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Colony project gift

Bank donates $250,000; theater gets new name

February 28, 2013

About 100 people entered the Colony Theatre Wednesday morning and emerged about an hour later from the newly christened Peoples Bank Theatre....

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Feb-28-13 5:41 AM

First of all, have the stock holders of People's Bank, a for profit business, voted to allow the bank to give away their money to this theater? That is not a wise use of other people's money.

Second, is it true that Hunt Brawley still pockets $50,000 per year as the "leader" of this restoration project? The Colony restoration is a non-profit organization that he has been in charge of for 12 years and, according to public records, has been paid "professional fees" of thousands per year. So, he appears to have pocketed huge amounts from the money raised for this restoration. Sounds like a real good thing for Brawley to drag this out as long as possible. Some "recession" to delay restoration and keep pocketing $50,000 per year!

Also, if tax payer money is now being used to restore this cinema, are the paying tax payers going to get free tickets to attend events??

And where will all these people park?

Does anyone really think this building is worth $9 mil

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Feb-28-13 6:53 AM

More culture in a community is a good thing. However,I predict that it will never sell enough tickets to stand on its own and it will require handouts for as long as it exists.$50,000 a year is a great salary for a director if you can find enough suckers to pay for it.I would think that a volunteer could have done his job for nothing and the money spent on materials. Two years ago when I toured the place it looked like a bomb had gone off.Not much prgress after 10 years.

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Feb-28-13 6:58 AM

As a small stakes stockholder,I find this very disturbing,as well as the retirement gift given to Dimmit(sp) when his building was purchased by the bank that he has been in charge of.

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Feb-28-13 7:00 AM

Been a good "gig' for Brawley - lots of cash in the pockets for doing little to nothing. I hope they manage the thing to success now that we are stuck with it.

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Feb-28-13 7:07 AM

Oh geez, and now we have to look at that stupid new People's bank logo on one more building downtown. Gross.

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Feb-28-13 7:08 AM

Stockholders give gift to Colony.Proper title for this article

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Feb-28-13 8:42 AM

coming soon "Peoples Bank City Hall "

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Feb-28-13 8:45 AM

The Colony Theatre will be a great addition to downtown Marietta when it's done. Peoples Bank did a wonderful thing here. It's great to know that a local business is willing to do something good for the city and surrounding area. Not a huge fan of the renaming, but it's kind of standard procedure now days naming venues after major corporate sponsors. Those that think Hunt doesn't earn his money have no idea what he does on a daily basis. No way I would put in the time and effort he does for that kind of money. The Colony board is fully of smart business folks. Don't you think if there were someone qualified to do the job for less (or free) that they would have jumped on it? This is a win-win for all of Marietta. It sounds like some around here will find a reason to complain about anything.

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Feb-28-13 9:13 AM

Banks typically support efforts to generate new local businesses. This action by Peoples is a bold move to support a new business vitality in Marietta.

To the critics of the project director. I remind them that nothing is so easy as for the person who doesn’t have to actually do the job himself. You could say the project has dragged on. Or you could say that it is amazing testament to perseverance and creativity that the project is still viable after enduring a such a vicious downturn in the economy.

Supporters are lining up in favor (Peoples, Marietta College). Do we sit and*****the gods for not bringing us a better prosperity? Or do we get to work and create a better future for ourselves?

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Feb-28-13 9:26 AM

I applaud Peoples for giving the gift to the theater and downtown. I'm sure it is through their foundation.

The problem is the operations of a theater like this, after the novelty of a year or two wears off, will never support itself. They'll never be able to sell 100 shows a year as they mentioned yesterday in this market. Just not big enough.

Bigger markets struggle with theaters exactly like this. The Colony doesn't have food or other secondary sales to add revenue, and it won't be able to survive on ticket sales.

It will need city subsidies over the long haul, and I'd rather we put money here rather than the Armory or something like that.

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Feb-28-13 9:48 AM

Where will the throngs of people rushing to buy tickets for this great theater going to park? Maybe they could all be shuttled from the Armory parking lot. One failed investment renovation helping another. If either of these were actually money makers, don't you think real private investors would have done the renovations themselves??

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Feb-28-13 10:10 AM

At the time of day these shows will be going on, the streets of Marietta are virtually empty, as is the Parking Partners lot. Plenty of parking within a block of the theatre.

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Feb-28-13 10:22 AM

I think it is wonderful that Peoples Bank gave his donation. But to change the name of the colony is a little much. I kind of think it is a little much to change the name.

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Feb-28-13 11:00 AM

The project is being paid for with approximately $1.7 million in private money, $1.1 million in state funds and grants, $328,000 in federal money and $145,000 in local funds, along with $2.9 million in federal and state historic tax credits.

Around 4.5 million dollars of THE peoples money, i.e. taxpayers money has gone into restoration of the theatre in the form of grants and historic tax credits. Why not call it the Grants Theatre, or the Taxpayers Theatre? For Peoples Bank to expect the theatre should be named after them after only a $250K gift is somewhat presumptuous.

If the must have their name in there, call the The People's Colony Theatre and cover all the bases.

Must be something behind the scenes that the common folk are not privy to.

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Feb-28-13 11:03 AM

My goodness, was the donation dependent on the name change, or was this just a silly coincidence? $ talks , doesn't it ? I agree with Josh /coming soon People's Bank city hall! This has been one long renovation, hope this pays out like some think for the town. Sometimes if they build they will come mentality does not always work so well.

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Feb-28-13 11:18 AM

Compromise....Peoples Colony Theatre. It sounds likes Peoples Bank is soley responsible for this project....which is not the fact.

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Feb-28-13 11:29 AM

What a horrible name, that's the best they could do? Yeah, it's nice that money was donated by Peoples' but the Peoples' 'Bank' Theater? Or the Peoples' Stockholders Theater if you want truth in advertising. He!!, you're going to have people thinking they can do banking there! Why just not Peoples' Theater if they must be paid back for donating the most money? Which they shouldn't be since so many others have also donated money AND time to the effort. By the way, does anyone happen to know if they have paid back all the stimulus funds they got a couple years ago?

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Feb-28-13 11:39 AM

I am a little ashamed of Peoples Bank for allowing this too happen also.

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Feb-28-13 11:44 AM

I agree with the majority of the people posting here that think the name change is just not the right move. Not "pooh-poohing" the People's Bank donation of $250K, but that is just a drop in the bucket of the total $'s needed for this projest, so why it it JUST the PEOPLE'S theater??

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Feb-28-13 11:46 AM

I may have to rethink having money at peoples bank. The majority of the people that are involved with this theater are trash. Go to applebee's on a weekend after a show and see how they treat people. Wish the place would fall down. Shame on Peoples Bank for lowering their standards.

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Feb-28-13 11:46 AM

I may have to rethink having money at peoples bank. The majority of the people that are involved with this theater are trash. Go to applebee's on a weekend after a show and see how they treat people. Wish the place would fall down. Shame on Peoples Bank for lowering their standards.

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Feb-28-13 11:48 AM

After 13 years, it is good to hear that The Colony Project is almost ready to start final construction. Why is the naming such a bad thing? It has happened before. Does anyone own a few shares of Heinz? They donated MILLIONS of dollars to the restoration of a theatre in Pittsburgh that now bears their name... What about MetLife Stadium, The Barclay Center, Coors Field? I guess its ok that a company spends money to name a stadium, but not ok if they donate money to a theatre? The theatre was renamed due to a generous donation, and I am sure there is probably some other support that has been promised in the years to come. To me this sounds like they bought the naming rights. Like Heinz, Coors, Barclay, or MetLife did. I would rather a bank or other organization reinvest in the community instead of something else. In the Spring of 2014 there will be another feather in Marietta's cap, a finally polished jewel on Front Street.

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Feb-28-13 11:50 AM

*On Putnam Street... That was embarrassing. The point remains the same though. Congrats to Mr. Brawley and the Colony Board on their big news. I for one cannot wait to see a show in the newly renovated theatre.

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Feb-28-13 11:53 AM

@HardTruth. I think you are thinking of the MOVP players. They are the theatre that currently runs shows, the Colony does not at this time. As far as I know there is no crossover between the groups.

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Feb-28-13 12:31 PM

I applaud the efforts of People's Bank to help the community, but this is utterly disgusting. If you want to make the area a better place, start by providing for your employees FIRST! Employees were told at the end of the year that money was tight for pay increases, and any increases are falling way short of the rising cost of living. Tellers are having more responsibilities dumped on them and are being pressured to meet insane sales quotas without being properly compensated. It is no surprise People's Bank is losing employees at an alarming rate. Mr. Sulerzyski, if you want to keep making these charitable contributions, you have to have employees to help make these profits for you...there won't be any left soon!

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