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Coming soon? Town in N. Dakota may show future oil, gas impact

February 23, 2013

The economy is booming in Dickinson, N.D....

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Feb-23-13 5:34 AM

McDonalds workers earning $15 to $20/hr? Are you fracking kidding me? Suddenly, "Do you want fries with that?" doesn't look like the dire consequences of not doing your school work that it used to be.

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Feb-23-13 8:28 AM

Idiotic story.

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Feb-23-13 9:04 AM

Keep dreaming!

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Feb-23-13 9:27 AM

Gives a whole new meaning to "pipe dream."

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Feb-23-13 10:18 AM

Very exciting news! Looking forward to the area getting a boost in the economy, as we certainly have needed it. And what a better place than in the same area that produces such quality Petroleum Engineers as Marietta College. I say, it's about time!

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Feb-23-13 10:32 AM

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Feb-23-13 10:35 AM

Well, hows this for an example - Son goes from $10.00 with no benefits to a job driving water truck and paying more income tax than I collected from SS and retirement combined this year!!!! /wondering how many of those "protesters" were gainfully employed???

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Feb-23-13 11:26 AM

It all sounds great as long as they follow the laws

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Feb-23-13 2:01 PM

I live in an area out west where coal was mined like oil is being drilled now and I know that there is another side to this. Economic growth that happens this fast (boom) is almost always followed by extreme decline (bust). Once everything is in place, the businesses that thrive because of all the workers who are building it are suddenly without customers. Out where I live stores set empty and For Sale signs are up on lawns block after block. Many of those who left here are now in North Dakota. ANY employment at all is good but what happens to those low-skilled workers when the work they're doing is no longer needed? We are a nation of bankruptcies because of boom and bust.

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Feb-23-13 2:07 PM

Dear LovesBuckeyes... who cares if it is for a short while.. if it is here.. get involved and make some money to assist the local economy... there will always be those that have a sour puss attitude towards change and others prospering.. get off your duff and gain some of the fallen fruit.... Drill baby Drill

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Feb-23-13 2:11 PM

This is a great lesson on supply and demand and an example of how a free market economy works. People get paid more when the demand is high... people pay more for services when the demand is high... Some people these days really need a lesson on this.

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Feb-23-13 5:38 PM

Obama phones you mean Reagan and Bush phones. Reagan created Lifeline for phone service and Bush Administration upgraded it to include cellphones.

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Feb-23-13 5:55 PM

A lot of folks are concerned about making sure locals are hired over "carpetbaggers" so to speak.The company I am employed with may be forced to hire outside the area.Why?NONE of the recent applicants can pass a drug test,have a felony record or are still recieving unemployment compensation and arent quite sure if now is the time to start a new job

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Feb-23-13 5:58 PM

the drug test statement was typed wrong..some did pass but had records for arrest and conviction.

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Feb-23-13 7:12 PM

Then you can run your mouth on them, but be careful, you have no idea what kind of man it takes to wranlge 60 to 90 feet of drill pipe that weighs in at 100 lbs. per inch, might get your a** handed to you to carry away in a plastic sack. Good grief we get it your daddy handed you a living and you should not even breath the same air as the rest of us.

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Feb-23-13 7:17 PM

Good friend had a section of drill pipe break loose from a cat line, hit him in the head, lucky to be alive, but now with shunt and walking with a cane, guess who pays for his healthcare, doctors, hospital stays, we do, as we should. Now with the next boom will come some money for some people, and big money for a few, then the bust will show and some people will need a job. while the few will be set for life.

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Feb-23-13 7:27 PM

Sorry threaders Stiff hit a nerve. best senence in this article was from Mrs. Keim, "These people will need a place to live the 1 or 2 years they will be here." We need jobs that last decades not 1 or 2 years, and end up right where we was.

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Feb-23-13 7:57 PM

Keim has no idea what she is talking about.I remember her piece in the paper a few yrs ago saying internet jobs were the future.Also,this isnt a "couple of yr boom" Go to Penn and see for yourself.What you will see is middle income jobs(bulk) in the $50-70k/yr range for labor,all the way up the scale from there.Marietta is WAY short on modern,efficient housing and this will become even more apparent as good housing will command a premium price that HUD will not be able to match.If and when this "Boom" happens,it will be good solid work for 2 decades at least.Pipelines and infrastructure will not happen over the course of 2 yrs.Dont let Government fool you into thinking they are responsible for this work.THEY had nothing to do with it.As far as road use agreements..BS.The roads in Penn are FAR better than before the boom there.Along with new homes,jobs,youth being retained in the area they grew up in.An educated,drug free and willing workforce will be needed.

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Feb-23-13 8:06 PM

As far a Workingstiff goes..I am with him all the way.I dont care how he makes a living.This valley is infatuated with welfare and ANY gov grant they can get(look at the 7th St. intersection mess)$3.3 million to fix something that is nothing more than a timing issue with the lights(as with the lights at the KFC intersection)that were evidently timed by an untrained baboon.GO WORKING!

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Feb-23-13 8:12 PM

Scrap,pipe is not handled anymore.These new triples load themselves right off the rack.I think thats what has many upset about this issue.The old days of smoking dope,drinking on shift and muddy lease roads are gone.I drive my car to a nice parking lot at most all sites now.These sites represent anywhere from $6-14 million/pad now.

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Feb-23-13 8:14 PM

You wont even make it to a jobsite now with any drugs or alcohol in your system.And this aint no once per year test..some are almost weekly now.Even PRESCIBED med levels are now being checked is found in your system.

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Feb-23-13 8:20 PM

Ask,the pipeliners are following their work as we are in the infancy of this buildup.A lot of the folks driving a couple hrs are just driving to the rig that yhas hired them,and a couple hrs from the house covers a large area for the rigs to operate within.As for renting for a couple of yrs..most educated folks making 6-7 figures/yr arent going to live in/purchase substandard housing.You would be stunned to learn what a good engineer makes(and produces)with modern technology

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Feb-23-13 8:27 PM

Ask,almost forgot.Those pipeliners drive thos trucks to the site because they are set up for their craft(welding,mobile office ect)I can state for a fact we would be well ahead in the hiring cycle had this last election been won by the Republican party(not bashing,just a fact)With our present admin.Would you feel safe spending millions to prepare,lease and seismic and..well you get maybe have the rug pulled out from underneath you by a rabid EPA?

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Feb-23-13 8:36 PM

Ask,a lot of $$ are going to pour into our local gov agency's.You and I have the same fears as they will borrow $$ long term and when the rush slows and tax collections dwindle..we will see higher tax's to cover their spending spree.

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Feb-23-13 9:14 PM

Ask,that would be a tough decision for sure.I would not hire onto a rig.A service company,vendor or local producer may be ok.But rigs get fired almost daily.I think there is some insecurity in the fields right now.New leadership at the EPA and Chu left the energy secretary position this week.It is hard to predict which way this admin is going.

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