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No grant for next leg of River Trail

August 6, 2013

The next phase of Marietta's River Trail project, extending the pedestrian and bicycle pathway across Duck Creek to Cogswell Lane at the Walmart complex, will apparently be delayed by at least a yea......

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Aug-06-13 8:12 AM

I guess the magic printing press is out of paper after all it's free money and it doesn't come from anywhere .......

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Aug-06-13 8:21 AM

Josh..100% correct.$800/ft.Troubling part of this article is at the end.$16k puts high tech traffic control devices that wont stop traffic unless necessary.Every day we have assured clear distance wrecks on Rt. 7.Stopping 4 lanes of traffic @co rd 9 for an EMPTY intersection.While sitting there stopped in 45mph traffic,while hoping the traffic coming up behind you decides to stop.I have had 2 good cars totally ruined after being rear ended on rt 7.

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Aug-06-13 8:27 AM

We let the governments continue to waste OUR money like this. It's time to take back our own freedoms.

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Aug-06-13 10:54 AM

OMG the river trail to no where, just like the sidewalk to no where on Lancaster Street!

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Aug-06-13 11:41 AM

Too bad we have to wait now, would have been a great addition!

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Aug-06-13 12:51 PM

Josh, everyone should know by now where Federal and State government grants come from. Informed people know it's not free.

Slogoin, you're so right about the unnecessary intersection, but I have to disagree about the cost per foot. Don't forget the cost of the pedestrian bridge. At first I thought it was foolish to continue the River Walk to Wally World, but I can now see lots of opportunity with the building of additional motels. Many people traveling to or through Marietta will be able to use the River Trail to travel to restaurants and for shopping without getting in their cars and creating more traffic congestion. It adds to the area's attractions. Looking at the big picture shows that it's now not just about riding your bike to a strip mall area or to view the new sewage treatment plant, lol

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Aug-06-13 12:59 PM

City of Marietta engineer(Mr. Tucker), has been through the securing of grants ordeal many times and he knows what he's doing. Walt Brothers is playing his political role very well and trying to put the "right" spin on the situation without really saying anything. He wants to blame funding cuts on the state and federal grants drying up. Some have, but an experienced and knowledgeable grant writer in the Development office would have helped. Development Director Coleman simply is in way over his head. His is a pivotal position for the growth of the city. He's a nice enough man, but he doesn't have the abilities that office needs.

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Aug-06-13 3:26 PM

Tess,this grant writing thing is nuts.I know someone who has to go to Columbus once a year to keep up with the language/req changes.Its almost a profession in itself.As far as the path goes,I use it a least 2 times/day if not out of town working.I was actuallt suprised at the amt of use.Shelley &Sands has no competition and own the batch plants that a competitor would have to purchase base materials from.I feel that why it costs a premium in this area.

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Aug-06-13 3:33 PM

Something is going to have to happen with Pike/Rt 7.Loss of life,constant wrecks at Wally entrance..well actually the whole stretch of road.The new lanes going to Reno are dangerous with any substancial rain at all(hydroplaning),6" buckles in the intersections where your tire arent even on the ground if you did need to do a quick stop(Holiday/Wally xsection ESP)

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Aug-06-13 3:37 PM

Shelley& Sands needs to be held accountable for the new parts of Rt 7.Manhole covers werent at grade level when paved,let alone now,crooked median cuases a LOT of out of towners problems by Ken Miller.

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Aug-06-13 4:38 PM

Slogoin The only way anything would be done about the problems is if a bunch of people got together and went to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and filed a complaint. Because we know that people on the council are taking kick backs and out and out bribes.

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Aug-06-13 6:11 PM

Finally, a chance for this town to actually spending money that doesn't exist on something that is purported to cost us nothing. Yep, I agree that a huge sum of money was ponied up to the city, but every stage has had tons of over runs. Those costs have come at our expense. Poorly planned, no security, no lights, going by poison ivy patches, piles of poo, a waste water plant, crime corners, through a hospital complex, & finally diverted away from the river in river trail. Can it get any better??

Tess, you blame the development guy, but I think you nailed it in your comment. This city has been given millions of dollars on several occasions. No more, plain & simple. No ones fault, so stop blaming your favorite punching bag

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Aug-06-13 6:13 PM

....... STOP spending....

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Aug-06-13 7:09 PM

This has been such a waste of money and it's about time somebody said enough is enough.

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Aug-06-13 7:10 PM

This is why we are trillions in DEBT...As for the condos that got the FREE river wall in front of their property,,,could have been a great place to take the path onto Hart Street...JUST SAYING...MONEY TALKS............

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Aug-06-13 7:28 PM

When will Marietta ever finish a project?

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Aug-07-13 11:21 AM

Grant writing is the primary responsibility of the Development office, therefore a reasonable person would appoint an experienced & professional grant writer. Grant writer is indeed a profession.

I'm not using anyone as a personal bunching bag, but I am trying to hold accountable those who should be held accountable.

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Aug-07-13 3:54 PM

Tessie You are right grant writing is a full time job and the city needs to hire a good one. Grant writers are money makers kind of like sales people for the city. As the saying goes "Penny Wise but Pound Foolish " the city is really short sited in this matter.

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Aug-07-13 7:23 PM

@Tessie,you might consider checking your facts before you call someone out. Everything the city does is public information and a simple visit or in my case a phone call will provide what you wish to know. The grant you are speaking of was a Transport Alternatives grant that was applied for by the city engineering department, not the development department as you stated. Furthermore an inquiry into the grants applied for by the development department since January 1, 2012 revealed that six were applied for with all six being granted and thus far in 2013 four have been submitted with one having been granted and the remaining three currently under review. I don't know Mr. Coleman's backround in grant writing but with that success rate your judgement of Mr. Coleman and his staff seems to have no basis. "simply in way over his head"? I would say the city development department is swimming quite nicely; especially compared to the previous eight years.

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Aug-08-13 7:36 PM

Oh Tess, you delusional soul. Once again you blab w/o fact. To the stranger reading, you give the rest of us a bad name w/ your diatribe. The following is from the City's website. Amazing facts that you overlooked when you posted your drivel.

"The purpose of the Dev Dept is to coordinate partnerships w/ community groups, pursue grant funding for city projects, & administer the Community Development Block Grant.

The Dev Dept also offers Housing Programs to income eligible homeowners. The funding comes from U. S. Dept of Housing & Urban Development. These programs provide health & safety services for low-income Marietta resident's homes."

I abbreviated so I could mention.. once again Tess, you are proving to be a simple, angry nay-sayer. Granted, it states "pursue", but also, it is listed in second position. It is a shame that transplant is more aware than you, but not surprising..............

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