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Adults often use Internet to vent, bicker, criticize

February 25, 2013

Teens and tweens are not the only ones flinging harsh words from behind a keyboard....

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Feb-27-13 5:23 PM

As a parent, it really scares me when I see how many different ways we have to connect with one another and from there, how many ways we can hurt one another. I think we need a lot more education for both our children AND their parents. I think schools need to really work to find new and creative ways to get the message across because it's becoming very apparent that whatever they are doing right now isn't enough. I must mention that part of the reason I was even searching through web sites about this topic was a young man I heard speak at my daughter's school at the beginning of the month. His name is Josh Gunderson and he presented a program for parents at the school about cyberbullying and other problems coming from the internet. I was blown away by what he had to say! I had no idea. One of the things he stressed to parents was to stay educated! I would suggest looking into programs like Josh's (****joshgunderson****) to be brought into schools.

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Feb-26-13 1:19 PM

Jumping on the band wagon a little late but I wanted to see what all the people who regularly post here had to say.

There is bullying on the comment boards on a daily basis and it's usually from Harley, Gnefrom MOV, and WorkingStiff. Occasionally ASears, and Crandall pop in with trollish behavior. Mr. O'Neill you also bully by your verbosity. You might try editing so that your points can be made for concisely and fit in one or two comment sections.

Eg. Gone from MOV said "I belittle because I love" Belittling is bullying and shaming. I'm sure you were severely bullied by someone in your life. Perhaps a strict authoritarian father?

When I suggest someone take some medications it's because they display obvious untreated emotional disturbances. There should be no shame in seeking help if needed and some who post here clearly need psychological help.

IMHO, trolls & Cyber-bullies are cowards. Many are quite ignorant which compounds the problem.

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Feb-26-13 10:02 AM

Hahaha ... Case in point!

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Feb-26-13 10:02 AM

Hahaha ... Case in point!

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Feb-25-13 11:13 PM

As I said, Mr. O'Neill, you and I may agree on many things. But I don't care to discuss them.

I seldom weigh in here. It's usually when some idiot wants hillbilly justice -- and this board is riddled with hillbillies who are unfamiliar with the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, but hold the second one to be as sacrosanct as God's Commandments.

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Feb-25-13 11:02 PM

Oh yes sir! My ego is as large as my extensive vocabulary and voluminous knowledge of history and contemporary politics. That's how I knew what a Luddite was.

I just see it as my prerogative and my duty, to belittle the ignorant with the cruelest sarcasm possible. Again, it's negative reinforcement.

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Feb-25-13 10:49 PM

Asknot, you misunderstand me and your words reach the cockles of my heart.

I read this newspaper because I hail from a community quite close to Marietta (I never actually lived in the city). I care about the community and I read the obits to ascertain if anyone I used to know has died.

I comment because I know, as I knew when I was growing up in the Mid Ohio Valley, that it is a region full of ignorance.

The outcry for the killing of the unconvicted criminal, the demands of torture for criminals, the endorsement of social Darwinism must be treated with vicious and incendiary contempt. I belittle because I love.

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Feb-25-13 10:31 PM

Yes, Mr. O'Neill. Gots me an advanced college education. I know what a Luddite was and is.

I like to kick you around because you are a know it all blow hard. Hell, I might even agree with you on the issues. You'll never know because I don't weigh in on politics. But I know a blowhard when I read one.

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Feb-25-13 10:21 PM

Asknot: I wear it as a badge of honor. Notice, I never weigh in on the right or the left of an issue. I just point out ignorance in the most hurtful and degrading manner possible. I think of it as negative reinforcement.

O'Neill has been waiting for three days to tell the unwashed masses what a Luddite is. There you go Fred. Make you feel like you were back in the classroom?

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Feb-25-13 8:36 PM

I am going to try and make one comment only unless I feel really strongly about an issue. I think the article was good , it made me realize how quickly the trolls can hit a nerve then you respond unkindly in turn. I do think posters should limit themselves to the amount of posts they make per day. It is really not fair to have one or two people going on and on on every article ,as if they are the wisest in the land who have to lecture us as if they are somehow in charge . They aren't but since they are anonymous, it is easy to imagine how much they mistakenly feel they are superior. Too bad they are legends in their own minds ,only.

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Feb-25-13 6:36 PM

Hello my name is scrappile and I am a cyber bullying troll, I must apologize for my actions, but more often than not my replies and mudslinging are done to answer attacks on my perception of the truth, the hardworking poor and middle class and those who try to squelch any from achieving a better life for themselves or their descendants, I will end this with a prayer: I`m a troll and I can change if I have to, I guess. And being a troll, I cant help myself, Duct tape cant fix stupid, but it can muffle it.

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Feb-25-13 5:53 PM

Robinson was awarded the 2009 Pulitzer Prize: good example of liberals awarding prizes to other liberals.

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Feb-25-13 5:11 PM

slogoin--I believe that when someone comes on a comment site like this and does exactly what you state, discusses in a responsible fashion the issues that they care about and they are not personally attacking or name calling or downgrading others, they should expect the same kind of treatment (no matter how thick their skin is!). There are bullies on here who do attempt to attack those who don't name call, etc. and who are trying to discuss issues they care about.

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Feb-25-13 5:08 PM

True solgoin .

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Feb-25-13 4:59 PM

although I still have not looked up "luddite" yet.Maybe I should be upset.Sorry Mr. Oneill,I had to throw that in

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Feb-25-13 4:57 PM

I dont think anyone on here is a bully.How can you bully someone whom has a free choice not to engage the perpetrator by simply not reading a text or getting online in a blog?I have said it before and still believe that these blogs are a good thing,as evidenced by the recent withdrawl of a certain supposed "contender" for the sheriffs office.Look at how close the election was between MS.Marshall(incumbent) and our newly elected Mr. Flowers.I truly feel these blogs may have had an impact (good one by the way)on that election.I have also noticed regardless of your position on most any subject,the folks on here CARE about issues that have some effect on our daily lives.

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Feb-25-13 4:52 PM

@ O'Neill , Relax take your med's and grow some thicker skin the world isn't against you.

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Feb-25-13 4:20 PM

So, hockeypuck, are you saying that it's ok to bully someone who may not appear to have "thick skin"? Bullying is all about trying to take someone else's power. It may be EASY to hit me in the nose and break it, but that doesn't mean that that action is ok.

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Feb-25-13 3:55 PM

oneill: You use your real name because even if you did not, we would know who it is. Your propensity for verbose comments tells all. Besides, anyone who does not have a thick skin is easily bullied anyway.

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Feb-25-13 3:45 PM

I chuckle when I hear the term "that is racist". "The Chicago way" or just the word Chicago was racist according to MSNBC. Thats racist. Calling the current president lazy is racist. Stating that the president plays a lot of golf is racist according to msnbc. The NAACP says using the word “Obamacare” is racist. Rep. Marcia Fudge, a Democrat from Cleveland – accused Sen. John McCain of ‘sexism and racism’ for criticizing UN Ambassador Susan Rice for her comment on Benghazi. Claiming racism and sexism is out of the Lib playbook.

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Feb-25-13 3:34 PM

I love it when you start showing your true colors oneill.

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Feb-25-13 3:19 PM

oneill, you are one of the worst offenders of this ploy.

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Feb-25-13 12:50 PM

This just NOW has become newsworthy? This has been going on quite some time now and recently has boiled over into a mess! This is how our society lives, "like" this... And if you don't? Leave a comment riddled with hate and ignorance! The world is filled with "keyboard gangsters" and "trolls".... BULLIES! Careful folks, adversity and resistance has been known to make miracles happen and your pushing and poking might just start a fire. Good or bad...

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Feb-25-13 12:31 PM

This is Andrew Shirvell and I am commenting because I am mentioned in this article. I am still fighting my unconstitutional termination from the AG's office. The case is currently pending in the Ingham Circuit Court in Lansing, MI. The MI Civil Service Commission decision upholding my 2010 termination is completely unconstitutional. All that I did was comment on matters of public concern about a very controversial public figure (Chris Armstrong),using my own resources while I was off-duty. There was no "cyberbullying" of Chris Armstrong at all. In fact, Armstrong admitted that he never had had any contact with me whatsoever. Armstrong employed a Hollywood publicist by the name of Howard Bragman in order to manipulate the media and put public pressure on the AG's office to fire me. In sum, I was unlawfully fired for exercising my First Amendment rights. I am confident that the Courts will overturn this blatant injustice.

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Feb-25-13 12:07 PM

gone--Haven't you ever noticed, though, that usually they don't get the ridicule? And pointing out how stupid their thoughts and beliefs are just makes those stronger. Actual discussion, without putting people down and without all the name calling, is what it takes to get people to think about the validity of their thoughts and opinions.

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