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Getting too nosy?

ACLU: Guidelines on license plate scanners are needed

July 24, 2013

They are just two small boxes mounted on a handful of local police vehicles, but they have the capability to scan and store the license plate number and location of hundreds of vehicles per minute....

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Jul-24-13 7:12 AM

All of you who have something to hide must be shaking in your boots. The rest of us just smile.

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Jul-24-13 7:44 AM

and the folks whom have nothing to hide,yet dont believe in gov databases buy $24 worth of clear I/R blocker and install it over the plate while remaining legal.Ohio laws prohibits anything that blocks visibility.I/R is not in the spectrum of visual light and the film is clear.

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Jul-24-13 7:56 AM

also not mentioned in this article..your governers vehicle has I/R blocked plates, and the state issues I/R blocked plates as well.So if no big deal,why are I/R blocked plates produced and issued?

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Jul-24-13 8:00 AM

this is a double edged sword, i have no problem with the system but i think at the end of the day all info that was gathered should be dumped.

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Jul-24-13 8:05 AM

and Marietta College cruiser appears to have them installed as well..should they be collecting my data...and what happens to it?

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Jul-24-13 8:24 AM

Obama’s administration has given the NSA the go ahead to monitor all your phone call and emails. The post office is taking a picture of every piece of mail that is delivered to your house. You’re worried about your blocking your license plates which you bought from the State? LOL

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Jul-24-13 8:31 AM

Be,not worried at

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Jul-24-13 8:34 AM

This does NOT render the vehicle immune to speed radar,stop light and speed cameras.They use the visible spectrum of light.Plate readers use a diff method.

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Jul-24-13 9:41 AM

This will not end well. DON'T TREAD ON ME!

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Jul-24-13 10:49 AM

Sounds good in theory, but when an "Edward Snowden" works his way into the data system, anything can and WILL happen. Before it is over, Putin will know your favorite bar, grocery store, and where your girlfriend lives.

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Jul-24-13 10:58 AM

Franklin county? - Sounds like they're able to track the dealers going back and forth....Which is okay for me. However, there could be a moment when police show up at our door and ask why our vehicle was "scanned" near the scene of a crime and next thing we know, the police are knocking on our doors and embarrassing us by making the neighbors gawk.

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Jul-24-13 11:19 AM

Well at least the police used the grant money well.The meth heads are going to hate the new machine that can test the air around a property to see if meth is being made there.

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Jul-24-13 11:45 AM

They forgot to mention that all the data is uploaded to the FBI/NSA daily as agreed when they took the grant money.

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Jul-24-13 12:04 PM

This aint about just drugs ya'll....they will be monitoring you too.

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Jul-24-13 12:21 PM

It is alarming that they will be keeping the data collected. This really does mean that Big Brother is watching. I would remind everyone of what Ben franklin said, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."

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Jul-24-13 12:49 PM

I have no issues with police doing this. I have nothing to hide and think this is a good idea. I will not sit around anticipating what can happen in the future with these techniques. Life goes on.

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Jul-24-13 12:54 PM

So, everyone will know cancelled out, no?

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Jul-24-13 2:38 PM

It appears Capt. Waite needs to go to the barbershop. Looking very unprofessional.

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Jul-24-13 2:43 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot the topic. Big brother can monitor anything and everything you do. It is certainly an invasion of privacy and I do not support it at all. It's not new folks. The FBI and CIA have been doing it for years and years, big city P.D.s have been doing it a long time too. Trickle down means that Marietta and Belpre now have it. I don't like that recorded information is available to law enforcement anywhere in the U.S.

They can't read our thoughts yet.

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Jul-24-13 3:41 PM

Let's get even more phobic, can anyone guarantee that you haven't had a gps microchip implanted on you during a doctor visit? How about your TV, hmmmm, maybe you are being observed while you watch TV. Who knows where the "big eye" is located at home, work and public shopping.

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Jul-24-13 5:39 PM

That is one of the nastiest and most unprofessional looking police officers I've ever seen! Shave your face, get a hair cut and show a little pride in yourself, your uniform and the city you represent!

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Jul-24-13 7:30 PM

It is always,you do not like this, you must have something to hide, well, my total contempt for the police state we are truly living under, will not be hidden, those same ilk that detest my concern for civil liberties are the ones that tell me we live in a free nation, pffffft, the word is clue, get one......

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Jul-25-13 4:57 PM

The ACLU needs to find something better to do. They are seriously sick people.

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Aug-03-13 10:06 AM

@Tessie..."Capt Waite looking unprofessional". Before I commented I looked at some of your other posts. You obviously don't know this man very well because he is the most professional police officer this city has ever seen. But like I said, I looked at some other comments you have made and clearly chalk all of them up to ignorance. Truth be told, a day (or 2) at the beauty shop wouldn't hurt you either.

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