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Budget battle

Local officials try to assess impact if huge cuts come

February 27, 2013

As politicians in Washington, D.C....

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Feb-27-13 4:57 AM

He already got his tax increases and President Obama is still trying to blame the Republicans. He promised he would cut spending if the Republicans gave him his tax increase. Change we can believe in.

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Feb-27-13 6:49 AM

Government is out of control on spending and something needs to be done. If and when cuts come they will hurt for awhile . But one thing I know is that as Americans are strong enough to pull together and find a way to sail through bad times and stormy weather . Americans are the most chairitable people in the world people always donate to food pantries not just Rep., Dem. ,Ind. etc. We all would do it for our neighbors we don't care what party they are. This counrty has been through depressions and recessions it's whole life and it's not easy for anyone but as a country each and evertime we have come out stronger than before because people make it happen not government. I belive as americans we people are smart enough on our own with out government telling us what we need to do to survive. We have all cut back some even lost homes etc. But our government is the only ones that have grown and they do live high and mighty and we don't thats not the way it is suppose to be . Cont.

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Feb-27-13 7:08 AM

They work for us and haven't for some time thats why we are where we are now . Yes It's great they give us food stamps for the poor and health care etc. But thats not what made this country great people working is what made this country great being able to go out and buy what we need when we need it. Being proud of the dollars we earned not just the ones that are given to us. Work is the key factor in all of this putting people back to work all the people . Jobs will comeback if the government cuts back . Lets not forget ( We the People ) make this country great working hard for what we have and I think we need to get back to that simple solution to the problem .

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Feb-27-13 7:12 AM

Money for the "Meals-on-Wheels" program should not be cut--Washington County residents voted for the 50-cents added onto residents phone bills every month to help feed our seniors so the government should not be taking money from that program, if they do then the citizens should not have to continue paying the 50-cents monthly on their phone bills.

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Feb-27-13 7:20 AM

If government cuts back on 10 jobs and cuts the red tape to open up the door for more business someone will see the opportunity to manufactuer something and hire 1,000 people weigh it out that 10 for a 1,000 new jobs .

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Feb-27-13 8:00 AM

So obama has a choice cut 15k jobs or cut welfare for people abusing the system and obamaphones it's all up to him

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Feb-27-13 8:02 AM

"Forward" Like Lemming Over a Cliff

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Feb-27-13 9:05 AM

@O'Neill The answer to the question that was never asked .

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Feb-27-13 9:15 AM

They need to do away with all State & Government workers but Police and Firefighters. Government workers just sit around all day waiting for retirement and they are the most miserable group of human being alive.

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Feb-27-13 9:34 AM

JoshBrown--I don't agree with your statement at all about getting rid of all State and government employees.

The ODOT workers were lined up with their snow plows and salt spreaders awaiting the last snowfall & ice accumulation. I think they do a great job!

Since they are neither police or fire fighters, under your philosophy, our roads would never be plowed or salted.

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Feb-27-13 9:40 AM

@voiceofreason1 There shouldn't be ODOT workers the work should go to private contractors.

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Feb-27-13 11:06 AM

@oneill it will be over on Friday the cuts will happen .At the end of the March obama will be begging congress to raise the debt ceiling. The great thing about all of this is congress has to nothing to fear American is divided between diehard democrats&republicians

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Feb-27-13 11:29 AM

Marietta Times, there are no REVENUE CUTS. Sequestration involves a 2% REDUCTION in our FUTURE spending, a slowdown on how quickly we spend our Country into poverty. If we can not cut 2 cents off every dollar of future government spending then we are in much more severe trouble then we have been told. And how is it that the sequestration is the Tea Party's fault? Obama came up with the idea, promoted the idea & signed the idea into law and promised during the debates that it would never happen. When the republicans wanted to rearrange how and where the sequestration cuts would be made, Obama threatened to veto that. He just thought the republicans would cave again and he could raise taxes via the fear factor routine. Obama might be a 'Community Organizer' but the man couldn't organize himself out of a paper bag let alone run the government.

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Feb-27-13 11:34 AM

As for Head Start 'working'; 'January 13, 2013, "The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just released its latest batch of Head Start data, revealing, once again, that its students are receiving far less than a “head start.” The study, which was finally released the weekend before Christmas after more than a year’s delay, examines the third-grade outcomes of two groups of Head Start students: those who began the program at age three and another who began at age four." *******blog.heritage****/2013/01/13/another-study-confirms-head-start-doesnt-work/

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Feb-27-13 12:40 PM

Everyone wants cuts till they find out what they are then its the home game it's this party or that party's fault .Neither party will give an inch so now we will have a real mess. It's like a couple of kids it's my fault it's your fault and that's where we are stuck . And still in this column nothing but the blame game all of you you as dumb as congress

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Feb-27-13 12:48 PM

This is going to hurt. The tea party is smiling but they will lose seats because they are cutting good government programs. I think they like to blame government for every problem. I see cheating, bad individuals/people/businesses using a cash economy and filing false claims for government money. Bad citizens, not bad government is a big problem. Greed and selfish self interest by your neighbors.

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Feb-27-13 2:22 PM

JoshBrown: Such gross generalizations about any group of people are the product of a pea-brained intellect.

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Feb-27-13 4:18 PM

JoshBrown.... My father worked for ODOT for 25 years and without those workers. This put jobs into our area and it is better to have local workers than contractors that don't care about our streets or how our snow is removed. Come on give it a break!!!

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Feb-27-13 4:24 PM

The Republicans will not lose any seats this year or 2014 because there are no swing districts left in America. I know Democrats have dreams but you already have "Hope & Dope " in the white house you don't need the congress too.

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Feb-27-13 4:26 PM

Everything I have seen or read in regards to sequester has to do with laying off people. That would mean, if this was the private sector, that the entity in question is running at top efficiency and the only way to cut costs in a downtime is to reduce spending. In the private sector scenario, the entity’s highest cost which are personnel so layoffs happen. There is not one Gov’t agency that can be accused of running at 100% lean and mean efficiency. There has to be, repeat one hundred times, there has to be many areas within each agency to reduce costs before going to layoffs of personnel. Problem is that no one has been called on the carpet to make efficiencies happen. When someone gets used to only more money coming in every year, a lazy management style kicks in. The Sequester is a reduction in increases, not reductions in current dollars. Layoffs are the manager’s easy way out. Gov’t has no mangers, just appointees. Every major industry has learned to do with less over the last fe

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Feb-27-13 4:26 PM

few years

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Feb-27-13 4:28 PM

To put this into perspective, these cuts are $85 billion. Apple is sitting on $137 billion cash. $85 Billion is chump change. If agencies in the US Gov’t cannot find a way to cut 1.5% out of their budgets, the Gov’t is even more messed up than first thought. The media is focused on the number 85 Billion. It is not that big of s deal. The problem is every agency is going to protect their goodies and make the citizens suffer by cutting personnel. It shows you what disdain the gov’t has for their citizens

If the President has any guts he would demand that the cuts come from something besides laying off folks. There is fat in every departments budget, repeat every single one.

If you set your thermostat to 74, turning it down to about 73 is 1.5%. Are you really going to notice?

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Feb-27-13 4:30 PM

In the private sector, when something happens that has the potential to affect the delivery of goods and services to the company’s customer, everything is done to minimize the effect on the customer. But Gov’t is not a managed private entity. It is a bunch of little independent departments that are run like individual fiefdoms. So when the FAA has to cut 1.5% out of a $73,000,000,000 budget Ray Lahood decides that it is the air traffic controllers and security screeners at airports that are the first to go in order to maximize the pain felt by taxpayers/customers. Basically, this is a way of getting retribution on the Taxpayer for daring to cut the rate of increase by so little. Inflicting the most pain to the customer/ citizen with the least pain to the FAA. What a bunch of BS.

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Feb-27-13 5:23 PM

@oneill Tell You what if I'm wrong about the Republicans keeping the house in 2014 I will stay off the comments for a year here.

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Feb-27-13 5:27 PM

@oneill Congress had an approval rating of 14% before the 2012 Election and they still kept the Congress. Congress is elected locally not national and the Republicans are doing what their constituents what them to do.

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