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2nd arrest in pantry theft

July 1, 2013

A second man has been arrested by authorities in connection with last week's break-in and robbery of the Gospel Mission Food Pantry in Marietta....

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Jul-03-13 9:21 AM

And sure, some shared if they had it to share- but- no- no 'welfare'...

Deuteronomy 15:11. There will never cease to be some poor people in the land; therefore, I am commanding you to make sure you open your hand to your fellow Israelites who are needy and poor in your land.

"Commanding" doesnt sound like giving of your own free will to me...

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Jul-02-13 5:43 PM

Gee, another stupid criminal. Imagine that in Washington County!!

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Jul-02-13 11:42 AM

I'm saying 'generally' the ruling powers did not 'distribute essentials' like food to 'peasants'- in fact- the 'peasants' surrendered their foodstuffs often to the nobility- and church- regardless of what position it put them in. This was pretty universal regardless of the geographical area they existed in- obviously- some areas were worse off than others. In Jesus' time frame- the poor simply 'did what they could'...and sure, some shared if they had it to share- but- no- no 'welfare'...

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Jul-01-13 9:33 PM

@Josh Brown - 500 Supervised community service hours - none of this padding the hours as sometimes happens!

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Jul-01-13 9:28 PM

Maybe GoToSchool means government mandated welfare vs giving freely..?

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Jul-01-13 6:37 PM

Further, Go To School, Your use of the word welfare suggests that it is some form of evil. To that I must disagree.

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Jul-01-13 6:36 PM

Go to School are you an archeologist or otherwise an expert on pre-historic civilizations? I would also ask that you define the time span which you label biblical times. I don’t claim to be an expert but I would hypothesize that ancient civilizations weren’t as capitalistic as ours seem to be. Basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter would most likely be shared by the inhabitants of a particular culture, don’t you think? As cultures developed into civilizations, some of which embraced Judeo-Christianity, while others embraced multitudes of monotheistic and polytheistic religions; it seems likely that each group would deal with shortages of those human needs in accordance with their own traditions. Since Christianity is but one of the many religious traditions (and not singularly belief encompassing because of the various traditions and denominations involved) I find it difficult to believe that “no welfare” existed at the time.

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Jul-01-13 6:00 PM

Talk about taking charity for granted--sometimes gifts become expectations, even demands. This takes that bad attitude to a new level.....

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Jul-01-13 5:26 PM

So freerange, under your scholarly analysis of the Constitution's establishment clause, government workers should not be allowed to participate in religious activities?

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Jul-01-13 2:44 PM

These pieces of garbage need to get 500 hours of community service working at the food banks in the area. None of that sitting on their butt in jail crap !

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Jul-01-13 11:58 AM

Maybe they were hungry and needed the food.

You can't get filled up on Hope and Change:

But if you do have food, YES YOU CAN.

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Jul-01-13 11:02 AM

I still can't figure out why the alleged perpetrators are only being charged with 5th degree felonies. I don't understand the law and how it works,but I guess the prosecutor knows what he's doing, at least I hope so. But we all know that these 5th degree felonies are going to be kicked out and plea bargained to misdemeanors. I would hope that at least the alleged perpetrators would have to do at least a substantial amount of jail time, then some community service and pay fines. I know this is a lot of punishment, but they stole a lot of food, money, etc. Could their defense be that they were stealing these items to take to another food pantry? (Sarcasm) I just hope whoever was involved gets what they deserve. The food was needed for people in need and I'm sure that it was donated overnight. So, they will have to start over, but I believe they will get more this time just because of the community support. But, of course, just another opinion from one person.

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Jul-01-13 10:28 AM

There was zero welfare in biblical times...thus- any 'giving' was completely altruistic and beyond reproach. Again- The Golden Rule applies. 'Scum-buckets' have/will always exist.

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Jul-01-13 10:07 AM

Having mixed feelings about a religious pantry... being overseen by a police captain... governmental priorities and religious affirmation should not be intertwined.

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Jul-01-13 7:50 AM

I have mixed feelings about the operation that Candy and Jeff are running. My feeling is that a lot of the people using the food pantry are using it as a way to budget their income. They are not "starving" or in desperate need of food. Instead they are using the food pantry as a way of squeezing a few more packs of cigs into their monthly budget (or drugs). So isn’t the pantry just enabling these people? I see these pictures on fb of the people using the pantry and know that most or all receive foodstamps. However there is that small amount that actually benefit from the pantry and are not there "abusing the system" like most are. *end of rant*

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Jul-01-13 7:40 AM

This is lower than "stealing candy from a baby". The baby could live fine without any candy but our families in need depend on this food for sustanance. Kind of makes me appreciate the Islamic justice system- get caught stealing, cut off your hand.

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Jul-01-13 6:26 AM


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