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Lots of changes in Warren district

Board reinstates H.S. busing

May 21, 2013

VINCENT — The Warren Local school district will look very different next year with a new superintendent, new high school and elementary administrators and the return of high school busin....

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May-21-13 8:01 AM

Spending money before you get it is what got Warren where it’s at now. Sounds like board members are buying votes with money they don’t have.

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May-21-13 9:05 AM

The BOE just bet a half a million dollars on the hopes of a budget proposal that has little to no chance of passing. If by chance it does pass and the school gets the extra funding, there will be no need to renew the Emergency levy again. That will really help out the tax payers. If they don’t get the funding, there wont be a levy big enough to bail them out of this one. There will be no need to renew the Emergency levy again as there will be no saving the school system. Really sad the BOE put the school system in this position just to throw water on the latest teacher and administration scandals. You can make a sure bet if the funding don’t come in, busing will be gone just after the levy election even if it passes.

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May-21-13 9:33 AM

Who can blame them... You can't help people who do not want help.

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May-21-13 9:43 AM

Let's see, how does it go...NO, NO, NO, NO. Now what do you have, you, the NO's should finally be happy but now it is the "Board" that is all wrong. Guess you won't be happy until the whole system shuts down around you. Hello Warren "No's", all you have managed to do is cost the district qualifed people, teachers, administrators, etc. This ship is sinking and you are the ones that put the hole in it! Sad sad day for a once great system. You folks will never be happy! Keep voting NO, property is cheaper by the day!!

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May-21-13 11:49 AM

albert the BOE just spent $500,000 that they don't have and don't know if they are going to get it. How can you spend that much money before you even know your gong to get it. Thats like buying land to build new schools on before you pass a levy for new schools. Just waseful spending in the past and present.

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May-21-13 1:04 PM

Albert, Gibbs was the captian of the ship, he ran it aground.Not the no sayers. Good riddence to Gibbs.

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May-21-13 5:32 PM

Something must be in the Warren water. If you have children why would you live in Warren? The voters in that district have decided to let the schools and the system go to h e l l !

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May-21-13 5:34 PM

A few people have convinced many to vote their way which is “NO”. So, what do you have now and are you better off?

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May-21-13 7:01 PM

This last round of changes is just about the best thing that ever happened to Warren. Now if they would just scrap all the current contracts and start all over it could turn into a good school system again.

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May-21-13 7:16 PM

15 years — no school-funding fix | The Columbus Dispatch ****dispatch**** › Home › News Mar 25, 2012 – Ohio's public school-financing scheme must undergo a complete ... there needs to be a plan that addresses DeRolph and helps local school districts.” ... “If you have more wealth, you're not going to get as much money as the poorer districts. ... “The state's formula really penalizes districts unfairly if they're ... this is why I vote no, fix it state of Ohio....

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May-21-13 7:20 PM

How sad are you BT! Why do you have problem with the teachers,whom are mostly residents of the area?you get rid of the teachers you would not find replacement. You want the school, and community to die off. Soon to be ghost town!

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May-21-13 8:25 PM

There is a new class of teachers graduating every year and many are looking for jobs. It’s not that I have a problem with teachers, I have a problem with outdated teachers. I also have a problem with the ones that complain about the money they make when they are some of the highest paid teachers in the county. If Warren wants to be the school system it was at one time it will need to rebuild from the ground up. All they are doing now is putting a band-aid on a broken bone. Giving back busing for one year till the renewal levy passes is just another trick from the dog and pony show called the BOE.

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May-21-13 11:14 PM

BT who are the teachers that complain about their income? Who are the teachers that you say are out dated? Do you have a job? How would you like those negative comment made about you,after working on your job for 15or 20 years. I do not think any teacher new or old would want to take a job in a district that has little support from the people of the town,also schools that are falling down around them! When looking for a new job no one will want to come to WSD.It is evident that the schools will be closed soon.I would like to know if you are referring to all the teachers,and if so what have they done?

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May-22-13 6:52 AM

I never thought I would see the day, that the taxpayer won a battle....but this is that day !! May God have mercy on those other school districts, because they are going to need it.

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May-22-13 7:52 AM

Janet I bet you was real popular when you lived here. California is lucky to have you.

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May-22-13 9:08 AM

BT ,is it that difficult to answere a straight forward question? You make accusations but never can back up what you say.Yes,I am glad to be home in California,but I am also glad that my son got a good start at BV.

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May-22-13 10:13 AM

Since you don’t live here and have no clue as what goes on day to day, there is no reason for me to name names. Anyone that has dealt with the school system with any problems knows what I am talking about. You keep saying talking about turning this area into a ghost town. You might come back for a visit and look around, it already is. It’s not the schools that is running people out of town, it is the lack of jobs. Give it 2 more years and you will see what a real ghost town looks like.

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May-22-13 10:30 AM

BT I know a lot of people that live there,and they also would like you to back up your accusations .

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May-22-13 11:31 AM

You can argue about aging and ungrateful teachers, or the reason for the exiting administration all day and it won't solve Warren's problems. I don't know the answer and don't live in the district (thankfully), but it appears there is lots of work to be done by the schools employees AND all district residents if you want to keep your schools.

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May-22-13 11:36 AM

one more comment: the BOE president stated that other districts came in and hired their good administrators., as if it was some sot of theft in the middle of the night

One more observation: The BOE presidents said that other districts came in and hired all their good administrators. It's not as if they were "stolen" from the district.....they were hired because they applied for the jobs and wanted to leave Warren District.

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May-22-13 6:52 PM

Janetwilliam, Whos all the people wanting to know? Whats their names? Where do they live? Do they work? Do they have kids in school? What color car do they drive? Who does their hair? Please Please tell me.

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May-22-13 7:13 PM

BT not the same thing none of them are saying derogatory remarks about you or the work you do or don't do.You are saying thing that I feel are in true.I just want to know the truth. You made the remark get rid of all the teachers because they are antiques,and complain to much the money they make.I just asked is it all of them or just some. You don't need to tell meany thing if you are afraid some one know who you are! Just seems very mean to lot all of them together,so I ust wanted to ask? Some one mention the teacher taking it out on the students of the people that voted no on the levy!I think if your going to make inflammatory claims such as you did you should have proof? I am giving up on you BT,you are a very angry person. Hope all goes well for you,and if you do work I hope no one ever says such hateful thing about you after working hard all you life!

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May-24-13 1:44 PM

People who have lived here all their lives and have children and grandchildren who have graduated from the Warren school system have seen it all ,given the benefit of the doubt and seen all the wrong doings that have taken place over the years.. Your voices are aloud to be heard and should mean something and most of them have by standing our ground with this administration.People are not so easily to be strong armed in a economy where everyone has had to make sacrifices at home .People are getting out while the getting out is good.To many wrong doings to many families over the years by people in the administration.If all could be told on here and all that has been seen wrong in this district..We are aloud to vote and woice are opinion quietly ..To many haters in Warren to peak out .But the people have spoke out at the polls and by doing so this is cleaning up the poison. I can only hope this continue and more pet teachers leave.

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May-24-13 9:51 PM

I hope every single one find a place where they are appreciated.I am sure it is difficult to work in such a hostile environment,with people saying the most horrible things.

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Jun-01-13 12:35 PM

Good-bye to Gibbs. Sorry Athens. Everyone with a child in High School was financially damaged by Gibbs and the Board. They shoould all go. Bad decision after bad decision. Did they finish High School themselves? I know that's mean, but seriously. The entire area was devastated in other ways also. If you were trying to sell a home locally, forget it. Who would buy a home where there is no transportation to school for HS students and the potential to lose it for grade school children? Aren't there any lawyers out there looking to file a class action against the Board and Gibbs? Why did Warren still have sports programs going full blast with all the "financial" problems reported? Shut down every bit of those extracurricular activities until our problems are solved. Popular idea? No. Does it make sense? Yes. Impeach the Board today! Elect someone with some basic business sense.

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