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What summer break?

Teachers’ weeks off filled with more work, education

June 17, 2013

Some teachers look forward to summer vacation when they can take a breather and relax....

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Jun-17-13 3:02 AM

FACT: The moment the teacher completes their advanced degree, they are awarded a pay raise, regardless of their teaching competency.

FACT: All teachers, regardless of their second summer job income, will complain incessantly about their "annual pay", never once acknowledging that they work only 3/4 of the annual days others in private enterprise work.

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Jun-17-13 3:06 AM

"The main drawback with all they have to do during the summer professionally is losing time with family"....yeah, um, that would be SOP for private enterprise folks who work the entire summer sans a few weeks vacation....dang, I reckon I'm wrong, the life of a teacher is a wretched one.

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Jun-17-13 3:07 AM

FACT: Phil Foreman is a shill for the OEA.

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Jun-17-13 9:04 AM

Fact...when teachers are being paid through the summer it is because they have opted to have their pay spread over 12 months, not because they are being paid during months that they do not work. In other words, their contract may be for 9 months of work, but their pay is spread over 12 months. So if they were paid over just 9 months, they would receive more in each pay check, but have no income for the summer. Thus, most teachers opt to be paid over 12 months and receive less in each pay check so that we can live through the summer.

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Jun-17-13 11:25 AM

FACT: Unless a teacher is at a Master's degree or higher and has many years of experience, their pay is not that great. Compare it to what Thrifty calls "Private enterprise work" where the worker, quite often, has none or very little education from an institute of higher learning.

FACT: A good teacher is invaluable in shaping the future for the child and in turn, shapes the future of all of us.

FACT: Teachers are required to continue taking courses to keep up with requirements to renew their teaching certificates. Some districts reimburse some or all of the class costs, but MANY do not.

Maybe fact: I think Thrifty has had a bad experience from a/some poor teachers.

FACT: I am not and never have been a teacher, but I can appreciate their work.

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Jun-17-13 11:28 AM

Must be nice to work nine months and get it spread out over twelve months. Just be sure to say that they are paid a full years salary in nine months, be it spread out over twelve or not.

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Jun-17-13 1:45 PM

asknot I agree with you on the way kids act these days, so why should the public have to pay for their education. Schools will never be about learning ever again. They are a place for parents to dump their off at for 5 days a week. The school system is a mess and we shouldn't have to pay for it. Let the parents home school the kids for a few years and spanking would be brought back. The gene pool of the future is a scary thing and there is no hope for the majority of the kids.

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Jun-17-13 1:47 PM

If teachers would work a full year, they would make way more then they are worth. Gravy work schedule, gravy pay.

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Jun-17-13 2:32 PM

Now New World has a novel idea! Let the parents pay for their kids education! Let’s pass a law that requires all children between three to eighteen to educate their own children with no tax payer money. Why do we have to subsidize the poor people I mean after all they are part of the 47 % that Mitt Romney talked about. Make ‘em pay, I say! No property taxes out of our pockets. If they can afford to teach their own kids then they should not have had them in the first place.

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Jun-17-13 2:32 PM

Now we got to make sure that we are fair about this, to appease the democrats and the liberal media. So what we will do is calculate how much money that was paid for on our behalf for salaries, upkeep, textbooks, office supplies, etc; whatever it takes to run a school, and we will reimburse the state so that our conscience is clear and no one can accuse us of being one of the moochers. We will take that figure based on the cost of living at thetime we attended and pay it to the state government but we will get congress and that imposter to provide us with a refund on the federal tax forms. So, for example, if we went to school from 1980 until 1998 and the charge for attending was 75,000 dollars we would pay that in full up front to the state. Then the following year we would get a full refund based on the new federal tax laws that we have had congress pass on our behalf.

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Jun-17-13 2:34 PM

Now I can hear you liberals crying about how the underprivileged class cannot work two jobs and still educate the children in the basics – algebra, chemistry, classic American literature, civics that sort of thing. Well here is the deal we are tired of carrying you. Stand on your own two feet! But what about the crime rate, you will say. Re-impose the death penalty but make it for thieves ,druggies, and other low lifes. That way we can close the bleeding of schools and the overcrowding of prisons. A great solution, don’t you think!

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Jun-17-13 2:36 PM

If you know how to picket, thank a teacher.

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Jun-17-13 4:54 PM

Don’t forget about making abortion the first choice for every women that gets pregnant. It cost the tax payers almost a million dollars to raise a child. You want to see where the world is headed to, just go watch the kids at the mall on the weekends. All of them are missing a few X’s and Y’s. There is no reason we should pay to try and teach these kids.

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Jun-17-13 5:41 PM

Your right asknot, tha is why teachers say they can't teach a class with more then 15 students in it. Thats what you get when everyone wants to label thier kid with something. If your child has a special need, send them to a special school. They are not the same as a regular child, why should we treat them like one.

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Jun-17-13 6:20 PM

Having worked as a substitute, teachers don't get nearly what they should. Children come to school, knowing that they can behave as bad as they want because their parents don't believe their child can do wrong. Until teachers have some control over the class, they should get hazard pay for tolerating some of these children.

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Jun-17-13 8:58 PM

Wow! I know many teachers and not one has ever told me that they went into teaching for the money. I know teachers who spend a percentage of their pay for classroom supplies, awards, rewards, even art supplies. They also have to take 6 semester hours every 5 years to renew their license that they also must purchase at a high cost. But when we talk and people ask them what they make...they don't answer with a dollar amount...they say "I make a difference".

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Jun-17-13 9:03 PM

Teachers could work the same rate as U.S. House of Representives who last year worked only two five day work weeks (in session the entire week twice)

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Jun-17-13 9:05 PM

WOW...6 hours every 5 years!!! Try working in some of the medical fields. $400.00 a year to renew license and 40 hours of extended training. Hey, they get 2 weeks a year vaction. Teachers work a total of 8 months. Every holiday off and every summer off.

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Jun-17-13 10:27 PM

The teachers I know teachers work very hard, and are up against a lot more than back in the day. Many students do not know or pretend not to know how to behave. A teacher has to spend valuable teaching time getting the behavior challenged children to shape up. Sending the little darlings to the principal is not the option it once was. Army brat , ask not and aggravated are correct , children that misbehave are seldom any better after talking to the parents, who believe their children need to be taught to behave by the teacher, or could care less. I do know of many other jobs where so much is required of the teacher, she needs to a little of everything. I would love to see some of you most critical posters try to work one day in a classroom, you would be out of there before lunch . You just don't get to show up and keep order, you are responsible for teaching, something that is not easy.

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Jun-18-13 8:48 AM

newworld - teachers get about 40 hours of "extended training" a year (known as in-services in the education field) during a school year. $400 for a doctor to renew his license. That is a little than 2x as much as a teacher pays, since doctors make somewhere in the neighborhood of about 3-4x what a teacher makes, sounds about equal.

Thank you to my high school math teacher for teaching me basic math skills to make an educated comment on dollars and cents!!!

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Jun-18-13 9:24 AM

Riverrat, I was talking about entry level jobs like Phlebotomy and Surgical Tech’s. The pay is just above minimum wage and they work way harder then any teacher. Don’t most teachers do their in service on line and or do it during school hours? Either way they still get paid to do the training. If it took you till you was in high school to learn basic math and dollars and cents, you must have been a slow learner. Better thank your teachers for that.

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Jun-18-13 11:26 AM

New World, it's a good thing you don't live in/near a large Ohio city. Teachers make double there than they do here. You would really be complaining then! I would love to see you in the classroom with some of the kids I see in local stores. Their behavior and manners are horrible. Try containing them in a room while you are trying to be creative enough to compete with video games for their attention. Then teach the standards so those same students can master that skill not just learn it for a 'test'. I'm sorry you feel so angry toward the teaching field.

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Jun-18-13 5:57 PM

Aggravated, Fast food places pay $12.00- $15.00 a hour in the larger cities, whats your point?

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Jun-18-13 7:09 PM

New World, I guess I just don't understand your disgust for those who chose the field of education as a career. No job is easy and everybody thinks they are under paid. It's not like how children were taught in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Teachers were respected. Now teachers are the ones to blame.

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