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Neighbors split on drug rehab clinic

‘It’s going to be nothing but trouble’ vs. ‘I don’t see it as problematic’

July 26, 2013

A new drug-rehabilitation facility is set to open next month, despite an objection from at least one neighboring resident. SelfRefind will open Aug....

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Jul-26-13 7:09 AM

Dr. Richard Henthorn??? A cardiologist from Cincinnati? Why would he run a drug clinic?

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Jul-26-13 9:10 AM

Good question 'Teacher'. Are there 2 drs' with the same name? If not, will Henthorn move here? If not, how will he be able to monitor the clients? And if he doesn't intend to monitor them, who will be and is his name only being used because they have to have a dr's name on the paperwork?

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Jul-26-13 11:10 AM

Hmm...will get back to you...

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Jul-26-13 11:10 AM

Ha ha ha. I am sure there are more drugs at a motorcycle repair place than at a drug rehab facility!

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Jul-26-13 11:14 AM

FYI-If a doctor has had his liscense taken away-for let's say A DRUG PROBLEM-he may not be able to "practice medicine," but there's nothing stopping him from working in the same field in another capicity. Maybe someone needs to call the state medical board and check out the situation? Sounds fishy to me. Anyway, this clinic plans to "help addicts" by taking them off drugs by replacing them with other drugs that this "treatment center" will provide at a cost. Sounds more like they're more interested in taking advantage of addicts than helping them. I am so glad I don't live in that neighborhood. Parent's need to keep and even closer watch over their kids. Some the clinic's customers may also be registered sex offenders too!

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Jul-26-13 11:20 AM

Here' the number to find out about the doctor's liscense situation: 614-466-3934.I would be interested to find out what the results are. If he's on the level, I will be the first one to be sorry for having doubts.

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Jul-26-13 12:23 PM

This county/town needs a drug clinic. More than likely the thefts are because they NEED the money for all goes hand in hand. I for one am excited about this clinic. I have very very close family members that are currently addicts and one in recovery. Believe me when I say there is NOTHING in this area for them as far as help. These ppl are "Sick", just like someone is an "alcoholic". Call them what you want, druggies, junkies, whatever. The bottom line is this they are "SICK" and this area is desperate for something that can help their loved one and their family get into the "RECOVERY STAGE".

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Jul-26-13 12:36 PM

A clinic to help the large population of addicts in the area is sorely needed/ really hope it is on the level and helps solve the drug problem and the crime that comes with it. Sometimes these places that are chains are pricy / that could be a problem.i also hope this clinic is actually about helping , not just out to take the money.

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Jul-26-13 12:55 PM

There is a lot of money to be made from these clinics and I know that they will take care of" peoples pain "there too.Just getting people hooked on legal drugs so that the doctor can make money instead of the drug dealers.The only way to get people off drugs/alcohol is going cold turkey and having the will to do so.

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Jul-26-13 2:07 PM

@joshbrown.....Apparently, you've not educated yourself much on addiction? Whether, it be drug or alcohol it's just not a turn on/turn off issue here. MOST people (not all) turn to drugs/alcohol to cope from issues that are deep seeded in their being. They don't want to feel, just be numb from their pain. Whatever that may be. We do need help in here in Marietta. Mental health is another area we as a community need to support!

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Jul-26-13 2:23 PM

I just checked the ohio medical board web site. Dr Henthorn has been a Dr since 1979,and has never had any formal actions against him. You people putting him down. Do you think maybe he wants to help people that are on drugs.. Mr Walters. I have spent lot of money in you business. BUT NEVER EVER AGAIN!!!! You have lost my business

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Jul-26-13 2:42 PM

@JoshBrown-I agree with the cold turkey method. I also don't think the title of drugs and alcohol being an illness is correct. These are choices people make on their own. I know people who went off drugs cold turkey, trust me, they have never had the urge to repeat all they went through again. I know I will get slammed by commenters, but I want my tax dollars to go to help cure real illnesses that people had no choice in getting.

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Jul-26-13 2:48 PM

Nurse64-what are you talking about? There is plenty of help for addicts and alcoholics in our area. They're called AA and NA meetings. I think treatment centers do more harm than good. I had an exboyrfiend who stole money from me go to the care unit. His treatment involved getting him addicted to legal drugs and having him look in the mirror and tell himself that he was a good person. And that he had a disease called addiction that meant he was not responsible for his past actions? When he got out he went right beck to using and stealing andclaimed that because he had a disease what he did was not his fault? A friends daughter went to the fellowship home in parkersburg. They helped her by getting her hooked on antidepressants and food stamps and she hooked up with another guy in the house for men right next door? When AA and NA began there were no treatment centers and somehow people managed to get clean.

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Jul-26-13 3:02 PM

You can't replace one drug for another !

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Jul-26-13 3:05 PM

May I suggest look8ing up suboxane before you get all warm and fuzzy.Then realize that people will be driving under the influence of both substances on a busy city street.Then put yourself in the place of a visitor or poss a new resident.Now you get to see the check cashing places and now...drug /pain clinics.Day by day,coming to a neighborhood near you.

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Jul-26-13 3:08 PM

Josh..but they are..with a prescription.But 100% in agreement with you.

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Jul-26-13 3:12 PM

WTH,They puttin H in Pez dispensers now?

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Jul-26-13 3:36 PM

Just re read the article.Their spokesmans title is "Government Liason" Pretty much says it all.Wonder how much public $$ and court appointed "customers" will be visiting at the taxpayer expense?

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Jul-26-13 4:50 PM

This is a positive step in our communities realization that we have a drug problem. Hopefully they incorporate other forms of treatment besides replacement therapy which is what ***********suboxone****/ is. Hopefully they use this to get the addicts off of opiates and then wean then off this drug. I myself went cold turkey and with plenty of help from my God and family I am 4 years clean off of ******. Everyone needs a start somewhere and I hope this can help with OUR drug problem.

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Jul-26-13 5:28 PM

@ asknot I don't want to see anyone surfer but I don't agree with the whole weening people off one drug with another one.I would rather see a clinic where people could go in and have their vital signs taken daily and medication give out for any real medical problem resulting from the withdraw.

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Jul-26-13 6:10 PM

This sounds like nothing more than easy money for this private company. Suboxone and methadone are simply substituting one addictive drug for another. they are also hot drugs on the streets that are frequently sold by the person in the "program." Suboxone has been available at Westbrook and L&P services so it is nothing new. It should be used along with close supervision and counseling short term. Problem is that methadone and suboxone are often prescribed long term and the addict is still addicted but to another drug! Also ASKNOT, many many people cold turkey off drugs and live to talk about it. Sometimes the memory of the unpleasant withdrawl helps them to not be tempted to use again!

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Jul-26-13 9:04 PM

This is nothing more than a pill mill/methadone clinic with a diff name.I suggest you go to any clinic in any city and sit and watch.Subx is a preferred drug of choice for abuse.Most abusers use these types of facility for nothing more than a scrip for when they cant afford H, and sell the scrip to pay for H.Ahhh..Appalachia at its finest.A retail drug store on Pike Street with easy acess to I 77 for their preferred customer base

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Jul-26-13 9:06 PM

Why arent Memorial/Selby doing this?Ask yourself some basic questions.

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Jul-26-13 10:54 PM

Ask,as stated in the article,they do presciption counts randomly.They do take it home.Certainly I am not against treatment.A facility should be located in a hosp setting.Not the main drag thru town.

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Jul-26-13 10:56 PM

subx and methadone are confiscated quite often by law enforcement.It didnt fall out of the sky and you cant buy it over the counter

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