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Kasich’s sales tax idea has local fairs nervous

February 26, 2013

The phrase “fair taxes” could take on a whole new meaning if a recent proposal by Ohio Gov. John Kasich comes to fruition....

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Feb-26-13 7:16 AM

If it is a tax that does move us toward eliminating income tax that is fine . But if in a given amount of time it doesn't and stays on the books then it is just another tax that won,t go away. That's how alot of taxes get started for right reasons but end up not working out but still keep on taxing. I hope it works out .

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Feb-26-13 9:09 AM

@ WorkingStiff Your 100% right but diehard liberals don't understand that.They think the government should run our lives and tell us how to spend are money.

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Feb-26-13 11:00 AM

Kasich just loves rural folks. Taxes their county fairs and takes money away from their schools. What do you want to bet that they all vote for him again, though?

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Feb-26-13 11:12 AM

Isn't Kasich good for our state? No he isn't and neither is his minion Andy Thompson.

Aren't you glad Andy got the inheritance tax repealed that only affected those who had a lot of money to leave to their kids - like Andy’s mom. 95+% of Ohioans where not affected by the old tax because they fell below the threshold.

It’s funny that some on here like Stiffy always say the Democrats want to tax and spend yet that’s all we are seeing from Kasich and the boys! TAX TAX TAX

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Feb-26-13 12:18 PM

Did ANYONE posting here read the article?

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Feb-26-13 4:59 PM

Only liberals would think that taxings someones life's work and taxing it at death AGAIN is fair.Someone in Andy's family made that $$ and they darn sure have a right to pass it to their children instead of giving it to the gov.

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Feb-26-13 5:11 PM

Stiffy: You are always asking for a "Fair tax", sometimes you get what you ask for. Never heard of a "sales tax" everybody pays that, so everybody is paying for the state to run.

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Feb-26-13 8:16 PM

WORKINGSTIFF - Its hard to explain to some low intelligence lib voters, who probably don't even pay fed. income taxes in the first place, that a fairer tax would be good for them.

Stonecold haha don't make me laugh. Kasich is many times better for our state than that numbskull named strickland. Ohio must of had a brain f**t when they elected strickland lol.

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Feb-26-13 8:23 PM

slogoin I agree with you people should have a right to pass down money and property to their children and there should be NO inheritance tax.

But this so called president and his cronies on the lib farm HATE to see these kids become rich while others remain poor. So they think they should have a chunk of that money. Thats how obama and these people actually think. Spread the wealth.

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Feb-26-13 8:24 PM

rocker,give me a break?kasich good for our state?don't make me laugh!he is a liar who could care less about this area except when it comes election time.he has already stabbed all of the poorer school districts in the area in the back....

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Feb-27-13 11:18 PM

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Feb-27-13 11:22 PM

Anyway, how about just charging the correct amount of tax to equal the fee out to an even $8. Fair enough? Don't worry about needing to have too much change at the gate for cryin' out loud. Just give the people a break and move on. That's IF the tax is added on.

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