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Fort Frye hires new superintendent

May 17, 2013

BEVERLY—The Fort Frye Local Board of Education on Thursday voted to accept the resignation of district superintendent Tom Gibbs, and during the same session hired Barlow-Vincent Elementary principal......

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May-24-13 2:16 PM

Isnt she the one who had a fling years ago with the principle or should I bite my lip.

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May-18-13 6:29 PM

You tell them Steve. Was one of theose board members your wife?

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May-18-13 5:07 PM

Absolutely correct Delta. She is far more qualified and sought after than this area deserves. Gibbs was the same, a highly qualified local wanting to stay in the area. What are the odds Warren will be able to find this opportunity sitting on their doorstep in the pending interviews - NONE. Looks like two BOE members cut off their noses to spite the future of the district (and appease the kool aid drinkers...)

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May-17-13 10:39 PM

I never cared for Starcher when she was principal for little warren...was glad to see her go to barlow shes on to fort frye, so what!!!

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May-17-13 7:16 PM

Have any of you actually explored Dr. Starcher's history? She certainly went to school for four years -- for her bachelors. Then she obtained a masters. Then she obtained a doctorate. And she is one of the most well-respected administrators in the state. She is in constant demand to speak at other school districts and conferences, and she teaches college classes to others who hope to obtain her level of proficiency in her field. She turned down other, higher-paying jobs in order to stay in Washington County. She lives in the county, she cares about the county, and you will all benefit from her level of commitment in the coming years. It's time you all get behind the administrators who actually care about your kids, and stop fighting amongst yourselves and complaining. To this point, she has worked 70 hours a week, with ONE MONTH off in the summer. Don't make the same mistake Warren did, and let your infighting send all the good people packing. Count your blessings. Ask how YOU can hel

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May-17-13 3:56 PM

Good bye to Gibbs, he is Athens problem now.

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May-17-13 3:37 PM

Gibbs moved to Athens 2 years ago because this job has been in the works that long. Hard to ask for tax money when you don't pay the taxes!

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May-17-13 3:35 PM

MaryPoppins..Gibbs showed everyone it's a part time job! Why make it more then that? People in the education field arn't the only ones that went to college for 4 years but they are the only ones that whine about it.

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May-17-13 3:31 PM

I would disagree that you are not invested in the area if you don't live there. That would depend upon the individual. I don't live anywhere near the area where I work, but I sure give 110% to the people who do because that is how I make a living. Gibbs lives in Athens and it sounds to me like he was the best thing that has happened at Fort Frye in a long time. I also know people who live in that district who wouldn't lift a finger to help a school district. Go figure.

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May-17-13 2:35 PM

I just want fortfryepride to understand that doing the job right is important, but you can not do the job if you are not invested in the community. Buying gas and a snack once in awhile does not make you invested.

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May-17-13 2:27 PM

You whiners and complainers about her credentials and salary really bite hard.

She deserves every darn dime. She will give you 192K worth of work.

You have lived so long with part time Dora Jean Bumgarner, and part time Gibbs for so long and saved money, how about running a real school district and give your kids a quality education.

The State requires a Superintendent; might as well have a darn good one.

Stop trying to compare education with the other professions. They are not comparable. She is an expert at many areas of education, and I assure you will dazzle you uneducated whining babies.

WA WA WA WA WA WA !!!!!!!!!!

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May-17-13 2:23 PM

I do not understand why you would not want your superintendent to live in the district. Last time I checked, the tax dollars from the community she is getting paid with need to be reinvested back into the district. By parents moved me several times and I adjusted. She needs to live in the district!!!!

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May-17-13 2:15 PM

That is about 70 hours of course work on top of your bachelors degree.

In comparison: Law degree = 85-90 hours

That is only a few course work hours less, pay should comparable.

I am sure their is a lawyer in Beverly or Lowell that makes well over $92k.

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May-17-13 2:04 PM

This was just a part time job last week. Did they add more workload or extend the job duties?

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May-17-13 1:53 PM


Contact: Cindy Hartman Co-Coordinator, Educational Administration Program McCracken Hall 314B, Athens, OH 45701

at OU for spending years in college getting you teaching degree, then teach school while getting a masters degree, then going to back to school again to attain your superintendent's license.

And this is after getting your masters in administration. First Semester:

• EDAD 6810, Managing the School District (4 semester credit hours)

Second Semester:

• EDAD 6820, Planning District-Wide Improvement (4 semester credit hours) • EDAD 6915, Internship in Education (4 semester credit hours)

Summer Session I • EDAD 6830, Human Relations at the District Level (4 semester credit hours) • EDAD 6916, Internship in Education (2 semester credit hours)

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May-17-13 1:39 PM

I'm glad that she decided to go to FF instead of warren. She is going to be misses. After graduating from FF, this only shows we are running out of options. 92k a year! Where do I signup? How many people in beverly, lowell, and lower salem make that a year? SMH

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May-17-13 1:30 PM

Jeepers, I wouldn't move. The way that school changes superintendents, I would not risk it. Why uproot your family, when in a year or two your could be handed your walking papers? David White is still on the board, is he not?

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May-17-13 12:39 PM

The article says she lives near Belpre so I'd bet her children go to Warren. I wouldn't move. I doubt their board would ask her to do that. If school superintendents moved every time they changed districts they might as well not unpack.

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May-17-13 12:37 PM


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May-17-13 11:20 AM

What do you mean consider. If they are paying her that money, then she owes it to the students, parents, staff, and cadet community to live there. How can she truly do what is best for the schools, if she does not live, shop and be a part of the community?

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May-17-13 10:01 AM

I hope the new superintendent will considering moving into the district.

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