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Paying to park in city lots

Marietta officials want monthly fees to fund maintenance

April 24, 2013

The number of free spaces could soon be reduced in Marietta’s downtown parking lots as officials look for ways to cover repair and maintenance costs for those facilities....

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Apr-26-13 1:03 PM

The return of Parrothead. I have missed your posts. No, I do not believe my post below is particularly funny, just truthful.

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Apr-25-13 4:03 PM

BeRight: That "smart" car you mention is not the right name. The correct name is the "Obama Clown Car". He won't ride in it, but he wants you to. Can you imagine Barack and Michelle driving from D.C. to San Francisco in one?

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Apr-25-13 12:12 PM

I wasn't advocating either way. I just pointed out that the parking is free but the goods (or services if Walmart offers any) may not be of a higher quality and laced in lead. Just the other day I needed a part for a PC that I was working on and instead of going to Radioshack or ordering it online I bought it from a local computer shop, except it wasn't located downtown and makes no difference to the article.

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Apr-25-13 11:45 AM

That's your choice. Would you rather give the Chinese your money, or would you rather support local merchants?

There are some goods and services you won't find at Wallyworld.

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Apr-25-13 11:27 AM

There is plenty of free parking at the Wal-Mart. Where prices are so low you'll be in shock. Unless of course the shock is from the lead poisoning from the cheap Chinese goods.

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Apr-24-13 11:27 PM

What was that booth at the entrance to the Parking Partners lot built for? Why did they remove the meters in other lots?

You don't have to hire a special person to enfore parking rules, Marietta still does have a police force, don't they?

Sure, at first, you'll have people avoid parking at the paid parking lot and at meters. Eventually, they will return and pay for parking.

Some people always want "something for nothing!" But, as we were taught, "There is NO free lunch!"

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Apr-24-13 6:00 PM

Phil01, Parking Benefit District is an interesting concept, Forward thinking, progressive, win-win. Not sure most of Marietta is ready for something like this, since it originated in California, lol. It's really a common sense approach.

Unlike some others commenting, i have to say that several council people do the work of ten people, with little or no thanks, Mr. Vukovic among them. Council passes legislation and the administration sets up roadblocks to carrying out the passed ordinances. It's one of the most ridiculous, blatant abuses of the system I've seen. I've never witnessed so much immature posturing in my life as what I've seen from city administration and a couple of council members. Time for him to leave his vast memory of what was done in 1957 at home.

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Apr-24-13 4:33 PM

I think this is a terrific idea. I also think the biggest parking fines in town should be for the employees of businees who park on the street within one block of the business they work in. This should also include the employees working in the Courthouse. I rmember seeing the person in the SMART car who worked in the courthouse park in on Putman street every day om the same block as the courthouse.

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Apr-24-13 4:22 PM

The City should consider creating a Parking Benefit District. There's a great book titled "The High Cost of Free Parking" which lays it all out. Merchants win, taxpayers win and great projects get funded.

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Apr-24-13 3:26 PM

Why don't they just use all the money they are planning on using for the unneccessary Greene St. project and cut that out all together?

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Apr-24-13 3:09 PM

What happens to the parking tickets money? Two weeks ago we got a ticket for parking in the wrong spot but how can you tell what color is when you can see both colors in the same spot? Where does all the money go?

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Apr-24-13 11:55 AM

Photog...pretty sure the inmate valet parking comment was sarcasm ?

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Apr-24-13 11:54 AM

Let me get this straight - Vuke doesn't think the money should come out of the general fund (isn't that where the current parking money is going)and then he wants to put only 34% of the newly generated money into a parking lot fund!! People, this man is nuts. His total philosophy of governing is anti-business, anti-anything except taking more money from YOU.

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Apr-24-13 11:26 AM

Council at it again they just don't learn from their mistakes and their greed will bring them down we must not need paid parking if 32% is all they want to use for repairs looks like something being hidden in the works here why do they want all that money for in general funds? Hmmm!

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Apr-24-13 11:26 AM

I'm not sure I'd want a furloughed inmate to have access to my registration papers that show where I live....They may be trying to show they can be a trusted member of society again, but it only takes one time... I don't like other people parking my cars anyway, I'll do it myself (that way no ones to blame except me). I'd pay for parking, just not valet...

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Apr-24-13 10:20 AM

The real issue with this is that most customers downtown need more than 2 hours. Paid spots in a lot means time restrictions on the other spaces. Can you go to town, eat lunch and comfortably have time to stroll the streets visiting local shops? I don't think so... This action will erode the tax base created by downtown businesses.

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Apr-24-13 9:29 AM

You have to consider what affect will this have on the downtown businesses.

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Apr-24-13 8:53 AM

Come on Tom, if you put the parking lot revenue INTO the general fund, then you should expect to take repairs OUT OF the general fund. This isn't rocket science. Put all of the revenue into the repair fund and viola!!! You've got money to make the repairs.

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Apr-24-13 8:17 AM

Here we go again, Tom is on it. We will spend the next 6 months working on a strategy to generate $5K in revenue when $100K is needed.

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Apr-24-13 7:21 AM

I have never paid to park downtown. There is always a spot open on the street.

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Apr-24-13 5:52 AM

And yes it always starts out spaces and ends up meters.

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Apr-24-13 5:50 AM we go again..we have been thru this about every 5 to 7 money ??? ...lets pay for parking ...exactly how many times have those meters been put up and taken down...and don't forget hiring someone to check them...again....

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