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Possible negative neurological link from manganese

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July 18, 2013

Airborne manganese may be correlated to some negative neuropsychological health effects, including decreased motor functions and hand tremors, according to recently-released results of an ongoing......

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Jul-21-13 10:17 AM

bwc511- fracking water tastes better if you add a little sugar. :)

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Jul-19-13 2:02 PM

O'Neill, I take some of those medications because all of them tell me that. But it's better for me to take the risk than to be unable to move around. We share severe RA. Histoplasmosis is found in the soil in this area and is carried by bird droppings.

Histoplasmosis (also known as "Cave disease,"[1] "Darling's disease,"[1] "Ohio valley disease,"[1] "Reticuloendotheliosis,"[1] "Spelunker’s Lung" and Caver's disease) is a disease caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum. Symptoms of this infection vary greatly, but the disease primarily affects the lungs.[2] Occasionally, other organs are affected; this is called disseminated histoplasmosis, and it can be fatal if left untreated.

Be careful out there if you have suppressed immunity from medications or disease.

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Jul-19-13 11:14 AM

The owners of Eramet can jump up and down and scream till their blue in the face about the new EPA rules. They can't shut down their plants because they are the last two in the country. The EPA would never issue new permits for any other plant like this in the country and if they did it would costing millions extra to build. So don't worry people they will fix the plant yes they will ich about the whole time but it will be done.

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Jul-19-13 11:05 AM

buyer beware pretty much always holds true...let's face it- business IS business...

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Jul-19-13 8:04 AM

Yep, that fracking water is a move up from the c8 water we had...just think, we could have had a v8 ;)

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Jul-18-13 9:40 PM

That's okay! We're tough. We drink fracking water too.

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Jul-18-13 6:46 PM

You would think the the real estate people would have to disclose these kinds of things like lousy water in Devola.

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Jul-18-13 2:05 PM

The 'gift' that keeps on one warned beware...

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Jul-18-13 1:04 PM

Plant has been there since the fifties, correct?

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Jul-18-13 10:55 AM

We also have a high rate of M/S patients.

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Jul-18-13 10:00 AM

Coincidence we have a higher than national average showing of autism and birth complication? No.

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Jul-18-13 6:49 AM

If I wanted to run a plant like Eramet, I'd do it in SE Ohio where folks depend on jobs and are more tolerant of poor air quality. In time, Eramet will be proven to have sent toxins into the air at an alarming pace.

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