

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Feb-18-13 10:07 AM

Has the indoor tanning industry closed up shops due to the tax from Obamacare?

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Feb-18-13 9:45 AM

North Hills needs to spend some of their money on maintenance of their machines and the traffic there would increase.

The present legislators, like Andy need to stand up for us and vote against this governor who is loading his coffers and robbing ours.

How 'bout it Andy?

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Feb-18-13 9:44 AM

Sales tax on accounting and legal services, just to name a couple on the list, will affect small businesses. It adds to what we have to pay for services when we already pay for accounting services to deal with the sales tax that we have to collect for our services!

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Feb-18-13 8:40 AM

Should read. " More state tax collectors who work for free" Just the cost of collecting the taxes will increase the cost of the services. We have a spending problem - not taxing problem.

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Feb-18-13 7:42 AM

We need to do away with a income tax all together and just have a consumption tax instead.It's fair for all you spend more you pay more no loopholes.

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Feb-18-13 7:33 AM

And people thought Kasich was a conservative. He is just like the liberals who can't stop the spending and taxing. Tax and spend. Tax and spend. We have that here in Marietta. Council spending like there's no accountability. Who needs the Armory? We have empty buildings as it is. This is tax payer money, people, being spent on a waste project. A 5 million dollar bathroom and bus stop downtown Marietta. "Over the Moon Piss-a-Ria". That's what we have here, just like Kasich in Ohio and Obama in D.C.

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Feb-18-13 7:01 AM

and enjoy time together .

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Feb-18-13 7:00 AM

I don't know about this one but I do bowl and have for years and I have done alot of work for North Hills lanes here in Marietta. Years before the economy started to crash I know you could go to the lanes almost any day and just open bowl and people would be there having fun sence the economy has went down so has people and families don't have as much extra money to get out and have fun leaving the bowling lanes to have to close up for whole days or part of days because of the high cost of electic and gas to run all the machines and cooling and heat to keep it open when not as many people come in to bowl. The cost of bowling has went up just to pay for gas and electric which also has business down because people and families just can't get out to have some cheap fun anymore. Oh well I know this won't help north hills lanes at all so I would say no to sporting events and bowling lane tax sporting event are not cheap either and it's not fair if a family can't get out at least once cont

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