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Driver sentenced to four months for vehicular assault

August 17, 2013

A Waverly, W.Va. man will spend the next four months in jail for his role in a drunk driving incident that injured a woman and her young granddaughter....

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Aug-18-13 8:26 PM

And I agree with you that the people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs need rehab, but unless they are serious, that is also wasted money. rehab is expensive, how many of these can afford to pay for it on their own?? Maybe 5% tops, & that means the taxpayer, government , community, anyone but the addict pays for it. It is just another handout, and if the addict is just doing rehab as part of a sentence, so he / she can do to get it done ( like Lindsay Lohan has so many times in the past) and go right back to drugs. It sounds real good to try and help but if they really are not serious , it is not going help , is it ? I have seen numbers that say it takes an average of 4 to 5 times in rehab for an addict to really be successful. When do you draw the line on how much to spend to rehabilitate someone?

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Aug-18-13 6:44 PM

Ask not , he had no license, and was driving like a maniac, and injured two people.which means he's probably had at least two DUIs . I think he needs to go straight to jail,and then in jail he can get some rehab. Don't they offer the 12 step problem in jail here? I would like to rehab everyone who has a substance abuse problem, but the addict has to want it. If not the addict will go right back to getting high.

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Aug-18-13 9:36 AM

@turk024 he should most def go to jail for injuring 2 people while driving intoxicated. you dont get a 'get out of jail free card' because you have an addiction. he needs to go to rehab on his own time.

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Aug-18-13 9:34 AM

well this man got 4 months for injuring a grandma and child in another car. where as in january, a young man got 6 months county and septa for injuring the young woman who bought the alcohol and then proceeded to get in the car with a drunk driver and then not put her seatbelt on... i wish our judicial system in this county could figure it the f out. so sick of the sentences not fitting the crimes! how do you choose who to punish more, luck of the draw?

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Aug-18-13 7:03 AM

Jail doesn't fix the disease of addiction. Jail and prisons are part of the system that has failed us. I'm an recovering alcoholic and it never did help. I've been sober for a few years now with the help of cannabis daily. I have a job and function in today society better than I ever did. But all you people keep with that old idea to just lock them up. But hey we got to keep them jail and prison beds full because the prisons are owned by your politicians to pad there pockets. the prison corporations of America are making millions. You all need to do some research.

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Aug-17-13 6:31 PM

Parents, make your children face up to their problems while they are young. This enabling starts the first time you defend your child when you know they are wrong. The child grows up hiding behind parents apron strings.

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Aug-17-13 3:49 PM

What was this "other crime" the mother alluded to ? The police don't know what it is? It really does not matter what happened. He was so drink ,never should have been behind the wheel. Plus he had no license and if he was charged with the more serious crime, he probably would have gotten a lot more time.They really need to change the law pertaining to one state not accepting another's labs. We have bordering states here, and its common practice to take multiple trauma victims to different hospitals, in this case the distance was maybe 5 miles away. This criminal was very lucky to have been taken to WV,about 5 years worth.

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Aug-17-13 12:03 PM

Absolute ZERO tolerance for drunks. No matter what, Mama, your boy was drunk. Face the facts before giving your emotional pleas.

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Aug-17-13 10:17 AM

McPherson's blood alcohol level was 0.354% and he was driving. What that tells me is it he is a "professional" drinker, no amateur night there.

Even though many factors play into how alcohol impaired someone is, a certain point is reached where it doesn't matter what a person's tolerance level may be.

Some sobering statistics:

0.30 BAC: Loss of consciousness.

0.40 BAC and up: Onset of coma, possible death due to respiratory arrest.

His was 0.354. Scary.

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Aug-17-13 10:12 AM

Wonder what the sentence length will be next time? this certainly did not seem long enough for all of the potential charges.

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Aug-17-13 8:02 AM

He sure looks different from his mug shot...amazing what a little soap, water and hair cut can do :)

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Aug-17-13 5:15 AM

WOW....sounds like Mama's an big time enabler. :(

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