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Garrison files to run for Congress

July 16, 2013

Jennifer Garrison, who served three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives, is looking to represent a larger portion of the state in the U.S. House....

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Jul-25-13 10:56 PM

Any democrat over bill johnson

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Jul-17-13 7:33 PM

Amen on that BeRight.

irisheyes, the socialist demokrats who inhabit the Senate are the problem. The House has sent numerous bills to the senate and hairy reed tosses them aside.

Demokrats are the biggest problem. Throw them all out! "We can not repeat the mistakes of the past."

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Jul-17-13 2:46 PM

Johnson and Garrison don't have to be our only choices. Garrison is not a sure thing for the Democrat Party at this time. I think the Democrats can do better than Ms. Garrison. And we absolutely can do better than Johnson!

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Jul-17-13 8:45 AM

We need a democrat in there, its time to get the do nothings out of office, No w!

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Jul-16-13 11:57 PM

I'm confused now. Two weeks ago I read how Garrison was bragging about being recruited by the DCCC in DC. Now she's not for any party? Can't have your cake and eat it too. At some point, the Pelosi bank will come to collect...

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Jul-16-13 11:40 PM

This renaming the post office campaign crap by Johnson has caused me to look elsewhere; wish a new Republican would take him on......

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Jul-16-13 9:12 PM

Re-elect, billy boy, get a few more post offices renamed, 90$+ an hour, but votes to cut food stamps,but added to corporate farm subsidies, part of a regime that has voted to repeal obamacare 38 times, knowing it will not get through senate, voted against VAWA, stands for the1%, is Garrison the answer, maybe,maybe not, but billy definately is part of the worst congress ever in our history.....

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Jul-16-13 9:02 PM

GOP Congress #BoehnerStyle: “Least Productive in Modern History ... Jul 9, 2013 - This morning, Speaker Boehner told reporters “to count on” the GOP voting again to repeal the Affordable Care Act … for the 38th time. It comes

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Jul-16-13 8:19 PM

Johnson is beholden to the wealthy corporate monsters whose only concern is how much money can be made for their companies.

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Jul-16-13 5:03 PM

"Jennifer is a good working traditional marriage"... but also pro becoming a member of congress who passes laws everyone else has to follow but her. The government must abide by the laws they pass. Hey Jennifer, if you are elected, why don't you sign up for Obama Care? You'll probably take your pay and benefits like the rest of them, while WE have to abide by the laws you pass. You wont get my vote...

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Jul-16-13 5:00 PM

Lap Dog to Pelosi...get her the*****out of here.

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Jul-16-13 4:27 PM

I really know no 'open-minded' conservatives- for lack of a better I search...

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Jul-16-13 3:18 PM

Johnson only wants free PR to pat himself on the back,and for what? He is no friend to women,just pretends for the media. He voted "NO" on VAWA after schmoozing around Mtta.He needs to go for many reasons.

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Jul-16-13 2:55 PM

Big Whiners.

Find a good candidate and support them.

Bill Johnson has done nothing for me or this area.

Talk is cheap.

Find someone better than Jennifer, certainly not Bill, and I will vote for them.

Tired of the whining R-class. Do something.

The R's would be good just to not open their mouth and show ignorance.

Got many of them in trouble.

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Jul-16-13 2:16 PM

"simply being a 'd' makes her by default at least open-minded". Most laughable statement ever. Being a "d" makes her anything but.

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Jul-16-13 12:36 PM

Heard she had a huge turnout of support today at the Layfatte. /sarcasm

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Jul-16-13 12:34 PM

We can not repeat the mistakes of the past.

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Jul-16-13 11:38 AM

wps; fall for what? simply being a 'd' makes her by default at least open-minded...this in itself is huge.

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Jul-16-13 10:00 AM

"Rolling", she is pro-family and traditional marriage for now. Wait til Pelosi gets hold of her. I also find it interesting that Jennifer is going to be for the "middle class" guy. How can this be when she is less 'middle class" than Johnson? Her hubby pulls in some major $$ and she certainly isn't doing her legal work for free! Don't fall for it people of the 6th district.

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Jul-16-13 9:42 AM

i like Jennifer Garrison but just like Charlie Wilson i am afraid she would be dominated by the likes of Pelosi and Obama. Many times i contacted Mr. Wilson about Obamacare. i got the impression he hated that he had to support it but that was the quid pro quo for him being allowed to be against the carbon tax the lunatic Democrats were determined to pass at that time.

Jennifer is a good working traditional marriage. i really would like to vote for her but it will be very difficult to send another Democrat to Washington given the leadership of that party.

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