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Local democrats introduce candidate

April 27, 2013

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald isn’t exactly a familiar face in southeast Ohio, but he plans to change that as he runs for governor of Ohio over the next year-and-a-half....

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Apr-29-13 4:39 PM

Mr. O'Neill, at this point, I think it is just you and me here. Seeing as how I don't find a discussion with you to be thought provoking or interesting, I'll just disengage now.

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Apr-29-13 4:30 PM

Clarence Miller was a good PERSON. That's why I liked him. Ted Strickland is a good PERSON. That's why I voted for him because I didn't think that Ken Blackwell was a good person for eschewing a lifetime of Kemp Republicanism to climb in bed with evangelicals. My current Rep is a good PERSON who happens to be a Democrat. I disagree with my Rep more than I agree with them, but the heart and the motive are in the right place.

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Apr-29-13 4:14 PM

Source is Cleveland Plain Dealer, September 15, 2010.

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Apr-29-13 4:12 PM

I cast my last congressional ballot in the MOV for Clarence Miller.

I live in the United States.

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Apr-29-13 4:01 PM

No ulterior motive. It's just that I despise corruption. Bob Ney went to prison. Hurray! that's where he belonged. Bob Taft got charged with a misdemeanor. Good! He committed one. Corrupt Republicans deserve what they get.

Public official 14 helped secure a contract for a vendor that bribed a Cuyahoga County Commissioner, then accepted a campaign contribution after the contract was secured. He certainly doesn't meet the Eisenhower standard of "Clean as a hound's tooth."

Public official 14 didn't get indicted because his corruption was small potatoes compared to that of the entire Democratic party apparatus under the leadership of Jimmy DiMora. Had the resources not been devoted to all that corruption, a more thorough investigation would have been conducted of Public Official 14 who deceived his city council and pocketed a corrupt vendor's cash.

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Apr-29-13 3:34 PM

What is also interesting is that you confuse me with a conservative. I'm not that conservative. My ticket is always split. I voted for Ted Strickland in 2006 and Dick Celeste in 1986. I've voted for more than 20 years for my U.S. Rep who is a Democrat.

It's not Democrats I don't respect. It's narrow minded thinkers who can only see the world in black/white, good/evil, Republican/Democrat that I disrespect. In other words, people with stunted intellects such as yourself.

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Apr-29-13 3:25 PM

According to the indictment, Public Official 14 while mayor of Lakewood, received campaign contributions from a contractor after awarding a contract. John Kasich isn't my ideal governor, but he's better than anything that's come out of the corrupt Cuyahoga County Democratic machine.

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Apr-29-13 3:22 PM

Mr. O'Neill, are you a case of arrested development? Your use of stupid spellings like "Ka$hlick" and Fox Noise (neither of which are particularly clever), remind me of the adolescents I teach. Just how many young minds to you destroy with your juvenile intellect?

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Apr-29-13 6:02 AM

O'Neill, I know you're old enough to actually remember Myron T. Herrick, but in what way am I "lying" about Public Official 14?

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Apr-28-13 9:19 PM

Fitzgerald will make a fine govenor, replacing an idiot

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Apr-28-13 2:38 PM

Asknot and Munster: You should study history. Polls are but a snapshot in time. Harry Truman left office with a 27 percent approval rating. Now, historians hold him in high regard. Nixon left with a similar approval rating, and while historians will never hold Nixon in high regard, the public gave him a 72 percent approval rating about a year before his death.

Saying that, it's not my job to educate you. But, on behalf of the public education system that spit you out, I apologize to you for the ignorance you were unable to avoid.

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Apr-28-13 1:23 PM

Munster your hilarious posting propaganda out of a know lib magazine called "time".

And the info Time got was more than likely reprinted out of the old dem plantation newsletter lol.

I'd change the subject to Taft too If my candidate was "Public Offical 14". But PO-14 would be in great company along with the other demokrat party leaders who are crooks, liars, and thieves.

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Apr-28-13 6:10 AM

"Officially?" Didn't know the state of Ohio "officially" voted for a "worst governor ever."

Was he worse than Myron Herrick? Martin Davies?

You're talking out your rectal orifice.

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Apr-27-13 4:52 PM

Munster, Taft didn't report a golf outing. Public Offical 14 accepted kickbacks. Which crime is worse? Oh, of course, to any non-thinking liberal, the crime committed by the Republican is always worse.

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Apr-27-13 11:37 AM

Anyone who forms an opinion based on the comments of these blogs is plum loco.

The R's are just plain jealous they cannot find a way to beat Obama. Sad Sad state of affairs.

Come on dig deep and find a candidate, man, woman, white, black that is electable that can get pass the legislatures machine and we'd all be happy.

I heard that one the other day from someone, and think it's a go for every citizen.

Where can we find that candidate? Who is it?

It has to be someone lurking in the corners somewhere. Everyone that's out there that already has an opinion or an agenda just won't do.

Who is it?

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Apr-27-13 10:19 AM

gonefromMOV - its no surprise to me the demokrats would pick "public offical 14" as their candidate for govenor.

We should NEVER trust or elect demokrats again in Ohio or any office. They are all communists and electing them allows them to "transform" our country into some kind of communist or socialist utopia.

If you want to know what the goals of the demokrat party and their progressive movement are watch this video.

h ttp://vimeo.c om/63749370

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Apr-27-13 9:26 AM

Let me introduce him the way he should be introduced and the Marietta Times will not:

Ladies and gentlemen, "Public Official 14" as described in the indictment of Jimmy DiMora, et al of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.

Do you really want to put the most corrupt political machine in the state in charge in Columbus? Cleveland is a cesspool. Don't let it spread.

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