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Wallenda visits

Daredevil making plans for walk over the Ohio

August 13, 2013

They say it’s going to be a big event. Concerts. T-shirts. Perhaps even a laser light show on the Williamstown Bridg....

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Aug-14-13 8:15 PM

Scotch, thank you.

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Aug-14-13 9:05 AM

Dear Fedup2011 - There IS going to be an event to help those using the food pantries.This event is called developement. Developement=JOBS and if you have a decent JOB you will NOT need to use the food pantry in the first place.Wei is trying to creat jobs in this area.Is this a problem for you? Teacher-One friend killed?? Try a brother and SEVERAL friends killed in alcohol related accidents.I still am not going to use these unfortunate events in my own life to try and curtail or worry about what others do with THEIR lives.Robbie+Rick are daredevels,risk takers,etc and they are coming here to provide entertainment for US. You have the choice of either enjoying it or you can stay at home and enjoy your martini.

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Aug-13-13 10:45 PM

Outdoor Heaven a BAD IDEA??? **** woooow lol...are these comments serious??? Probably one of the BEST ideas for Marietta in some time IMO. Something to do for young people in the area, safe family type atmosphere. Food pantries are great as well, but to say this is a bad idea??

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Aug-13-13 9:13 PM

Here is a idea... why not have a event to raise money for our local food pantry or to help families feed their children or the homeless. I just think this whole Outdoor Haven is a bad idea. We are going to be drawing lots of different peoples into our area. I am just wondering if the local police department and the local fire department are prepared for all of these people that will be enjoying this great outdoor world. Just think that this money could be better spent than this.

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Aug-13-13 8:24 PM

Dear Woody, I did not proclaim to be the One. i have my rights to call it just like you. I do have a life and I do have the occasional cocktail or two. What I don't do is get three times the legal limit drunk, put others at risk driving drunk in a vehicle and then brag about it as 'it is what I do!' This is hard for me to take having seen a dear friend killed by a drunk driver.

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Aug-13-13 6:42 PM

Jump the river, not. There will be ramps built out over the river. The actual distance jumped will be nowhere near the width of the river.

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Aug-13-13 4:49 PM

No, I’m not so interested in seeing a couple of guys risk death over the river. But if they pay for it, if they prepare and insure adequately to compensate others for injury or property damage if things go wrong, if the rescue crews are willing to stand by and watch over them – then I say, go ahead, knock yourselves out (sorry for the pun). Evidently, Matthews and Ford are taking responsibility for seeing that all the t’s are crossed and I’s dotted.

What I would like to see is the cranes that will lift the wire to a height of 1200 ft above the water. Amazing machinery, for sure!

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Aug-13-13 2:45 PM

I thought Sarasota was home to the circus?

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Aug-13-13 1:55 PM

Dear teacher - You must be a very boring person. Lighten up,chill out,try LIVING for a change and go have a beer. Whatever happens in Sturgis stays in Sturgis....and the events which happened there at the Buffalo Chip campground have nothing to do with what folks are trying to do here. You remain true to form for many folks in this area who just love digging up dirt on somebody. Do you have what is required to be "THE Judge?" Last I knew there is only one person with the authority to judge those living in this world.

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Aug-13-13 12:55 PM

People from the area should be excited. Marietta, Ohio should get world wide recognition they are the 1st city in the northwest territory and a beautiful city at that. This is "HISTORY" folks. Please grow up. Why does people always look at ones faults and not accomplishments. I mean whatever Mr. Knievel did so what, does that take away he's a legendary performer*****I've been to Hollywood a lot and will continue to go quite frequently. Do you people stop watching movies because your favorite actor whos won alot of awards got into trouble? Do you stop listening to music because your favorite musicial artist thats won many awards got into trouble? These amazing people have got god given talents and they are using them to inspire the world. Celebrities, policeman, politicians makes mistakes everyday. The people of the area should be honored that citizens from the area are doing great things like this and the Outdoor project will make millions people from all over the world wil

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Aug-13-13 12:17 PM

Chuckle Asknot!

I'll reserve judgment on any of theses events, except to say that if Mr. Sheng's planned project comes to fruition, it will be good for the Marietta area.

None of us controls who or what moves in next to our property or where we live, except through zoning, which is controlled by who we elect. So when it comes to your vote, be very, very careful who you vote for.

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Aug-13-13 7:45 AM

Thall shall not judge unless ye should be judged.

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Aug-13-13 7:16 AM

First line of the article...."They say it is going to be a big event". And Sheng wants this event to promote his "family" themed "Outdoor Heaven"

Yep! Our town is going to devote time and resources to this big event and Mr. Knievel. Knievel, a self proclaimed hardcore alcoholic with no plans to stop drinking, who said this (after his recent DUI). “I’m a friggin’ drinking, driving daredevil, I ride motorcycles and I friggin’ drink and ride … that’s my deal.”

Google it, folks.

Jean Ford and Joe Matthews! Get your heads on straight. How embarrassing! This is not a family event to promote a family themed park with a self proclaimed (and very proud of it) drunk driver!

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Aug-13-13 7:06 AM

Don't think he needs one he not driving on the road .

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Aug-13-13 6:04 AM

How is Robbie going to have a license to drive his motorcycle after that massive DUI he just got.

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