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Struggling food pantry seeking non-profit status

June 1, 2013

Almost two years ago, Candy Waite said God called her and her husband, Jeff, into a special ministry. The couple opened Gospel Mission Food Pantry in September 2011 at 309 Lancaster St....

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Jun-03-13 10:46 AM

It appears the application may have been submitted in an incomplete form, and fall into category 4. It might be in their best interest to withdraw the current application. Then re-file with a new application that is complete. Perhaps an experienced 501c3 developer can review the application to make sure all the Ts are crossed and Is dotted.

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Jun-02-13 4:52 PM

Extreme right wing orginizations who promote Anti-American views should be screened. Tea Party Nation, for example, last Tuesday labled John McCain an 'illegal immigrant'. Joi Wasill uses scare tatics and presents knowingly false information to support her abstinance only agenda which she presents to school children. Right wing groups want it both ways - citizens united and tax excemptions.

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Jun-02-13 2:44 PM

The truth is the IRS is to blame for this scandal. Crossroads and Karl Rove had nothing to do with it any more than the lib voter fraud group acorn.

Typical liberals. Never accept responsibility and blame others.

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Jun-01-13 9:12 PM

Scrapple is correct, the Citizens United decision is to blame not the IRS! Of course the tin hats are he77 bent to convince us otherwise. Frankly, some of these groups seeking tax-excempt status have violated the law by mixing politics with charitable actions. An example is Rove's Crossroads which Claims to be a social welfare group all the while promoting a far right wing agenda. Despite all the money Rove poured into 2012 elections to elect conservative candidates he still thinks he is entitled to tax ewcxempt status!

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Jun-01-13 7:08 PM

Jeff and Candy arethe victims of the Citizens United decision, tax exemption status applications have more than doubled since the SCOTUS decision, now who should get this exemption, a food pantry or Karl, t##d blossom, Roves, American Crossroads, Obama's half brothers "charity", I say food pantry, but in todays world and with reps like billy boy wanting to cut food stamps, good luck Jeff and Candy, and pray, ALOT....

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Jun-01-13 3:37 PM

I am guilty of not helping others enough. I have been told of the long hours being put in at the Gospel Pantry. It is always for someone else to do in my mind and I am wrong. I am going over there and find the place on Monday and take some food with me.

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Jun-01-13 1:29 PM

JoshBrown haha you said that right! Ole munster and oneillzie always get to the table first to eat it up.

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Jun-01-13 1:26 PM

I don't see the problem , all they have to do is file under the 501 or 503 just like all these socialist dembokraut propaganda sites and bingo, over and done !!!

Well jee, I thought obama was taking care of all these poor people. Looks like he suckered people like munster into thinking that lol.

I agree morningperson the application should be expedited. The trouble is legislators like Mr. Johnson have their hands full keeping track of all the scandals of this out of control govt.

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Jun-01-13 11:13 AM

If you rename it "Obama's Third-Term Re-election Effort Food Pantry" you could probably get it approved in a couple hours.

And, morningperson, just because it is headed by a Bush appointee doesn't mean that Obama's white house doesn't control him. Bush, if you didn't know, is no longer in office. Obummer and his hench men are. And the IRS reports to them, not Bush. Wake up and smell the rotting flesh in the white house!

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Jun-01-13 9:52 AM

Crandall, Since the head of the IRS was appointed by George Bush, it probably took 157 times to convince him to look into "service" groups such as the teaparty. Next year I'm going to start my own group called Crack Smoking Communists for Late Term Abortion Patriots and claim that I am 100 percent apolitical.

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Jun-01-13 8:03 AM

Did the Waite's use words that included, Christian, Constitution, Rights, Religion, Conservative, Patriot, etc in their application? And it would do no good to go to Cincy. Don't you remember Owebama saying that the IRS is an stand alone entity and is independent of the federal government? Of course that then begs the question on why the head of the IRS met with Owebama 157 times or about once every nine days.

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Jun-01-13 7:40 AM

"I have sent several letters to the IRS asking that they expedite the Gospel Mission Food Pantry's application"

Letters! This is the IRS Johnson. They don't even respond to phone calls. Here's an idea. On one of your many weeks off, why don't you travel to Cincinnati and meet with them to "expedite" their claim? Too busy renaming post offices?

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