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Tumbling down

AMP-Ohio power plant smokestack along Ohio 7 demolished

June 10, 2013

ROBB DeCAMP Special to the Times The smokestack that once towered over American Municipal Power’s Richard H....

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Jun-11-13 4:50 PM

Sorry meant don't their lives matter?

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Jun-11-13 4:49 PM

I really cannot understand why this plant did not go down much earlier. The owner never complied with the regulations, maybe a little piecemeal,fix it up to make it seem good ,but when you have an old old plant you better make it comply with all regulations. No one likes it when they lose their jobs, but what about the air quality for people who live near it? It should be safe for the workers also. There is one reason why the area is referred to as cancer alley, and it is all the plants who polluted for years and years. Do you really want toxic air and a toxic plant, so you can stay working The owner did not want to keep a safe plant according to the clean air act, so this is what happens. One would think some of the posters might want to think about all the people who aren't died before their time who were former employees of Cytec, or don't that matter?

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Jun-11-13 4:41 PM

As the coal-fired plants along the river are "retired" be prepared to pay higher and higher electric rates since the commodity will be 'imported' to you. The larger cities' demands for energy WILL become the priority and residents and few remaining businesses here will be squeezed like a lemon.

The further closing down of businesses in this part of the country may be the 'end game' of those in charge anyway.

Mr. & Mrs. Ohio Valley, wouldn't you be more comfortable living in a government monitored cubicle in a police-state controlled megatropolis?

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Jun-11-13 12:56 PM

GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Jun-11-13 12:54 PM

The retirement of the Gorsuch station will slash annual emissions of SO2 by about 30,000 tons per year, NOx emissions by about 3,000 tons per year and particulate matter emissions by about 600 tons per year, EPA said.The Gorsuch station -- originally constructed in the 1950s -- contains four 53-megawatt units and has a SO2 emission rate in the highest 3 percent of coal-fired utility sources in the country, according to EPA."These pollutants can cause severe respiratory and cardiovascular impacts, and are significant contributors to acid rain, smog, and haze," said EPA enforcement chief Cynthia Giles in a statement. "Coal-fired power plants of all sizes are large sources of air emissions, and EPA is committed to making sure that they all comply with the law."The plant's closure will also cut carbon dioxide emissions from the station by about 1.7 million tons annually, EPA said.

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Jun-11-13 12:51 PM

NSR requires power plants to install modern emission controls for major upgrades that result in significant increases in air pollution. The law is aimed at ensuring that utilities do not artificially extend the lives of older, heavily polluting power plants by making significant upgrades to the facilities.

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Jun-11-13 12:49 PM

AMP agreed to permanently retire its Richard H. Gorsuch Station in eastern Ohio and spend more than $15 million to settle the lawsuit, according to a consent decree (pdf) reached with U.S. EPA and the Justice Department.EPA and the Justice Department issued a notice of violation in 2009, alleging that AMP made modifications at the Gorsuch station without obtaining the proper permits and installing pollution controls as mandated under the Clean Air Act's New Source Review (NSR) requirements.

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Jun-11-13 12:37 PM

The U.S. EPA suit, which was filed in April 2009, said American Municipal Power and former Gorsuch owner Elkem Metals Inc. should have installed air-pollution filters when the plant was repaired and upgraded between 1982 and 1991.

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Jun-11-13 12:37 PM

American Municipal Power officials also agreed to close Gorsuch by the end of 2012 and to help fund a $15 million energy-efficiency program in the cities and villages that signed contracts to buy Gorsuch's electricity.

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Jun-11-13 12:31 PM

People who pay their electricity bills to Columbus or as many as 47 other Ohio cities and villages will soon help American Municipal Power pay an $850,000 fine for air pollution.The Columbus-based utility, a nonprofit cooperative that resells electricity to about 80 municipal electric systems in Ohio, agreed to pay the fine in May to help settle a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The suit alleged that the Richard H. Gorsuch plant, along the Ohio River near Marietta, has violated the Clean Air Act since at least 1991.

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Jun-11-13 11:48 AM

OK we already paid to have that stuff put on to take care pollu! ask the BIG ONE what did they do with the ASBESTOS that was in there? the place was torn down by MEXICANS. look it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-11-13 11:14 AM

Parrothead, thank you for your service. In the shroud of intellectual darkness perpetuated by Faux News, your perspective is a breath of fresh air. (No pun intended)

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Jun-10-13 11:32 PM

BTW - Everybody KEEP ON checking "disagree" with my comments about GE/Jeff Immelt/Obama! Besides GE hopes that 'green technologies' appreciation would really catch hold, they are also well positioned in the medical information exchange business. Can we all say "ObamaCare", $Cha-Ching$?

Aren't you people just a little uncomfortable with a business-government incestuous relationship? Hitler wasn't.

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Jun-10-13 11:24 PM

Yes SIR! That's all the more reason for them to come across the border and try to have children as soon as possible, right?

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Jun-10-13 8:28 PM

When we talk about the 11 million illegals, we never mention the children they are making since children born here are legal.

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Jun-10-13 7:31 PM

asknot - "Our resources are getting stretched, we are making too many people.."

Well, I might agree that "we are making TOO MANY PEOPLE". Close our borders against illegal infiltration and, to the best of our ability, send the ones back that are here illegally.

As to "Our resources are getting stretched," WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? "New report says U.S. has largest fossil fuel reserves in world"

h ttp://dailycaller.c om/2011/03/10/new-report-says-u-s-has-largest-fossil-fuel-reserves-in-world/#ixzz2VrI8IR89

We can sit back and let a guy who never ran a business direct us toward the inadequate (at this time) solar/wind energy corners OR we can continue to drill/mine for our abundance of fossil fuels WHILE searching for more DEPENDIBLE, high-tech alternatives.

If we don't, thanks to our national debt, China WILL BE HERE extracting those resources to turn into products to be sold to the other Eurasian and South American nations.

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Jun-10-13 6:46 PM

h ttp://newsforsquirrels.blogspot. .u k/2011/10/ge-we-bring-good-things-to-jeff-imelt.html

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Jun-10-13 6:41 PM

"Immelt appalled at O’nomics" By CHARLES GASPARINO Last Updated: 12:21 AM, March 20, 2012

h ttp://w ww.nypost.c om/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/bam_angry_adviser_YOANZQkGODYVqFDAsI9LjP

"Jeff Immelt: China's Communist Government "Works"

h ttp://w ww.realclearpolitics.c om/video/2012/12/11/jeff_immelt_chinas_communist_government_works.html

ATTN; PARROTHEAD; It would seem that Jeff Immelt, Obama's darling, wanted it "both ways'. Remember, in the second article he's referring to a China that was opening one new coal-fired power plant PER WEEK! (and we wonder why they're kicking our economic as$).

BTW - You're comment of "I love it when you post facts - facts you received from someone who had personal involvement with a situation" - YEP! I'm a former GE employee.

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Jun-10-13 2:37 PM

disConnect-your description is that of corporate capitalism at work. You oppose regulating of the corporate empires but you don't seem to grasp that what happened to BW is the direct result of maximizing shareholder profits. As for Immelt, he is from the business world that you revere so much. After all, government should run like business, right?

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Jun-10-13 2:33 PM

Parrothead: i recommend you also read a couple books: Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith published in 1776. Also the US Constitution published in 1787 by the Founders of this nation that you and your fellow travelers have long ago forgotten or were never taught in today's public school systems.

Also maybe try to read a college microeconomics text book....the section on marginal cost / marginal benefit and apply it to all the freedom robbing regulations you so easily accept.

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Jun-10-13 1:26 PM

I am not a supporter of BO by any means...but I can tell you from EXPERIENCE that the AMP Ohio plant was the worst of the worst and needed to go. You can blame many things on BO 's EPA and rightfully so including land grabs, but the closing of this plant was long over due.

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Jun-10-13 1:21 PM

It's funny to see the backwards commentators blaming the current president for their woes. A law, almost a half a decade old, is to blame for this power plant's antiquated status but, all you can do is blame the democrat in office.

Have you seen Beijing lately? They decided to keep puffing out sulphates, nitrates, ammonia and sodium chlorates, when we decided with the clean air act to plan for the future. Now we can walk around the MOV with out needing a respirator and flashlight during the day. Beijing however can go several days without being able to see more than 50 feet in front of them. But you are right, lets join them and kill ourself's for the sake of 70 stable jobs and 500 shutdown jobs. Real smart.

I bet you even took $400 from du-pont. They put a chemical in the water, you should have forgave them and saved jobs. Guess the power plants don't pollute the water or air in your mind.

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Jun-10-13 12:27 PM

Borg/Warner Chemicals once employed 1,700 people in the Parkersburg, WV area. Then, GE Plastics bought it out. From that point on, employment fell, first, under the GE CEO Jack Welch and finally under GE CEO Jeff Immelt (You'll remember Jeff! He was named as Obama's Job's CREATION Council head). In 2007, GE sold their Plastics business to the Saudi Arabians. By that time, GE had reduced the original 1,700 local employees to around 300. SABIC began tearing down the production buildings and now employees a handful of people producing latex and resin.

Thanks Barack Obama (cost efficient energy destroyer) and Jeff Immelt (international jobs out-sourcer) for making the Ohio Valley an economically more challenging area in which to live. Want to talk about YOUR "Shovel-Ready Jobs" next time?

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Jun-10-13 10:56 AM


Represents the future of local economy...?????

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Jun-10-13 10:26 AM

I don't see corporate welfare on its way down.

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