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Council talks about parking around MC

August 22, 2013

As Marietta College students return for the 2013-2014 school year, concerns have resurfaced about on-street parking in the general neighborhoods along Fifth and Sixth streets and Whites Lane just......

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Aug-22-13 6:54 PM

I think it's a pretty simple thing really. Issue two parking permits per house to the people who live on those streets. Post signs indicating when it is permit parking only. If there isn't a permit, there's a hefty fin, and punishment increases as you go. MC builds a parking garage. MC does not allow underclassmen/women to possess cars on or off campus unless it's necessary for work, etc. Many, many schools do this.

Council can enact such legislation and the city can enforce it. But it's also up to MC to carry their weight.

People who bought their homes 30 years ago had no way of knowing that nearly every student attending MC was going to have a car. I was in school in the 70's. Hardly anyone had a car. We walked, rode bikes, and took buses "home".

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Aug-22-13 4:54 PM

Belpre boy if I worked in town and I once did I rented a parking stall and parked there not on the street Had a lot of benefits such as never had to look for a space as mine was reserved trucks didn't splash dirt and slush on my car in the winter.

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Aug-22-13 3:05 PM

I have been pking downtown for over 35 yrs and never had anyone yell at me for parking in frt of their home.I am down there daily when not out of town working,and park all over town twice daily as I walk sev miles/wk.This is an area(college) where there is a high concentration of cars that are parked long term..not in and out all day like a rest ect is operating

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Aug-22-13 3:01 PM

I imagine that even if the college had bought Mound Cemetery and built the new lot there, you squeaking wheels on 6th street would still be squeakin’. The college was there before you were. If their good faith attempts to help you haven’t yielded the results you desire, you’ll have to make your own adjustments (like parking on your own property, as others have suggested). And if space or money is an issue for you, there is always a spot open somewhere on 5th Street west of Mound Cemetery or on 6th Street East of the cemetery. Park there and enjoy the scenic walks through your absolutely beautiful neighborhood.

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Aug-22-13 3:00 PM

One of several good reasons a donor would not want his name hung on an MC parking garage is because this 5th and 6th street “parking crowdedness” is just too small a problem to spend more city or college money on. This is what Abicht implies when he says the college and the city should just continue to do the best they can. He is absolutely right.

Both the college and city have listened and repeatedly tried to help. Heck, the college just added a large lot 2 blocks away. How much closer could they have gotten to 5th and 6th streets with their new lot? Should they have knocked down the fieldhouse for a new lot? Maybe they should mandate parking up and down the beautiful brick walkway that leads through campus? No, these would have been foolish choices.

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Aug-22-13 2:48 PM

@Slogoin: You have no clue on where I park. The people giving me a hassle on a daily basis are NOT elderly or handicapped. They come running out and yell at me for parking legally. What kind of person are they then? Are you going to pass judgement on them as well. Why should I be yelled at on a DAILY basis for parking legally on a street my taxes pay to upkeep every year. Since you know what you would do to me if you lived in town, let me know what you would do to them if you worked in town and had to park all over.

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Aug-22-13 2:39 PM

no,i wouldnt retaliate for parking in ft of my home(if i lived in town)I would retaliate because your are being(if you work here every day) for being a bad neighbor.What if an ederly person lives there.You wanna park in ft of her house and make her walk?Or a disabled person?Nothing wrong with courteous and neighborly behavior,and in this case..M/C is not being a good neighbor.Never said that it was a god given right to park in ft of ones home on a public street.

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Aug-22-13 2:24 PM

Wow, legal parking is just parking. People need to get over themselves and understand the streets belong to everyone.

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Aug-22-13 2:22 PM

@Slogoin: So you would retaliate against someone parking legally in front of your home? See people it is exactly as I stated: These people believe NO ONE is allowed to park in front of their homes. Thanks for proving my point.

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Aug-22-13 2:05 PM

Belpre...and your bumper jack would be worn out if I lived in town.Wait till this new property code thing goes.People will be able to force issues that were prev overlooked.Just wait.City will be forced to enforce ALL of it.

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Aug-22-13 2:02 PM

McCabe..nobody(donors) would want their name on a parking garage..image you know

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Aug-22-13 1:11 PM

And that is the true point. They want NO ONE to park in front of their home. I repeat NO ONE, not just college students.

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Aug-22-13 1:10 PM

Really? LOL! You are going to police the neighborhood to see if 1 of 1400 students is a freshman parking off campus? Might I add this is America and if they are 18 and driving they can park ANYWHERE that it is legal for another person to park. I laugh because this comes up every year. What would you say if you attended an event at MC and the neighbors came out and told you that you could not park in a street slot? You would be hopping mad I would assume. I do not live in Marietta, but I work here everyday and pay the city tax. I used to laugh everytime someone said dont park park in front of my home. No laws saying I cant. End of discussion.

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Aug-22-13 12:35 PM

I think Marietta College needs to take things a step further until they can provide adequate on-campus parking. They need to limit the privilege of bringing a car to campus with you unless you are a commuter student, a Senior, or have a job that requires you to drive. Then and only then can you park on-campus, and never off campus. They should be encouraging physically able students to use alternate transportation, i.e. bicycles, small motor cycles, or GASP!!!! their feet. And parents need to enforce this rule, which means no "sneaking" a car to little Johnny.

I lived in a campus neighborhood elsewhere and street spots were clearly marked No Student Parking, and it was strictly enforced by the campus police who had permission by the city to do so. Marietta could do so.

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Aug-22-13 11:42 AM

At the large state university I attended back in the stone ages, students were not allowed to park on campus. The university did have a few satellite parking lots specifically for commuter students. The Marietta College parking issue is certainly not new or unique to Marietta. Don't see much use of the parking around the football stadium during off hours. The same is true for the lot by the PA classroom in the old Moose Lodge building. It's really about convenience and laziness as far as parking on fifth and sixth streets.

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Aug-22-13 11:42 AM

So why were all the two hour parking signs quietly removed from Fourth St between Butler and Putnam? Did council approve this?

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Aug-22-13 10:51 AM

When I bought my house...It did NOT come with a parking spot on the street !!!

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Aug-22-13 8:58 AM


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Aug-22-13 8:57 AM

I can think of a certin vendor downtown who had to fight because of parking for his resturaunt.If a large apt complex was built downtown,would parking not be required?M/C is a business that houses large amts of people.Why would they be held to a diff standard?

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Aug-22-13 8:01 AM

If you don't want to compete with public street parking then don't buy a house without a driveway. You knew the deal when you bought your home so stop complaining.

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Aug-22-13 8:01 AM

My stepdaughter went to MC and said the parking passes do not guarantee that you will have a parking place. So why would the students buy a pass!!!

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Aug-22-13 7:50 AM

Parking garage sounds like a great idea. Just make sure it's well policed with LOTS of cameras.

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Aug-22-13 7:20 AM

Not allowing freshman to have a car "on campus" ....they just park it elsewhere, like on Fifth St. The parking near the stadium usually sits near empty because, heaven forbid the students should have to walk that far! I understand the MC parking permits are high priced as well, which only lends itself to more Fifth St. parking.

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Aug-22-13 7:18 AM

Don't see why Marietta College can build big new dorms and can't build multiple level parking garage at 4th and Butler or at some of their other property on 4th . They have the money.

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Aug-22-13 4:56 AM

Such is life when leaving near a college or univeristy. This is a worldwide problem, not just one in Marietta. Residents should move to create their own parking in their property to avoid this issue, or move. On the flip side, people should be allowed to park a car for days on end and never move it. We do need some fairness in the game of public parking. I often recall parking around 5th and 6th being commuter students. Does the college allocate any spots for those who must drive in every day? Give any incentive to students who carpool? Offer a tram from parking at the stadium or elsewhere?

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