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A day on the rig

Southern Ohio farmland accommodates drilling, animals

August 15, 2013

WILLS TWP. — To illustrate how nature and horizontal oil and natural gas drilling can coexist at a well pad in Guernsey County, David Hill points to the livestock....

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Aug-15-13 6:02 AM

You see, if we would become more like livestock, sheep, for example, we wouldn't be so bothered about the threat of contaminated water. Some of us have already achieved that livestock gestalt.

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Aug-15-13 7:48 AM

I totally agree with morningperson...When I read the line about the livestock I LOL'd and didn't even bother reading the rest of the article...

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Aug-15-13 8:32 AM

Well, now we now the perspective of livestock, lets see what it's like in Salem, WV from the perspective of a human. WDTV has video stories where you can see a woman's perspective. The noise was so loud (24/7) she couldn't sleep. Her car was hit by a truck on it's way to the well next to her home. And now, her neighbor has a water buffalo because there is something wrong with their well water. Google wdtv living next to natural gas well.

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Aug-15-13 10:04 AM

Always looking for something to complain about, really. Do your research, there is no water contamination, if they put anything into the ground it is recycled water. My husband works on a Utica Shale rig and they have to put plastic down over the entire site and State Inspectors are there everyday making sure no contaminates are going into the ground. If I had to guess everyone of you voted for Obama and you can't stand the thought of other people getting ahead. We need this in our area, we need the jobs in case you haven't noticed people are barely getting by. Why pay millions to foreign countries for their oil when we have it right in our own backyards. And for you tree hugging green lovers, get over it. We lost, the damage that has been done to our beautiful earth can not be undone and there aren't enough people jumping on your band wagon to make a difference. What kind of vehicles do you three drive, how many toxins are u putting in the air every time you leave your homes.

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Aug-15-13 10:05 AM

Yes it's all okay as long as the oil/gas companies give people money to kill their children and others as well.Money makes everything all better don't worry !

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Aug-15-13 10:19 AM

Climb off your high horse, who are the oil wells killing. Please give me a list of reported deaths related to fracking or Utica drilling. If your going to spew poison please have facts to back it up. Again what kind of vehicle do you drive, do you stop at a gas station?? Where do you think the fuel for your vehicle comes from. Seriously, sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you a fool, rather than open your mouth and prove them correct. I love Oil Field Workers and they love their families. :)

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Aug-15-13 10:38 AM

Asknot what I said was if your going to spew poison at least have facts, where does your gas come from? Because I am sure that along with everyone else on here you hop in your vehicle everyday and you purchase fuel. Tell me what do they put in the ground when they Fracking, if your asking questions then you should have these answers, and if you have these answers then you know that there is minimal to no ground water contamination. Rainbows and Kittens, Whooo instead of being insulting to everyone that expresses a difference of opinion, why don't you try acting like an informed adult and grow up.

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Aug-15-13 10:39 AM

I have looked into fracking and talked to some of the workers. I feel this is just as safe for this area than a lot of other jobs around here. Safety precautions are being taken and inspectors are around making sure the job is done right.

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Aug-15-13 10:42 AM

Google "list of the harmed" to see who is hurt by drilling. I, too, care about the Oil and Gas workers, and know that nobody wants their father/husband to die on the job. The facts are that oil and gas workers are injured on the job all the time. Recently several WV workers were severely burned in an explosion while working on a well pad. It is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. And, much like our coal miners with black lung, decades down the road, nobody knows what kind of diseases these oil and gas employees will have. The companies don't even disclose some of the chemicals they are using!Nothing comes for free. For me and my family, the risks are too great.

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Aug-15-13 10:42 AM

And noise really, I have been out to several of my husbands rigs. I didn't need ear plugs, the noise was minimal to say the least and I was on site at the height of the drilling operation. And no I don't have a defeatist attitude, I just prefer to live in reality where millions of people drive vehicles that produce emissions, plants across the great USA are releasing gases into the air, as long as they are below EPA standards into the air they go :) I recycle and I don't believe in littering but I also understand that realistically there is nothing we can do to repair the damage we have done. I have four children and I am appalled at what we are leaving for our children.

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Aug-15-13 10:45 AM

Momma4 you should love Obama right now. His EPA covered up findings from EPA employees on the ground in Eastern PA that water was in fact contaminated from horizontal drilling.

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Aug-15-13 11:05 AM

Crystal99 Obama's left hand doesn't know what his right hand is doing and he likes it that way, sorry the only way I will like him is when he is out of office. and Asknot, my husband participates in Utica Shale drilling, much different from fracking. Yes there are small amounts of chemicals mixed with water that are forced into a predrilled hole to force the gas/oil back to the surface. However, in our area must drilling operations are through shale, which means they use a drilling bit, any water brought up is circulated through a Buster along with the mud cuttings, these cuttings are processed with lime/sawdust---drying agents before being sent to landfills. I believe a lot of local farmers put lime on their fields before planting, this goes into the ground so now the Farmers are contaminating the ground water?!?! They use soap to mix with the water, could be cheer but I hear they prefer tide. The water that is put into the ground is sucked back out and processed, minimal contaminati

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Aug-15-13 11:09 AM

And Crystal99, please don't tell me about the dangers of drilling operations, I know what the dangers are because I am faced with the reality of them everyday that my husband leaves for work, but there are far more car accident fatalities on a daily basis then there are Oil rig fatalities, but I bet you are still driving around in your car aren't you. Everything comes with a risk, every job, every action we take every day.

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Aug-15-13 11:18 AM

Amen, Momma4! Too much misinformation put out there; much is sponsored by foreigners that stand to lose if we become energy independent. I say "drill, baby, drill!" The sooner the better!

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Aug-15-13 11:24 AM

What do they put in the ground when they frack? I'm glad you asked....hydrochloride acid, glutaraldehyde, quaternary ammonium chloride, tetrakis hydroxymethphosphonium sulfate, ammonium per sulfate, sodium chloride,magnesium peroxide, magnesium oxide, calcium chloride, choline chloride, isopropanol, methanol, formic acid, acetaldehyde, petroleum distillate, boric aced, ethylene glycol, naphtalene, toluene, titanium dioxide, anhydrous ammonia, benzene, bronopol, and these are only a few of hundreds of chemicals. Each well takes an average of 5.5 mil gallons of water to dill horizontally & vertically. They add 55,000 gallons of these chemicals to the water. That's a lot of chemicals in/on the ground if there is a spill, a tear in the plastic liner, a cement casing job that doesn't hold up, among a number of other workplace mishaps that happen everyday.

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Aug-15-13 11:31 AM

It is actually the foreigners who profit from our gas. After Chesapeake drilled the heck out of much of this country, Chesapeake Energy (CHK) announced a deal to sell half of its oil and gas assets in northern Oklahoma to Sinopec, one of China's largest oil producers, for $1 billion. China stands to benefit the most from our endeavors.

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Aug-15-13 11:37 AM

I do my best to minimize risks to my family and myself. I wear my seatbelt, I drive at/below the speed limit, I don't text while driving. I would greatly appreciate if Rex energy would keep their 55,000 gallons of toxic chemicals, some of which I am not allowed to know about, away from my water well. I would like them to minimize my risk by not flaring next to my home, polluting the air my children and I breathe. There is a horizontal well less than 1500 feet from my house. I would like my risk to be minimized by them keeping their industrial activities away from residential areas.

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Aug-15-13 11:49 AM

Asknot, what names did i call you or anyone else, I spoke of spewing poison, tree hugging green lovers, if your insulted by this I apologize, maybe you don't like trees?? And I was talking about Fracking as well though I appreciate your sarcasm, makes you look so smart :)The chemicals Crystal99 mentioned, well its kind of like mixing a cup of bleach with a gallon of water, they are diluted and please take a look at the back of some of your everyday household cleaning supplies in your home Crystal99, since your so cautious you may want to eliminate some of these, and the only thing used while doing cement casing, is cement and water. The local plants in the area pump worse than that into the river everyday.

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Aug-15-13 11:50 AM

No Swilson60, not the paycheck, the ignorance of some....thats all :)

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Aug-15-13 12:12 PM

Asknot, I did reread my posts because I was worried that I had called someone a name....I didn't. Obviously your upset, please reread your posts "Rainbows and Kittens" sorry but sarcasm does nothing for me and doesn't make you look smart. Yes as a matter of fact I do know where our oil comes from and Crystal99 is correct Chesapeake is owned by China, however they are no longer the main drilling company in this area, most are owned by companies here in the states, American people benefitting instead of foreigners, oh and yes I am a Republican, and proud of it, but guess what, our yearly income is below 50,000 with 7 kids between the two of us, we vote "R" because we believe that Obama is a coward and looking to ruin us, oh and I own guns, I don't get public assistance we both work full time. Anything else?

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Aug-15-13 12:39 PM

I actually clean using natural products, and mostly with just plain old vinegar, a natural disinfectant. Even if I didn't 1 gallon of bleach is not the same as 55,000 gallons of who knows what going through my water table with nothing between my water and it but cement. I want to clarify, I am not worried about any danger from cement, but from cement casings failing. They fail initially 6.5% of the time. Industry itself admits that this is a problem.

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Aug-15-13 12:54 PM

Take the Hallowich Family for example. They had dangerous levels of chemicals in their well water found only around here in fracking fluid (aka, Brine). They sued, Range Resources settled with them. 2 years later the Pittsburgh Post Gazette sues the courts to open the sealed case under the FOIA. Turns out, Range settled for $750,000 on the condition that the Hallowich's and their CHILDREN (aged 7 & 10 at the time) never speak of horizontal drilling, Marcellus shale, Range, etc. They issued a gag order on children. The judge and Hallowich attorney expressed concern that a child is unable to legally give up their first amendment right. Seriously, these are the people who can ruin everything for all of us with one bad move. Do you trust them? I sure don't.

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Aug-15-13 1:04 PM

Oh I didn't vote against Obama because he was a Dem, I actually voted against him because I think he is an ignorant a**. And no I have no problem with Anger management, pretty happy person here. Crystal99, I am not saying it hasn't happened, but 6.5% and you want to shut down something that provides food on the table for thousands of families in the USA, again everything comes with a risk, its called progress. I don't trust the big guys in Washington either and thats who is running the show. Asknot, your use of exclamation points is rather dramatic, maybe you need therapy. Just saying lol

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Aug-15-13 1:09 PM

I want to shut something down until someone can make it/prove it's safe. I want to shut it down before it hurts MY family. What gives anyone the right to sacrifice their neighbors for money? 6.5% is UNACCEPTABLE! That is the initial failure rate. The eventual failure rate is 100%. That means, that eventually those of us with well water within an unknown distance (at this time we know it is at least 1 mile out) likely will end up with all the naturally occurring contaminates (methane, arsenic, etc)in our water. We will all have worthless homes, and will have to truck in a water buffalo. It is not OK to sacrifice my family for yours or anyone else's.

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Aug-15-13 1:54 PM

NEWSFLASH: Fracking has been going on in this area for 40 years!!! Show me the devistation, and I might believe most of the naysayers rhetoric.

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