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Anonymous claims coverup in Jaleayah Davis case

April 6, 2013

Anonymous, a collective of hackers known for their Guy Fawkes masks, have taken an interest in the Jaleayah Davis case....

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May-08-13 9:36 PM

your "friend" is gone and your so selfish you lawyer up and do not communicate to anyone as to the investigation and this is because you are innocent.....really who would ever believe that?? You are harrased and although you are alive you cant go on living normal life, easy solution stop keeping secrets. As to single car accident and all the most ridiculous explanation, if our law enforcement believes the words coming out of their mouths someone needs to have them committed!

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Apr-20-13 11:09 AM

Anyone with a brain in their noggin could see why they went to Marietta. Because as soon as they crossed that state line and protested, even quietly, here, the same law enforcement who covered up the death, would arrest everyone with some trumped up charges instead of allowing LEGAL demonstrations. Anonymous was smart to protest there. It's not as if they drove 100 miles away, they were right across the river. Where the sharks of Wood County have no jurisdiction,thankfully.

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Apr-20-13 11:03 AM

@matelelliot Anonymous is not a "group of punk kids wearing masks, while illegally hacking into others computers". It is an organization determined to seek justice and truth, through whatever means. It is also a collective group that doesn't exactly have membership requirements or can stop anyone from picking up a mask and claiming to be Anon. Which means that yes, you will occasionally have a punk kid hiding behind a mask and doing idiotic things. Generally when that happens and it is discovered, the rest of the respectable Anons will call that person out and tell them to put down their mask, so to speak. Anonymous is responsible for bringing about the truth in countless cases and in hindering tyrant governments and organizations which, unchecked, would continue to harm. In my opinion, they are modern day heroes.

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Apr-08-13 10:27 AM

The use of Alcohol and the non-use of seat belts by young people make tragedies like this even harder to take. Not sure if anyone really knows what happened out there that night.

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Apr-08-13 6:33 AM

I've been following this case for a while, and I keep seeing the comments about her "lawyering up" so quickly. I don't understand that mentality because fingers were pointed at her immediately. I've never seen a case where only the guilty obtain a lawyer. If you're being accused of something, standard procedure is to get a lawyer before you speak to anyone, whether you're guilty OR innocent.

I agree that the findings, at least in the way they were explained, do not sound reasonable. I also agree with another poster that at least to jaleayah's family, more information and maybe even a reenactment should've been offered to them.

I say that anonymous would be a great group to look into this further and at the very least, be able to offer the family a more thorough explanation.

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Apr-08-13 1:41 AM

Could be her cause of death, could not...but as has already been stated just seems veeerrrrrry weird/suspect that the girl having fingers pointed at her IMMEDIATELY had a lawyer...why get a lawyer if u have done nothing wrong? I have talked with parent and grandparent I know in passing people can become out of it to an extent. Losing a child is something no parent ever wants to have to face, things (if no cover up and are as they seem from investigation) could have all been so much simpler if people would have simply told of events that happened that night. If it were as simple astute girl who has a cloud of doubt over her being granted amnesty if she 'lawyered up' for fear of being caught underage drinking at the****and cue, slap shots, or whatever house party wherever they were, it could go a long way. As Inge stand it seems verrrrrrry shady.

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Apr-08-13 1:05 AM

If this group was smart enough 2 get other information on the Stubenville case off the phones of the boys, that the police couldnt even get there smart enough for me...and things dont make sense. I am so sad for her family and all these things they r going through, i dont know them but i cant even fathem the pain....i hope things r figured out no matter who does it. The family needs closure

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Apr-07-13 11:07 PM

@Wandy....difference being Great State of Ohio vs State of WV!

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Apr-07-13 9:45 PM

This isnt right, ive talked to people who know about this. This is an attempt to cover up a crime by a well known persons daughter. Justice is for all citizens not just the influential. Dig into this matter, find out the truth!

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Apr-07-13 8:54 PM

I just wish that Jaleayah would be allowed to rest in peace.

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Apr-07-13 9:27 AM

I wish there was someone who could start fighting all this corruption in america but I'm afraid anonymous isn't it. Their skills and morality are about like a basement punk and his video games.

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Apr-06-13 5:25 PM

Thinks this is such a horrific death. I can understand why Jaleayah's family and friends cant accept the "official" statements made and closing of this case. There are too many circumstances still left unanswered or non logically answered. I dont understand why if he investigating officials to her death want the family and friends to feel resolve from their findings and conclusions, why not devulge them and make sense of them for all to understand. If its simply a tragic accident, explain awayy all the inconsistant evidence and statments rhat Scream it wasnt?Provide a timeline of events,a re-enactment or something. Done in an order that protects witnesses identity? Be simple to resolve that way then right?

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Apr-06-13 3:35 PM

If there is anything to find I bet that Anonymous will find it. It is strange that they would have a rally in Marietta, not Parkersburg where the accident occurred . The findings of the accident sounded very strange, also strange that the so called friends disappeared for sometime after the accident. I guess the family does not believe the findings and it seemed like the investigation took forever. It does seem if two people were in the car both airbags would have deployed. I think Anonymous being around is very good, as I know another very strange death that happened in Marietta( not sure if it was in the city limits) where the victim was beaten and later died and not one word was ever printed in the paper, nor the obit of the person who died. I don't know if or how law enforcement investigated this but if so wouldn't it merit at least a story in the paper or in the police reports? I think that family needs Anonymous also.

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Apr-06-13 2:14 PM

"The group has announced a rally Saturday at noon at the Washington County Courthouse. Davis died in Wood County and her death was investigated by the Wood County Sheriff's Office."

Why Rally at the Washington County Courthouse? IT was investigated by the WOOD COUNTY OFFICE....Take it to the other side of the river where the problem is

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Apr-06-13 1:17 PM

One question why did it take 16 months, for autopsy results in this case and only 3 days for the autopsy results in the Frank Stephens case? Also, why couldn't the people who were with Jaleayah prior to her death, just talk to her family? Why is it that none of these "friends" so much as offered their condolences. It was witnessed that there was arguing and conflict, prior to the incident. That could have been explained away because of the alcohol, but they all chose to hide.

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Apr-06-13 11:11 AM

I agree asknot... Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the government. I'm glad there are people out there willing to take chances and find out the truth. I feel horrible for the Davis family. They have suffered tremendously and have not had all their questions answered... Maybe the report is accurate but someone else taking a look at the facts couldn't hurt. I'm glad the Wood County Sheriffs Office is open to outside investigation.

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Apr-06-13 10:52 AM

there was video of her at mcdonalds during the time of the death/accident. it's hard to help when no one believes your side, and i know she has told it because i've heard it through the grape vines. i dont know how or why she got a lawyer so quickly, but she was never missing she just wasnt home. as for the keychain, i was under the impression she had given it to her. as for the freddy guy, he didnt sell his car and leave town. it was a rental car that was due back the next day. he returned it, and left town as he had previously scheduled. people do that from time to time. just thought i'd clear that up before someone wanted to throw that in there. all have alibis that night that were checked thoroughly. there is no reason for the police to conspire against the family.

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Apr-06-13 9:39 AM

They all made themselves look guilty from the beginning. She disappeared for hours after the accident and then when she was located, had a lawyer??? She certainly was NOT Jaleayah's friend because if she was she would not have lawyered up as quick as she did. She also has a keychain of Jaleayah's that she had the night she left to go with her "friends". Nobody can explain how she got it and she hasn't bothered to defend herself ONE time. So why would anyone care about her since she clearly didn't care about Jaleayah! She was more worried about protecting her own a** then helping a family figure out what happened that night. She made her bed, now it's time to lay in it.

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Apr-06-13 9:31 AM

I find it disturbing that a group of punk kids wearing masks, while illegally hacking into others computers, is given any creditability.

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Apr-06-13 8:09 AM

This case is so sad. Not only was jaleayah's life taken by such a tragic freak accident, but so was the young lady's life that has caught the blame for her death this whole time. Someone's life was ruined who is still alive and trying to keep it together. Rumors were spread and not a day goes by that she isn't called a murderer. She lost all of her friends (jaleayah being one of them) she can't go to certain businesses. She gets harassed online. I saw the video of this anonymous group on Facebook. Hopefully once they get their facts straight they can make this more easy to understand for the family. Everyone would like a better explanation, but it is what it is.

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