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Whipple store owner sentenced

10 weekends in jail for food stamp fraud

April 26, 2013

A Whipple business owner was sentenced to jail time Thursday in Washington County Common Pleas Court for allowing illegal food stamp purchases in his store. Michael T....

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Apr-26-13 5:55 AM

15 weekends in jail????? He should serve at least 15 months in prison and lose the privilege to operate a business.

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Apr-26-13 7:30 AM

Of all the crimes that occur daily in Washington County, is this the best use of investigative resources officials could come up with? How about busting the thieves that get the EBT cards by lying and cheating the system.

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Apr-26-13 7:48 AM

How can the legal system pick and choose who to prosecute?? One employee is charged but others aren't?? Something isn't right!

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Apr-26-13 7:55 AM

And we wonder why our economy doesn't create more businesses...

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Apr-26-13 8:36 AM

BO, the food stamp president. More people on food stamps under this president than ever before.

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Apr-26-13 9:08 AM

KombatBoots: Don't know what country you defended wearing those boots, but in America, ownership of a business is not a privilege. It is a right. It's a privilege in China.

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Apr-26-13 9:10 AM

MattElliot: The state department that busted this guy does this full time. No crimes in Washington County were left not investigated because of this investigation.

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Apr-26-13 11:21 AM

He has been the subject of a prior investigation and now this??? Maybe he would learn if he could not attend his sons wedding! WTH is up with such a sentence?

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Apr-26-13 11:54 AM

Good thing he only had 285 dollars in the register.How did they come up with that?

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Apr-26-13 2:00 PM

EBT cards are a joke...Saw a woman in speedway getting nothing but chips, slim jims, and candy for 30 dollars and swiped her card. There should be restrictions on what can be purchased.

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Apr-26-13 4:17 PM

All this fraud will be cut out soon with the new fingerprint scanners that will be out in 2014. You will no longer need a pin number you just swipe your card and put your finger on the scanner.Some of the great benefits are : 1) Cards Can't be stolen and used, 2) People buying other things than food can be charged right away and the food stamps taken away, 3)Retailers will have to scan their finger print everyday to activate the machine.It's a great way to cut down on fraud and hold people accountable.

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Apr-26-13 5:47 PM

Why aren't the people using the card illegally charged?? They should lose their benefits if the store owner and employee are being prosecuted!

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Apr-27-13 7:39 AM

"gonefromMOV" You are missing my point. This was no doubt a "taxpayer" funded investigation. It really doesn't matter whether the State or County wrote the check. In the end, it will cost taxpayers multiple times more than the 200 bucks they collected. Citizens would be better served if a murderer would be occupying the same cell.

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Apr-27-13 10:44 AM

JoshBrown - the new fingerprint scans sounds like a good idea. I'm puzzled though as to why so many people disagreed with you. Perhaps they are all on food cards now?

The card users should of also been prosecuted and had their cards taken away!

If we had a real president who wanted to create jobs and see this country prosper food card feeders who feed at the govt. trough would be few and far between. Instead we have a communist mentored fraud who keeps pushing "his" progressive agenda.

Watch this video to understand how and obama and his cronies in the demokrat party are slowly destroying our country.

h ttp://vimeo.c om/63749370

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Apr-27-13 12:10 PM

Somebody is always wanting something for nothing. Except, those of us who supply the taxes get reamed.

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Apr-28-13 11:07 AM

Rocker, I'm one of those people that disagreed with JoshBrown and while I can't speak for everyone I will try to explain my vote. It took me about 5 seconds to figure out that all a recipient has to do is get a shopping list, use your EBT card for the purchase and then trade the vittles to a third party for cash minus a percentage of the receipt. The recipient gets cash to buy anything they want, the third party gets groceries at a reduced price and the tax payer get stuck with the expense of all the new electronics and the crop of new government employees to run the new system. It might make people think that something is being done to combat fraud but in reality it will just add more cost to an already overly burdened system. (Disclaimer, I am not now , nor have I ever been a recipient of government subsidy.)

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Apr-29-13 2:33 PM

Can I ask why his son was brought up in this article? He's someone who has nothing to do with this! Very upstanding citizen. Apparently there isn't any better new to report. No more patronage for the Marietta times from me that's wrong!

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