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War on bath salts

60 days in jail for man who owned store in Reno

March 1, 2013

The owner of a Reno business, which police raided in 2011 for selling bath salts and other synthetic drugs, was sentenced Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court. James E. Biles J....

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Mar-01-13 11:19 AM

When people feel hopeless they get high to escape the sadness of their life. Let's focus on ways to show people they can sustain themselves, create an acceptable/desirable life and then they won't want to get high to escape a good life? The next drug will always be right around the corner. We just keep sweeping the dirt around rather than eliminating the source.

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Mar-01-13 12:03 PM

I guess I'm not keeping up at all; I thought that bath salts were added to warm water to relieve sore muscles. Is this going to mean that I can't buy this product for the purpose for which it's intended? What's next? Laundry detergent? Sugar?

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Mar-01-13 12:10 PM

Biles was arrested in July 15, 2011. Just now sentenced. Is that swift justice?

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Mar-01-13 1:07 PM

Let me see if I understand the chronology;

Man sets up business in Marietta.

Marietta passes ordinance against the product the man sells.

Man moves his business out of Marietta.

State passes law against product man sells. Law to take effect in 90 days.

Sheriff raids business and files charges before law goes into effect making the man's actions a crime.

Does Larry Mincks wear jackboots?

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Mar-01-13 2:56 PM

No,the jackboot was a drug dealer with HIS boot on the throat of a community that didnt want him.He was not arreseted on the new law to my understanding.It was done under a packaging law as stated in the article.As far a MY ELECTED SHERIFF goes..Thank You.I have family and children that have to drive past these losers on the roads.Wonder if the nose cancer is from snorting "bath salts"?If you are gone from this area,you have no idea how bad this situation was.

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Mar-01-13 3:03 PM

Loves,the product was packaged as a bath salt.They were actually synthetic drugs instead.You can still go to the store and buy"real" bath salts for those aches and pains

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Mar-01-13 3:06 PM

@ Scandalous....BINGO!

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Mar-01-13 3:26 PM

But Slogin, the man was convicted of two felonies related to the sale of unapproved drugs. It's my understanding (and if I'm wrong, please somebody with a JD correct me) that this is the law that was signed and not yet in effect. How can a man be convicted of a crime that was not yet a crime?

Sheriff Mincks says he made the arrest because of the toll the drugs were taking on the community. I can appreciate his concern. But he can't make arrests based on his or the community's concern. Arrests must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause within established law.

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Mar-01-13 4:42 PM

That could be why he wasn't indicted until April of 2012; by then the alleged drugs were illegal?...

Also it says... January 2013: Biles pleads guilty to two fifth-degree felonies for complicity in the sale of unapproved drugs and possession of unapproved drugs.

Unapproved drugs, not illegal or controlled substance etc...might be why he only got 60 days of county jail...

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Mar-01-13 4:45 PM

Arrests must have reasonable suspicion and probable cause within established law.

It most cities it does...Marietta has always seemed to make their own rules when it comes to certain things...

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Mar-02-13 12:31 PM

So they admittedly raid and arrest him before the law went into affect when there was NO LAW yet he pleads guilty because he is made aware that in marietta he will never get a fair trial or a lawuer that knows anything but plea bargaining.

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