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Arrest in food pantry theft; community pitches in

June 29, 2013

Marietta police arrested one suspect in connection with the theft of food and other items from the Gospel Mission Food Pantry and recovered a number of stolen items on Friday, even as community......

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Jul-01-13 4:46 PM

BeRight, what were the reasons?

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Jul-01-13 10:19 AM

Fred "worthwhile group can't get a 501(C) rating": Unlike what was happening with the conservative groups getting the run around by the "low levels" at the IRS, the Pantry was give very explicit reasons why they were not getting their designation.

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Jun-30-13 10:14 PM

In Washington county anyone who is arrested is Guilty until proven Innocent.....And then they are sill Guilty!!!

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Jun-30-13 1:20 PM

Well, there's hubris and there's nihilism.

In the court of public opinion on this little website, it looks as if hubris is winning out over the nihilism.

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Jun-30-13 12:38 PM

The Parkersburg News is reporting Eric Sciance has also been arrested

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Jun-30-13 9:19 AM

Goodoleme: I have learned from jerks like you.

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Jun-30-13 2:09 AM

There are opinions, then there are opinions.

You'll find most of my opinions aligned with the zeitgeist of the nation's intelligentsia.

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Jun-30-13 2:04 AM

He's only charged with a 5th degree felony? I would think that this crime would carry a charge that would carry a much lengthier sentence, especially with the amount of money/food stolen.

With only a 5th degree felony, he will end up getting his sentence reduced (plea bargained)to a misdemeanor.

It's possible that he may end up (finally) serving the days that were suspended from all of his past charges.

In addition to this new charge, hopefully, he will end up with the maximum sentence possible. (NO SUSPENDED JAIL TIME)

Who knows, maybe the judge(WILL FINALLY)take into consideration his previous charges/suspended jail time. (A SLAP ON THE WRIST SO TO SPEAK)and throw the book at him (per say).

I just hope that he gets the sentence that he deserves.

But I'm only one person with an opinion and we all know how opinions go because everybody has one.(correct)?

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Jun-30-13 1:23 AM

Actually, Satan's ADvocate, I am familiar with debtors prisons. They were common in most states until the 1850s. One by one, states eliminated them.

President Millard Fillmore did not believe the federal government had the right to eliminate them. But, having been an attorney who sued on behalf of businesses for debts, he found it to be a useless practice because a man in prison couldn't pay his debts. When his clients' debts did not get paid, Fillmore's fees did not get paid. So Fillmore advocated on behalf of the elimination of debtors' prisons.

I've given you all two civics lesson and one history lesson. Anything beyond that, you'll have to pay for the credit hours.

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Jun-30-13 1:18 AM

Don't know who he is and don't care. Anybody who endorses torture and maiming as punishment for crime is a pee poor American. Amen.

Unlike you intellectual troglodytes, I let my intellect govern my thoughts, not my base emotions. The accused deserves a fair trial before a jury of his peers. If found guilty, he deserves to be incarcerated for as long as the law allows.

As of right now, Mr. Lent is innocent because he is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Any of this ring a bell with you from 9th grade civics?

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Jun-29-13 11:15 PM

thank you asknot!

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Jun-29-13 10:38 PM

Gone... Who says it is cruel and unusual???? Our courts have become a joke. They coddle on emotion instead of the constitution. Debtors prion sound familiar???? Why is it when you do hard time, you actually live better than those that are not incarcerated? I'm not a muslim, but there is a lesson there to be learned.

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Jun-29-13 8:03 PM

In that case, Asknot, he violated his oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment (interpreted by the courts to include dismemberment and disfigurement).

Sorry, but I never bought into the notion that serving in the military automatically made one a good person or a hero. I'd wager ASears is closer to Lt. William Calley than he is Sgt. York.

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Jun-29-13 7:17 PM

The judicial system in this town is a joke. If the previous poster is correct and this criminal was given a suspended sentence for three different crimes this year then it shows what a disgrace this judicial system is.

Why are the judges and prosecution constantly acting as apologists for these gutter trash losers.

Start sending the criminals to prison already. Stop sending them home to repeat the crimes again and again and again.

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Jun-29-13 6:01 PM

ASears: A lot of good men and women went to Iraq and Afghanistan to defeat people who think like you.

Are you the Osama Bin Laden of the American Taliban?

Are you familiar with the Eight Amendment to the Constitution? You do support the Constitution, don't you?

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Jun-29-13 5:22 PM

This jackal that stole the food, whether it is handed out free or not, willingly chose to break and enter. That is the main crime, then taking without asking (stealing, for you libs out there) is the second crime. He is a criminal and needs to be treated like one. A sentence that will cause him some discomfort for an extended period of time would at least teach others a lesson.

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Jun-29-13 3:41 PM

also, the robbery might have been a blessing in disguise, their profile really got raised. Maybe it brought awareness to the people of what goes on there and how hard the operators work to keep it open

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Jun-29-13 3:40 PM

great to see everyone coming together to help the pantry.

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Jun-29-13 11:51 AM

I can't even begin to say on here what I think of this thieving worthless piece of trash.

And once again, another worthless 20 something punk screws up their life.

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Jun-29-13 11:36 AM

Be right How can you be so stupid with this comment? Is B&E legal?

If the Judge would had done her job lent would had never been able to break into the food pantry. In march of this year Lent was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but the 30 days was suspended.In april he was sentenced to 60 days in jail. That 60 days was suspended. Once again in april Lent was sentenced to another 30 days in jail. Yep you guessed it,that 30 days was suspended too. How many chances does this creep get before he is sent to the slammer?

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Jun-29-13 10:56 AM

If the food is free and given away for free how can you be charged for stealing?

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Jun-29-13 10:20 AM

It's a v v strange world.

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Jun-29-13 10:02 AM

umm, eye for an eye, cut off one of his hands and deny him disability!

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Jun-29-13 9:57 AM

Lots of folks use the Mission Pantry...If I was Mr. Lent I think I would not go back to the West Side...just sayin...

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Jun-29-13 9:49 AM

Yeah right, Joe.

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