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Injection wells ban?

House Bill would target disposal of ‘fracking’ waste

June 1, 2013

A recently introduced Ohio House Bill would halt the use of Ohio injection wells for the disposal of fracking waste. Introduced by Reps....

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Jun-01-13 7:10 AM

If it is safe, why aren't the chemicals in the brine disclosed? What are they hiding? Nuclear power is safe too, until you have a Three Mile Island or Chernobyl.

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Jun-01-13 7:39 AM

Go ahead and kill as many jobs as you can. Ohio doesn't need jobs it looks like

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Jun-01-13 8:03 AM

Ohio doesn't require that companies have to disclose what is in it in order to get a permit.

Why?? If it's safe why not just say what's in it, makes them look like their trying to hide something by not doing so...

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Jun-01-13 8:12 AM

Yes keep regulating until noone in the country can get a job, and instead of the minute possibility of suffering from health problems, people will die of starvation or be killed by someone who is left hungry and desperate themselves.

Welfare and free food will dwindle as the jobs for the people who pay into it disappear.

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Jun-01-13 8:48 AM

This is a terrific idea.

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Jun-01-13 8:53 AM

Take this crap to the bowels of Texas. There will be an increase in truck driving jobs then. I don't need this toxic mess beneath my feet.

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Jun-01-13 8:54 AM

oneill, you posted there is some oversight of hydrauli fracturing, but no current rules on the injection process, WAKE UP, disposal wells are way more regulated than fracking, where do you get all of you misinformation? Amazing how misinformed some people can be!

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Jun-01-13 9:18 AM

They need to disclose what they are injecting in those wells. They can possibly put any other waste in those wells that is not associated with fracking.

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Jun-01-13 9:58 AM

Kombatboots, fracking brine doesn't just have the potential for adversely affecting the health of people. Your vision is short-sighted. It has a huge potential for affecting every living thing, plants, trees, animals, insects, birds. In fact it may affect the bird population so adversely that dear Andy loses his business. No sense having the Bird Watcher's Digest if there are no birds to watch.

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Jun-01-13 10:44 AM

Tessie, I haven't seen any "deep under ground dwelling birds" in the digest. I am a nature lover as well, but I can't see destroying Jobs and income on a MAYBE it's harmful....

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Jun-01-13 11:34 AM

Tessie, According to the OSU Extension office, The ground water table in Washington Co. is between 25' and 110'. The ODNR site says that a class II injection well could be as deep as 13,000'. So my question is: Would you please explain how this brine water will rise vertically over 2 miles to contaminate the drinking water and harm birds?

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Jun-01-13 11:40 AM

People don't forget to take pictures of your basement walls & foundation before they do the mapping of Marietta on July 1-3 . If you don't have pictures you can't sue if they damage your property.I am hoping the city & drillers try and drill within the city limts there is a lot of money to be made in lawsuits for all.

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Jun-01-13 12:28 PM

What kind of testing was done on C-8 before it was determined to be hazardous to human health (and undoubtedly anything that drank it)? Wasn't bottled water being delivered to people not that long ago? I'd want to know every possible contaminant going into the ground in that area if I lived there.

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Jun-01-13 12:33 PM

Two urban legislators trying to regulate what happens in the rural areas of Ohio.

Reminds me of when that moron, Garrison, introduced a bill to regulate shipping on the Great Lakes, living 250 miles from the nearest Great Lake.

If you live in a rural area and you vote for Democratic legislators, you're a sucker. Democrats in Columbus live to funnel state resources into the vorticies we call major cities where it is never seen again.

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Jun-01-13 12:53 PM

They have been injecting and fracking now over 40 years without incident. The epa says NO evidence of groundwater contamination exists. So all this fictitious info by ponytailed 60's hippie rejects on govt. assistance is BULL!

Furthermore, there is a company called Nuverra Environmental Services that has and is doing now the recycling of well waste water.

These urban dembokrauts should stick to screwing up their own cities instead of sticking their nose in the the business of rural Ohio.

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Jun-01-13 1:05 PM

@Offhisrocker I don't care if they have been doing fractal drilling since the dawn of time its not safe .

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Jun-01-13 1:19 PM

JoshBrown, Have you got any evidence that fracking is truly unsafe? Or that it is less safe than many other daily activities like driving, walking or even sitting at home watching a movie? All of these activities kill or injure thousands of people every year. If fracking is so "unsafe" please show evidence that it is doing something similar.

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Jun-01-13 1:50 PM

Same old lines by people saying how safe it is but never proving it . If its so safe why did PA &NY ban it ?

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Jun-01-13 2:08 PM

@joshbrownspot - like Caspiansynn said, where is your evidence its unsafe? No you can't use the evidence spewed by 60's hippie rejects on govt. assistance either lol. Proven scientific evidence will be sufficient.

When all fracking water is recycled, I have to wonder just what ridiculous fantasys the anti-fracking crowd will come up with next. Hmm, now that I think of it, maybe fracking had something to do with that 8-point rabbit I spotted down by the power plant a while back :).

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Jun-01-13 7:27 PM

Geochemical Evidence of fracking brine migration to aquifers - Duke ... Geochemical Evidence of fracking brine migration to aquifers - Duke University. Wed, 03/27/2013 - 16:48. A team of researchers at the Nicholas School of the ...

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Jun-01-13 7:30 PM

Appeals Court Agrees with Newspapers in Sealed Fracking Case ... stateimpact.npr****/.../appeals-court-agrees-with-newspapers-in-sealed-frac... Dec 7, 2012 – When you go to legislative hearings, industry spokespersons willl claim no water wells have been ruined by fracking, but it is the gag orders ...

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Jun-01-13 7:35 PM

As sonn as AEP, and others in the energy producing world , can patent sunshine, we will break the addiction to fossil fuels

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Jun-01-13 8:24 PM

ALEC Slips Exxon Fracking Loopholes into New Ohio Law ... ****nationofchange****/alec-slips-exxon-fracking-loopholes-new-ohio-la... Jun 1, 2012 – Andrew Thompson. Some co-sponsors became ALEC members in the lead up to ALEC's late 2011 meeting in ... Emails between representatives of ALEC, an Ohio state legislative aid and Time Warner .... By Dave Johnson ...

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Jun-01-13 11:44 PM

I am all for this bill! Fracking is good for Marietta's economy. Mr. Thompson fails to recognize that until we know what is in that fracking fluid, we should not allow it to be deposited into the earth. It's way risky to let that unknown fracking crap to get into our area's water tables/drinking water. Frack those frackers.

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Jun-02-13 10:59 AM

Kombatboots, Try to use that bump between your shoulders for something other than a place to rest your hat. Underground swelling birds? How about birds in trees, the sky, contaminated water, contaminated ground that produces insect and plant life that feeds them?

Caspian your ignorance is showing. The injection wells are very, very deep. The waste wells are often old shallow wells that have been abandoned. It is the used brine that is of the most concern. Even if the water is allowed to evaporate, the holding ponds contain the used chemical laden sands. They haven't figured out what to do with the fracking sand. Oh, perhaps it will become a beach along the Ohio?! Or maybe it will be used to fill sandbags next time there's a flood? Or mixed into concrete so it "disappears"? That's the reality

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