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Suits against sheriff proceed

June 22, 2013

Court dates have been set in a pair of lawsuits by former employees against Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks. A case management conference is slated for 10:15 a.m....

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Jul-02-13 8:45 PM

I know of Burnworths professional dealings as a lawyer and know for a fact he makes Bias decisions so when it comes to him making unbias desicisions about the sherriff of this county, Good Luck.And its not just him its this town and it is a small town so small town justice dose prevail they all grease eachothers palm and Janet would tell em so if she was still around.

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Jun-26-13 7:53 AM

Yes, I know Randy and have known him for 30 years.

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Jun-25-13 6:58 AM

Be careful, Mincks is a member of the club known as one of "them". He was infected many years ago by a "Party Boss", and there is no cure. He has friends in low places.

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Jun-24-13 8:34 PM

Burnworth is a straight shooter and he's not running for relection so there's no way he'll recuse himself for political reasons.

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Jun-24-13 7:32 PM

Good enough excuse for me.

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Jun-24-13 11:00 AM

Recuse; "To disqualify or remove oneself as a judge over a particular proceeding because of one's conflict of interest. Recusal, or the judge's act of disqualifying himself or herself from presiding over a proceeding, is based on the Maxim that judges are charged with a duty of impartiality in administering justice." So other than running from small town politics, there is essentially no reason for Judge Burnworth to remove himself from this particular case?

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Jun-24-13 10:43 AM

He hears cases involving the Sherriff and deputies daily and deals with the office daily, butI do not believe that Burnworth has a personal bias or prejudice. I believe that his kind of case should be handled by an out of County judge so that neither part cannot, at some later time, claim judicial bias or prejudice.

One last thing, as an elected official in the County, Burnworth should run away from this case as fast as he can. This would just be good political strategy

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Jun-24-13 7:53 AM

@BeRight...On what grounds should Judge Burnworth recuse himself? What "personal bias or prejudice" does he have for either party in this case?

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Jun-23-13 6:55 PM

Minks is all business...a good person

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Jun-23-13 5:46 PM

Good point BeRight

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Jun-23-13 2:18 PM

Why isn't Judge Randy Burnworth excusing himself from this case?

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Jun-23-13 1:24 PM

Go Ketelsen! My question is. Why does the county always have to get lawyers from Columbus? And if it is due to conflicts of interest, why are we keeping a local lawyer on retainer? Seems like a big waste of money to me. Mincks seems to be wasting a lot of money on the Brum lawsuit. If Brum deserves the card, just give it to him. Why spend our money to take it to court?

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Jun-23-13 10:18 AM

Maybe I missed something in the article: what does Dean Ketelsen "get" if he wins?

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Jun-23-13 12:23 AM

As far as Brum, Nuff said already but....Hes good to go in 25 states that's half this country on what hes got so live with it youre not royalty to this country.If youre that scared stay home nit wit!!! I mean some time or another youre gonna have to just accept the police force in the other 25 states to protect you Brum,dont ya have confidence in your fellow officers of this great country? :)

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Jun-22-13 10:31 PM

Nope guess again! lol

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Jun-22-13 7:32 PM

I don't like minks at all nor ketelsten,I mean what makes him think he deserves special treatment than any other people brought up on charges in this county.Crash and burn pal , don't ya think other people who was charged and later let go was P.O'd about having their names drug in the mud.Guess it hurts to find out your no better than anybody else like ya thought ya was.

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Jun-22-13 4:01 PM

Larry Mincks about to be exposed for the petty, vindictive person he is.

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Jun-22-13 2:56 PM

I hope you win Mr. Ketelsen .

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