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School security

Training in basics of safety continues

March 7, 2013

A few weeks ago, a Waterford Elementary kindergartener looked to her teacher after seeing a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy walk down a hallway at the school....

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Mar-07-13 9:33 PM

See more officers patrolling with guns than without, I dont care where you play defense from, although I was always put in left field, I could peg the catcher from home run fence, no guns in elementary schools. period.

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Mar-07-13 9:29 PM

People worry about attackers; how about the poor guy who minded his own business, went to bed and got sucked into the earth, never to be heard from again.

When your time is is up.

No way he could plan against his attacker.

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Mar-07-13 8:15 PM

Guns have absolutely no bussiness whatsoever in schools or around children! Harley, as usual u and the greek are really far out in right field!

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Mar-07-13 4:45 PM

thegreek, the idea is to make kids afraid of everthing and to make them think that they need the government to take care of them. We are quickly resorting back to the exact things that America was trying to get away from, a society where the elite have priviledge and rule.

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Mar-07-13 2:31 PM

Maybe Andy should`ve made Sean keep his bullt in his pocket.

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Mar-07-13 1:59 PM

With the power of federal, state and county law enforcement ever encroaching on our rights and civil liberties, that little girl should be concerned about an imposing figure and the firearm on his side, there was an accidental discharge by a deputy in a scholl just a couple weeks ago. No guns are needed in elementary schools period. Plus the law enforcement are trying to get the children used to seeing their presence 24/7. So instead of kids saying I live in the Buckeye state, home of THE OHIO State University, they will just answer, I live in a POLICE state.

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Mar-07-13 11:57 AM

....little hunting

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Mar-07-13 11:56 AM

Countries with higher gun violence rates/per capita than US: El Salvador, Jamaica, Honduras,Guatamala, S.Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Panama

Some of these countries, like Mexico, have gun laws. Strict ones at that. Others (Japan, et al) have almost no violence and seriously strict gun laws.

It's not the guns necessarily, but the fabric of the society (NOT talking Rep vs Dem, so dont go there)or the culture. Ease of access IS a problem (guys gets ****** at girlfriend, buys a gun and shots her an hour later), but restriction IS NOT the answer. Intelligence is.

Society had this problem at the dawn of the automotive age. The pendulum swung both ways before settling in a fairly logical arraignment (you register, they find you if you hit and run, or whatever, but mostly leave you alone)

I dont want a guy with violent/mental history getting a gun. Background check, please.

But I sure as*****want my gun in case he steals one from my neighbor. ...Or just to do a littl

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Mar-07-13 11:03 AM

Harleyrider Oneill thinks if he closes his eyes things all go away! Nut Case?

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Mar-07-13 10:46 AM

oneill, please explain how gun control makes people safer. In EVERY city and country it has been implemented in, violent crime rates have went up, not down.

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Mar-07-13 10:21 AM

@ Oneill Welcome back haven't seen you online in awhile.Rumor had it that you went duck hunting with former VP Cheney and WorkingStiff..............

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Mar-07-13 9:28 AM

This is a big world-just because something happened somewhere doesn't mean it will happen everywhere. Our access to so much news instantly is nice but it can lead to kneejerking and paranoia--kind of like having an ache or pain and looking on the internet for the diagnosis and finding some terrible disease with similar symptoms. Doesn't mean you have that disease... Kudos to the superintendent for the mention of mental illness rather than propagating the gun hysteria...

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Mar-07-13 6:58 AM

The all-too-frequent reports of law enforcement personnel abusing their authority and committing crimes from assault to murder against members of the public certainly does not help the impression that the presence of an officer gives. Remember the story of the NYC gunman where 9 innocent bystanders were shot a few months ago? The gunman didn't shoot them-the police did. How can law enforcement officers keep a good reputation when they have people like that in their organization?

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Mar-07-13 5:39 AM

The comment by the little girl being scared of the Deputy. I think it is a direct result of parenting. Listen to parents when they see law enforcement officers and you will hear them say if you do not behave he will take you away. Maybe parents and adults should think before they speak. These little minds are very impressionable. Parents are almost pushing their kids towards criminals with this mindset.

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