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Colony Theatre Association asking for tax abatement

May 31, 2013

Hunt Brawley, director of development for the nonprofit Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association, asked members of Marietta City Council's finance committee Thursday to consider approving a......

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Jun-01-13 10:15 AM

Great project just costs major pit comes to mind. Small towns per 'us' have so many needs- all the griping understandable.

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May-31-13 10:08 PM

The Colony project deserves every break available to help it come to life. Allow the tax break. If it the theater succeeds, the financial benefits to Marietta businesses and employment (hence, city tax coffers) could be significant.

Starting a theater up is not a gimmee, not an easy layup. Success will continue to require skilled, aggressive leadership and strong community support.

The theater is not owned by Peoples Bank. Yes, People’s deserves great credit for donating major funds to the theater. But it was a monumental, I say monumental, fundraising and PR mistake to put the bank’s name on the theater. Both the bank and the theater were damaged. Hopefully, it is not too late for the Bank to step forward and offer the Colony the opportunity to take its name back. All future fundraising efforts will be burdened by the perception that the theater has become just a publicity tool for the bank, or worse, that the bank now owns the theater.

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May-31-13 5:40 PM

I cannot believe it, but I agree with Crandall and Devil's Advocate! The city should not support the CRA request. It's such an obvious manipulation. I urge city council members to not even consider this request by Mr. Brawley.

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May-31-13 4:38 PM

Mr. Vukovic, are the City's finances so flush that you are comfortable giving money away that should be used fixing roads? Help us commoners understand.

Lastly, Peoples Bank owns it now, not the community. Let them succeed/thrive with their investment. That is why they donated/bought into the whole thing. Why is the City even thinking of allowing tax payer dollars being allowed for this? Mr. McCauley, you're a retired teacher/police officer. How can you honestly go along with this? It is safe to say that we know why two are 'in bed', but why Mr. Abicht/Thomas are you doing this? Our streets are in shambles, & and our patrols have been done away with in the past. Let this project rest with the private investor. The citizenry elected you to fix the City, not the PEOPLES BANKCORP THEATRE

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May-31-13 4:17 PM

This statement is absolutely breathetaking:"So we will be forming a for-profit LLC, But the Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Assoc. will remain as a nonprofit entity." Brawley said the for-profit company would likely be known as the Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre, LLC."

This guy/group is amazing. The City has given him all kinds of money when Mr. Mullen was there from CDBG coffers. That is money that could have paved streets, fixed sidewalks, helped real suffering merchants & homeowners with their problems. Insted it has been funneled to a project that will not be serving those suffering. What the heck are the councilman doing? Mr. Kalter, your passion is sidewalks. Why are you going along with this? Someone, don't allow council to go through with this? Fix our roads with that money.

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May-31-13 3:18 PM

Somebody is always wanting something for nothing. However, the taxpayer gets stuck every time.

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May-31-13 11:25 AM

So they want to be a non profit to get the new market tax credits, but they want to be a for profit in order to get a tax abatement? In other words despite all of the grants and the Peoples Bank money they know they can't pay the bills down the road. Two or three years after opening, when they can't make ends meet they'll be back to the city asking for CDBG or CVB, or general fund money, to keep the doors open.

How about this...the city grants them the tax abatement but makes it clear that during the term of the exemption the city will not give them any money or apply on their behalf for any grants that could go to any other entity in the city.

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May-31-13 9:28 AM

Moon Mullen's tax abatement on his previous business, the printing shop on front street, basically gave him more dollars in his pocket until he went bankrupt! This is the benefit the politicians give each other. Free liquor license, tax abatement, grant money payment for failed real estate investment, "green" space land all take money away from the city and put more in the pockets of the politicians. Like Crandall said, it's who you know that determines what you get!

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May-31-13 8:49 AM

If the schools allow this they should not ever think about requesting another levy.

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May-31-13 8:41 AM

Notice to the City Council, I have no interest in supporting the Peoples's Bank Theater with my tax dollars. There is no positive return to the taxpayers at the end of 7 years, there is only 7 years of positive benefit for them. I would suggest that if you really disapprove of this being done you then you MUST call Council members and let them know otherwise it will be as it always is. Based on who you are and who you know will get or not get you want you want in this town. If you call at least they might actually consider voting against it.

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May-31-13 7:04 AM

Heck, I thought Marietta had declared a moratorium on tax abatements. In Moon Mullen's own words, "tax abatements are never fair". This is so true! The only way a tax abatement is good for a community is if it will employ large numbers of people and there will be a generous return, in a short time, back to the tax payers for the abatement investment. This will NOT happen with this cinema! The tax abatement here is being sought because their project just does not work on its own, it has a flawed business plan, they have already invested tons of money and they are looking for a tax payer bailout!

Don't allow it! It is wrong on many levels! This should only be done with private money (too late now) and not with tax payer funds!

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May-31-13 5:01 AM

This has gotten so far out of control. Brawley is simply looking to extend his huge salary grab at tax payer expense for this project that should not be using tax payer money to proceed. If tax payer money supports this project, then the tax payers should be able to use it at no cost. That won't happen. It's like a public park- tax payer money supports a public park and we can use it for no charge. Why should we pay for this out of our hard earned money and have a huge part of it go into Brawley's pocket and retirement account? Check the public disclosed statements to see how much he's gotten over the years of the money raised for the renovation of the theater. It is completely unacceptable to have tax payer money to support a for profit company! This should NOT be allowed!

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