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Warren to vote on superintendent

Candidate from Crooksville Schools under consideration

June 25, 2013

The Warren Local Board of Education will vote Wednesday on hiring a new superintendent....

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Jun-25-13 6:53 AM

Attention, "NO" voters. Be ready at a moments notice to show up and let the new superintendent know that you are in charge, not him. Otherwise, you will not get your way all the time.

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Jun-25-13 9:13 AM

Crooksville has an outstanding record for achievement. "Crooksville Primary School has been named a “High Progress” school by the Ohio Department of Education." This sounds like an excellent choice.

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Jun-25-13 9:17 AM

18 people applied for the job and the board picks someone out of thin air. This is going to turn out good. The BOE got a idea of what the public wanted and then hire the guy in a secret filled closed meeting. Here we go again

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Jun-25-13 10:50 AM

I have faith that W*** will make the best choice for the betterment of their district.They always do.

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Jun-25-13 11:00 AM

Society today has to much of a feeling of entitlement.

The "NO" voters are not in charge. The superintendent is not just a pawn to do your will.

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Jun-25-13 12:00 PM

Look up the student achievement in Crooksville. Evidence is clear. What is the mission of a school district? To focus on the achievement of its students. I hope that this is what this man will continue to do. What do these "No" voters want? Crooksville is a rural school with not a large income also, so I don't know who out of the pile of applicants would be better suited. You have to take what you are given, and this sounds like a good opportunity. He might turn it down if there is all this negativity towards the decision. Most schools have had a hard time finding a superintendent, so you Warren folk should be grateful that you had so many choices.

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Jun-25-13 12:48 PM

I would tread cautiously with the hiring of Mr. Newton. He was a teacher at Wolf Creek Local School around 2002-03 and was ousted for his personal radical agendas. He kept a newspaper article in his classroom that was written about him being fired at another school district for the same type of thinking and actions. Residents beware and make sure you do not let your BOE bulldoze a path for this man's personal agenda.

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Jun-25-13 2:11 PM

School superintendents were in the hot seat when I was in high school, during those heady days of school consolidatons in Washington and nearby Morgan counties. For a superintendent, in any area, to remain on the job for more than five years seems to a rare event. I live in a large city, with a public school enrollment of over 46,000; five or six superintents have arrived, thought they would do good things, ran into admin problems or financial scandals--then they were toast.

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Jun-25-13 3:02 PM

Just heard it is a done deal. They just have to wait for a official meeting to announce it. Sounds like they picked another winner.

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Jun-25-13 4:07 PM

puck what dont you understand about how this country is suppose to run. VOTERS CHOICE.

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Jun-25-13 6:10 PM

They introduce three candidates to the public and a group of teachers. The public group liked one and the teachers liked another but either was hired. Now they sneak in a new guy without anyone meeting him and they hire him. Simply Amazing!

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Jun-25-13 7:12 PM

If I remember, there were two community groups and one teacher group. Each of the three groups picked a different candidate. Which community group would you advise the board to have gone with? Also, of the three candidates in the call back, only one was a real final choice by the board after one withdrew. So two of the them were Plan B choices. Maybe going outside was the best choice or, possibly, the only choice.

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Jun-25-13 7:48 PM

Why didn't they let the public sit in on this interview? Looks like the teachers group was the only one represented. Why was the groups broke up to public and teachers? Why didn't they have three differnt groups of mixed? This is a new contract year isn't it?

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Jun-25-13 8:38 PM

I admire the board for not settling and continuing the search to find a person who they believe will make good decisions for the education of the students of Warren.

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Jun-25-13 9:25 PM

jerseymiller: Of course I know how this country is run. Also, I worked for elected politicians for 32 years before retiring. The "NO" voters won each election, fair and square. I get that. What the new superintendent will have to get is that the "NO" voters want everything their way, right or wrong. So, have at it. Elections have consequences also, not just people.

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Jun-25-13 10:17 PM

Puck,were any of these politicos state reps, and what was their actions/answers to the funding scheme of Ohio's public schools, the reason I am a no voter, and with the latest tax scheme of giving high state earners income tax breaks, while increasing sales tax, is just more of the same....

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Jun-26-13 6:43 AM

scrappile: The politicos I worked for are the local government officials. No state reps/senators. However, I worked with state reps in my job. They are a different breed, be they R or D. Funding will always be an issue. Not replacing old infrastructure will cost much more down the road. Plus, it is impossible to take advantage of new technology for the students without it. A new LEED certified building would greatly reduce the energy bill, and allow air conditioning at the same time. Try living without ac where you live, drive and work.

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Jun-26-13 1:35 PM

all government programs have funding problems, and its our fault, we keep electing the same do nothing clowns. its time promises made is promises kept, no excuses get it done the way the voters wanted......

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