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MMH to trim positions without layoffs

May 9, 2013

Marietta Memorial Hospital is looking to reduce the number of positions to deal with changes in how health care is being provided, but is not planning layoffs for the time being, officials said....

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May-10-13 8:51 AM

Well said exofDevola.

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May-09-13 6:29 PM

I've seen this so many times, a hospital system becomes extremely profitable, taking over several offices , building new additions,expanding to multiple cities. Then in a few months and they immediately start cutting positions, usually starting with nursing and other support systems, somehow doctors and administration are not included. I have seen many primary care offices refuse to address more than 1 or 2 complaints each time, Tessie. I think this is because few offices will offer an extended visit, it's more profitable to get more people squeezed into an hour. As a nurse from back in the day,What I can't stomach is you fill out the reason for the visit, you've described your symptoms to the medical assistant , and receptionist and everyone else. It s written down, the the doctor comes in and has never even glanced at the chart, or your previous entries. That s poor time management If any of my nurses waltzed into a patients room not aware of the history ,they would have been fire

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May-09-13 1:09 PM

I think everyone would be well served to remember that most of the changes in health care are being force by goverment mandates, by the people we elect into office. I have always been a patient at CCMH until the merger with Morgantown. I understand the need for merging but I think it was handled very poorly by whoever was calling the shots. Parkersburg has had 2 hospitals for as long as I can remember. Moving all the services to one hospital and forcing the closure of the other takes away a person right to choose. Hanging a banner to demostrate victory was unecessary. I have had nothing but good experiences @ MMH and commend them for staying independent with the economical state this country is in. FYI asknot there are turds, mean people, incompetence and inefficiency everywhere. I have encountered a fare share everywhere. What can be done to help with the situation country wide??? STOP electing them into office.

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May-09-13 11:30 AM

When I visit UPMC, I have multiple appointments that flow very easily from one to another. It's all scheduled with one appointment followed by another, then by another, etc. Two to three hours and I'm finished. Here, it would take days or maybe even weeks to get everything done. Of course we would need expert docs too. I can think of two docs in Marietta who I would trust to treat me. One (Che Fu Kuo) is still holding out and hasn't joined with MMH Systems, and he has my respect and admiration for his ability to withstand their pressure.

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May-09-13 11:23 AM

Asknot, I've had a similar experience with MMH System. I'm stuck with a primary care physician who shouldn't even be practicing. I have multiple major illnesses that require specialists in other cities, but need a primary care doc for the more common things wrong. I'm stuck with him because no one else wants to take on a person with such a complicated health situation, and who only has Medicare. I usually wait until there are several things going on before an appointment but I'm told that he will only address one thing at a time. That means repeat appointments, and an opportunity for them to receive more Medicare payments. It also means more 20% co-pays for me, and I don't have it.

MMH is a monopoly and it's run by schemers who try to project a proactive stance.

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May-09-13 10:53 AM

Amen Asknot! Don't know who is to blame, but MMH doesn't usually provide a good experience to their patients. You'd think once your info is in their system, you'd be good to go, even with your family doctor as they are now all under the MMH blanket. I have found that the only place that seems to have their "stuff" together is the lab at the Farson St. facility in Belpre.

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May-09-13 10:48 AM

I would start at the top by cutting executives first. Any institution needs workers bees more than queen bees.

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May-09-13 9:36 AM

Bend over boys...they're at it again!

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