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Grand jury: Blair indicted on burglary charge

April 27, 2013

A Marietta man who was found bloodied and confused in a Third Street apartment without permission was one of 18 people indicted this week by a Washington County grand jury. Ira D. Blair Jr....

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May-01-13 12:05 PM

I just wonder what these people are really doing behind the scenes. I am referring to ohio resident especially. above the law I doubt,I also think you can come up with something truer than ohio resident. whats the point of dissing someone when you're hiding ur identity,ur not able to take credit for it. however you are definitely wrong about Miss Scott, and always remember opinions vary, and others don't even get credit for theirs.

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Apr-29-13 11:14 AM

Lets see dave chuck Jim pee wee only one who hasn't been in trouble is chuck and his wife marietta Blair yes I know them all two was convicted years ago for murder if you new anything truth40 you would know Richard was question and it was Richards house but did you know Ira aka spike lived there too so don't tell have the story because you surely don't know any of it

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Apr-29-13 9:28 AM

Well one of the couples I read on here makes more sense why their kid is the way she is. Instead of them being parents they're too busy defrauding the system & doing jail time. & when you call the parents out on their kids crap they don't even do a thing but say you're the problem. Not the child's fault but it is people like that who have kids that clearly don't need or deserve them, period.

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Apr-28-13 1:49 PM

LOL go to Marietta Municipal Court thats how I know them.

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Apr-28-13 12:53 PM

He has 12 entries in marietta municipal court alone. His dad has more.

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Apr-28-13 12:46 PM

The last time I dealt with one I sent him packing and he did not want to fight. He jumped in his truck and ran away. My neighbor knows him well.

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Apr-28-13 10:56 AM

Nope never been in a fight with them just know the bunch. Neighbor just ran one off for stealing his tractor weights to sell for scrap metal. If I got into a fight with one they would need McCurdys help not a defense attorney.

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Apr-28-13 3:55 AM

Is this the same Blair family that most have served time in prison. The same ones that tell every one how bada@@ they are and when they get caught they cry foul.

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Apr-28-13 3:10 AM

It's about time someone finally caught up with Missi Scott. She's so famous for thinking she's above the law. I bet if someone would dig a little deeper, these charges would just be the tip of the ice berg. And to think she's a nurse. I sure wouldn't want her taking care of my parents. It's hard to tell what else she's been doing besides receiving money that she didn't deserve. Good job to WCSO for catching a sneaky rat!

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Apr-27-13 6:40 PM

arrested for burglary for seeking refuge after being beating half to death. ali martin is a liar. but marietta"s finest arrested blair and sided with martin who was a fugitive, charged with cocaine, herion, and stealing. richard haught jr. never broght in for questioning really. did police not look at his record. richard haught and frank stephens drank together and would fight all the time. who beat david half to death ??. blair held for 100 grand bond for burglary what did he take. ali martin charged with multiple felonies is released really. that really good police work marietta p.d. glad i dont live there. criminals are set free and crime is going up i wonder why.

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Apr-27-13 4:36 PM

I'm 100% behind having a classification called "recreational drugs" that would be legal. Right now the only drug that would fit is pot, but if pharmas could make big money by developing relatively safe drugs and selling them, rather than doing 20 to life, it's hard to imagine what they'd come up with. I can't imagine every making ****** or crystal legal, but legal drugs might take away the incentive for the really harmful illegal ones.

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Apr-27-13 10:47 AM

encinoman: 100% correct- kudo's...

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Apr-27-13 9:22 AM

It's time to surrender the War on Drugs. Drugs need to be decriminalized; legalize marijuana, regulate it, tax it. Court dockets would open up, prisons and jails wouldn't be as crowded, and the users would have their drugs. We found out that Prohibition didn't work with alcohol... drugs are just dry alcohol... alcohol is just a wet drug.

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Apr-27-13 7:21 AM

I see the cat & mouse game is alive and well in Washington County.

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