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River jumper scouts 2-state stunt

June 13, 2013

There have been times when Robbie Knievel figured he’d done just about every motorcycle jump there is to do. Then he got on the phone with Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews....

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Jun-13-13 7:52 AM

Can anyone explain to me exactly where this new Ohio Outdoor Heaven is going to be? The description of “Lower Salem exit off Interstate 77, between Ohio 60 and 821” does not give me a good point of reference. Will it be down the street from George Broughton’s complex, behind the Misty Blue, behind the Par Mar station in Devola or where?

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Jun-13-13 8:15 AM

Have you ever heard of Arends Ridge Rd? Do a search on the Auditors website and you will see exactly where Mr. Sheng's property is located.

Personally, I hope this goes through and will be great asset to the area.

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Jun-13-13 11:02 AM

I would love to see a family facility that offers a nice, well-kept miniature golf course, bumper boats, go carts, batting cages, etc. We need something like that nearby instead of traveling 2 hours.

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Jun-13-13 12:09 PM

I completely agree proudmomma.... I know there have been a few attempts over the years to get a family fun center in Marietta, but they always backed off because of the "uncertainty" of getting regular business. Marietta needs something like that. I just hope that this project isn't someone else trying to take advantage, like other "projects" that were supposed to "put Marietta on the map" have done.

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Jun-13-13 1:27 PM

They should do a lead up with local skydivers exiting over Ohio and landing on the West Virginia side. It would make more of a show for everyone.

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Jun-13-13 2:16 PM

Aren't all states bordered by another state and isn't it possible for a person to actually just step over from one state to another by walking over the stateline? Not to say that jumping the river isn't something spectacular to consider, but this is coming across as hype to me and not something that will benefit anyone in the long run. Have any marketing studies been done to see how many people will use this facility after it's built? Who will be responsible for its upkeep and events and venues? Just something to consider while everyone still has both feet on the ground.

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Jun-13-13 3:30 PM

He stopped by The Locker Room Sports Bar, came across as a class act, posed for pics was friendly to all. Was honored another legend came through the doors.

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Jun-13-13 3:38 PM

I would suspect that we will soon hear that he is looking for investors. That is when it is time to run away. In the kind of deal the first ones in make the money and the "investors" take is in the shorts.

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Jun-13-13 5:19 PM

If you build it, "they" don't always come.

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Jun-13-13 9:12 PM

I can't blame them if no one ever wants to build anything here. When someone even talks about it, look at how most of you people put it down.

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Jun-13-13 10:14 PM

I also hope this project becomes a reality and it is good for the area. I just wonder, usually when a project is proposed they do study after study to see if it will be feasible and profitable. This man moved back to this area and wants to have a project in his own backyard. That's admirable, and I do hope out -of -towners flock to this area and spend all their money here. To me that is the key, because unless it includes gambling no one in this area seems to be much interested in anything. And to hear them tell it, no one has a spare cent for anything, unless of course it's gambling.

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Jun-13-13 10:26 PM

Does anyone here have any idea where teenagers in Marietta hang out now? No, don't worry, I'm not looking for one, but back in the 60s we'd annoy the owner of the Talley Ho by standing around in front of his buildings and being nuisance. His name was Bob Slicher except that I sure that spelling isn't correct. When I'm driving through Marietta of a weekend night from the MOV airport back to Athens I never see anyone there? Do they go to a mall, or hang out at homes. The reason I ask is that I'm really curious about whether this project might be something today's teens need.

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Jun-13-13 10:28 PM

It doesn't matter how many times you hear a lesson. I know better than to type up a letter and post it when I'm half asleep, but I did it anyway. I'm really sorry about the mess.

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Jun-13-13 11:56 PM

I talked with Mr. Sheng, he is a very family oriented person, with good intentions and a good plan. Its a wonder anyone can successfully build anything here with all pessimism people put out! This would not only create jobs but give kids something to do other than getting in trouble (no I'm not saying it will stop it completely but it would help). Mr. Shengs entire plan for this is online, google it, and do your research before judging it.

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Jun-14-13 4:33 PM

I googled Ohio Outdoor Heaven and found nothing.

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Jun-27-13 9:54 AM

I couldn't find anything except this article when I googled Ohio Outdoor Heaven or Wei Sheng. I'm not being pessimistic. I hope that it really attracts the locals and visitors. I hope that it is a wonderful, fun place for people to go. I guess I wish I could find the research and plans that he has made because I wonder if the people in this area will really be interested in a place for "the outdoor sports enthusiasts". Most people around here are lazy and we already have the Marietta Adventure Company (which I think is great, by the way). I just hope it offers things that people are really interested in and that teens & families will enjoy also.

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