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Driller’s road work welcomed in Adams Twp.

April 17, 2013


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Apr-17-13 7:35 AM

the road looks good BUT how much did the trustee make in$$$$$$$

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Apr-17-13 8:28 AM

So they'll have a nice road to go to doctor visits a few years from now...what a deal!!

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Apr-17-13 8:34 AM

Q.Why do MC & WC students have TGIF on their shoes? A. Toes Go In First!

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Apr-17-13 9:13 AM

Leftist loons have taken over the Times website with their shrill, alarmist rhetoric.

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Apr-17-13 9:19 AM

@gonefromMOV It's better to just ignore them than feed them.They go away after awhile if there isn't anything free for them around.

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Apr-17-13 9:37 AM

absolutely correct Josh and gone....

ever notice why most of these early postings are radically leftist? Because most of us normal people are AT WORK supporting these loosers with their welfare checks and other forms of redistribution !!!

Redistribution ultimately facilitated by the very industry (yes like oil drilling) they so vehemently despise!!!

Nothing worse than ungrateful, ignorant, arrogant, idiots with such a raging sense of entitlement !!!

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Apr-17-13 11:28 AM

Don't know what's so "leftist" about wanting clean water. Many of the people I know who are most protective of the environment would be horrified to be called a leftist, but they like to hunt and fish, or they have a farm,or grandkids or whatever and want a clean environment. Conservatives for conservation. And maybe all those early risers among the "leftists" are on their way to work. I am glad to see that the companies are doing the right thing by improving/maintaining the roads; let's hope they take similar care in the drilling.

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Apr-17-13 11:53 AM

Walton: what is leftist is the presumptions evidenced in the very snarky early postings that an article about fixing roads automatically leads to the certainity of birth defects and contaminated water.

Everyone on here today seems to have bought the anti business, anti oil, anti development rhetoric of the left.

BTW congratulations if you and ask not a dummie are actually working today. i can only hope its something productive like making roads to a drilling site.

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Apr-17-13 12:18 PM

The oil/gas industry has a pretty spotty record on not contaminating the environment, so I think a certain degree of skepticism and concern is warranted. It's also a bit presumptuous to be claiming "normality" for your side of the debate, and to be insinuating that your opponents are all lazy welfare recipients. Last time I checked, the recession hit working class folks of both the left and the right pretty evenly. A lot of proud, hard-working people out of work through no fault of their own who deserve a bit more respect than you seem to want to give them, lumping them all together as lazy "loosers".

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Apr-17-13 2:03 PM

i suppose there are a lot of 'proud hard working people' out there who understand the value of commerce and economic development. They havent yet been contamintated by the drivel flowing out of the media and our education system determined to kill free enterprise and the freedoms that it creates. No doubt these people value the integrity of work and the independence it gives them as opposed to the constant assault on economic development making them dependent on the benevolence of governemnt. Nor do these people see the insane connection between repairing a road and birth defects.

yes Walton there are still plenty of good hard working people out there...just not the whacked out, nit wiited, msnbc brainwashed, early posters on this forum

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Apr-17-13 2:04 PM

Importance of clean water: The drinking water in Devola is contaminated by human waste. Using the word nitrates may make it easier to accept, but does not change the facts. So why are people fighting the Sewer Proposal? I know that the Sewer will cost money but if one can choose to have clean water vs what you have now, why would you be against it?

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Apr-17-13 3:08 PM

Duke University, and the non-profit research organization Resources for the Future recently conducted a study on the effects of homeowner property values located near a shale gas well, where hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is occurring. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is a process natural gas is extracted from porous shale rock by injecting a mixture of sand, water and chemicals into the rock to release the natural gas. One problem with this procedure is that we do not know what chemicals are used in the process, and as the laws currently stand, companies can call the information about the chemicals used “proprietary” and not disclose them. There is a possibility that the chemicals could get into the water table, harming the water supply. This process is currently regulated by states, many under railroad legislation! Federal Legislatures are pushing to bring regulation of fracking under the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act.

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Apr-17-13 3:09 PM

In a report on the study by The Observer-Dispatch, property owners who use local groundwater for drinking lost up to 24% of their property value if they live within a mile and a quarter of a shale gas well. This study is among the first attempts to measure the impact of fracking to the property owner.

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Apr-17-13 3:26 PM

Fracking has been going on in this area since the early 70's, and now it is a concern?

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Apr-17-13 3:33 PM

ask not my dear lazy hippy...i have yet to see even one of your posts on this or any other topic that represent anything close to a well reasoned and thoughtful argument or rebuttal to another's argument. it is you that validate all the negative stereotypes every time you strike the enter button and submit one of your ill informed, unreasoned, leftist, bigoted name calling tirades.

I dont know if you are a lazy hippy but i do know you make even Oniell and Walton read like enlightend Einsteins every time you miss going fishing to post on this forum.

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Apr-17-13 4:17 PM

Ask not an old hippy: what is weak is your now admitted ignorance re: fracking in your response to Harley ....'that was another type of fracking or am i mistaken??'

the answer is no but in a larger sense yes....same fracking except safer since it deals with depths more than a mile deep as opposed to the older fracking practices in much shallower formations without all the modern safety precautions.

Your mistake (which only validates my penultimate post) is your self righteous, know it all proclamations re: the dangers of this econmic opportunity all the while admitting your ignorance in such matters!!

How you can retain such arrogance in the face of such ignornace is one thing...the fact that such opinions could possibly hinder or maybe even halt the development of this precious once in a lifetime local economic opportunity is altogether another !!

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Apr-17-13 4:58 PM

I don't know why people are getting so worked up for the Federal Government will step in soon to take over so it will be out of the states hands.obama just waited till after the election so that he could get Ohio to vote for him.obama is going to do everything in his power to push solar and wind power.

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Apr-17-13 5:01 PM

I cut and pasted my last post on fracking from a link to a anti-fracking attorney who advertises by way of a link from the Times Web site. NOt sure if he was biased or not.

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Apr-17-13 5:25 PM

@ asknot You seem to be taking this stuff to personal it's just a comment section on a online Newspaper it really doesn't matter.

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Apr-17-13 5:37 PM

ask not you cant have it both cant admit you dont know about the details of fracking or its relative risks while proclaiming the certainity of its damaging effects...

you should not be offended if someone points out your ignorance in such matters nor your arrogance in attempting to inhibit this development opportunity as it would affect the rest of us.

to the extent you are offended that is something you will just have to live with. Maybe read up a little...try to get a leeeetle better informed before you post such crap....

otherwise be prepared to have your stupid ideas and postions challenged...FORCEFULLY...

i am going to work now...gotta pay my taxes... to support the public education system that teaches about the evils of free enterprise... so that i can pay for my share of the redistribution... to perpetuate the misconcepitons so popular on todays thread

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Apr-17-13 6:44 PM

we saw a lot of triple I TRUCKS hauling stone what adams trustee owns them

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Apr-18-13 7:30 AM

BeRight, Stop being a Parrot and repeating what you hear. Do an internet search on Duke University and pollution, and maybe you'll find out that their studies are just to try to keep the onus off of them! Duke and their "studies" have polluted our earth WAY MORE than all the fracking operations. They have carelessly deposited more toxic liquids, knowing what would happen, creating "Brownfields" and contaminating drinking water for many miles around their property.

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Apr-18-13 9:22 AM

how can a adams trustee make money with his trucks on this job and be legal ??????????????????????????????

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Apr-18-13 10:28 AM

KOMBATBOOTS: see a post of mine later up in the string. I cut and pasted that Duke c r a p from an advertisement found on a link to this article in the Times yesterday. It is curious that the Times writes an article on Fracking and then a link to an anti-fracking law firm shows up right below the article. Chill out, dude.

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May-24-13 8:36 AM

Well, its whining time again...blah, blah, blah.

Townships get hosed either way.

No win for the trustees.

After the roads are nice from fracking, where will the township get money to maintain them?

In five years you will be back to gravel, grading, and chip and seal.

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