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Animal cruelty

Those who’ve seen the worst want stricter Ohio laws

August 20, 2013

When it comes to animal abuse and neglect cases, Washington County Dog Warden Kelly McGilton has seen the full spectrum....

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Aug-21-13 12:06 PM

What a Pig.

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Aug-20-13 11:50 PM

I am disgusted by people who abuse and neglect animals. If you are not going to take proper care of them then don't own them. Animals enrich the lives of humans and we should have the common decency to do the same for them. They should be spoiled, I know mine sure are.

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Aug-20-13 11:04 AM

mrhomer, Please accept my apology. I thought you were advocating 24/7 chain policy. Those people disgust me also and I'm truly sorry that I thought you were one of them.

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Aug-20-13 10:49 AM

Maybe you better read that again Caspiansynn...I am very much against chaining dogs for any amount of time...just take a drive around here...look at all the bare ground around makeshift doghouses with turned over water bowls and filthy food bowls...these people make me sick and should be given the same living conditions.

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Aug-20-13 10:45 AM

Was everything that could be done to Ms Fryman...done? Did the City or the State check to see if she had been paying taxes on the dogs she was one is exempt from those and I'm sure there would have been people coming forward to tell how much they paid about her "government funding" ..weren't they interested in the unclaimed income she was getting..."it takes a village".

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Aug-20-13 10:41 AM

mrhomer, Your statements make you sound like someone who advocates animal cruelty. Do you seriously believe that keeping a dog on a chain 24/7 is humane? Even the most heinous of criminals get to exercise occasionally.

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Aug-20-13 10:37 AM

There's a disturbing trend toward more animal cruelty. Laws need to be strengthened so these jerks can be punished to fit the crime.

I don't think it's a treatable mental illness to be deliberately cruel to an animal. It's more like a personality disorder called sociopathy. Not much that can be done about this behavior unless the person is willing to change, and even then it's highly unlikely that they can change.

The best thing we can do is prevent these troubled people from owning animals, and protect our animals from being victimized by them.

You're right beaten1. Deliberate animal cruelty is part of the classic triad found occurring during the childhood of nearly all mass murders, rapists, career criminals, arsonists, child exploiters. The others are bed wetting and fire starting. If you want to learn more about this do a search on Sociopathy + animal cruelty. Some sociopaths channel their energy into driven work that requires little conscience, eg Politician, CEO

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Aug-20-13 9:30 AM

What is wrong with these people?! This is how Jeffrey Dahmer got started. This kind of news infuriates me. I'd like to meet up with Fryman and McClay in a dark alley...

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Aug-20-13 8:37 AM

the laws must be changed to more stricter penalties. and as for juveniles that commit crimes let's start with ALSO charging their parent/guardian with the same offense. When we place accountability equal with the laws, perhaps then we can end such behavior. No excuse for animal abuse. Adopt...Don't shop...

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Aug-20-13 7:58 AM

People who commit such hideous acts of cruelty deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

The man who shot the cat and the boys who killed the pet duck & destroyed the eggs are mentally ill.

That being said, they should be punished in a way that will catch their attention and prevent them from even considering doing something so cruel again.

It's not for me to pass judgment on them, and for that--they should be glad.

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Aug-20-13 7:28 AM

The penalties should be much stiffer for animal abuse. They should be the same punishment as if it were comitted on a child. Animals are loving and defenseless.

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Aug-20-13 7:22 AM

There are laws the city and county could adopt too not chaining a dog for 24/7 and charging more license fee for unspayed or unneutered encourage more to do so...other Ohio counties have already done this....Ohio is embarrassingly behind the times on just about everything.....while this city is more concerned about someone selling hot dogs on the corners and taking business away from them. We all know they enforce those laws in minutes ...cause it ends up on the front page of the the earth shattering news that it is.

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