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GreenHunter denies financial troubles

President says New Matamoras facility in good shape

September 7, 2013

Operations at GreenHunter Water’s New Matamoras brine storage facility will not be slowed or halted, the company’s president said Friday, despite recent reports that parent company GreenHunter......

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Sep-09-13 8:54 AM

Most likely they'll have a clause in the paper work stating they are not companies will require earthquake insurance to cover damages...more money to be made but not by the landowner...

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Sep-08-13 12:41 PM

So now that it's a Fact that Earthquakes are caused by Fractal Drilling/Deep storage well. Will sate and local officials be sued on a personal level and lose their homes and everything they own? I don't know it I would want to be on any county board and approve of any new wells or drill sites.

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Sep-07-13 4:00 PM

An analysis of lease agreements, government documents and thousands of pages of court records shows that such underpayments are widespread. Thousands of landowners…are receiving far less than they expected based on the sales value of gas or oil produced on their property. In some cases, they are being paid virtually nothing at all.In many cases, lawyers and auditors who specialize in production accounting tell ProPublica energy companies are using complex accounting and business arrangements to skim profits off the sale of resources and increase the expenses charged to landowners.

Google is your friend, or Bing...they're my choice :)

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Sep-07-13 3:58 PM

Another angle to the industry’s financial woes is revealed in a new report on gas leases by Pro Publica, which documents how gas drillers have been cheating landowners and the U.S, government out of royalties hand over fist.

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Sep-07-13 3:53 PM

This won’t be the first time we’ve heard whispers of impending doom for the natural gas fracking industry, but since this one is coming from Bloomberg it’s probably worth a listen, so here’s the deal. Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that the boom in gas field purchasing from 2009 to 2012 has turned into a whopper of a bust, leaving oil and gas companies with a belly load of depressed assets and “disappointing” wells to go with falling gas prices.As Bloomberg points out, the export market could keep the industry afloat until the next cycle ticks upward, but don’t look for much help from the domestic market as the cost of renewable energy continues to fall.

Looks like the fracking boom may just go BOOM!!...

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Sep-07-13 3:25 PM

:...disposal is almost 9,000 feet below the water table..." --- and I'm sure that there's no way it could ever reach the water table. None at all. I'm sure the benzene and methane will just stay there. Because nothing moves in the earth. Ever. (Seriously, 9000 ft is supposed to be some kind of safeguard? Have you ever read anything about geology, tectonic action, hydrogeology?) And I'm sure the recent increase has NOTHING to do with the exclusion to adhere to safe drinking water act in 2005. Good luck ranken

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Sep-07-13 3:10 PM

This is one of the reasons we are moving from the area. I've been north of Pittsburgh and seen what was done to that area by fracking and injection. Enjoy MOV...

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Sep-07-13 2:08 PM

Fracking DID cause 109 earthquakes in Ohio, confirm scientists as opposition to controversial process grows ! Sept 4th 2013. Looks like it's going to be payday time for a lot of people if anything happens now that they have proof !

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Sep-07-13 2:06 PM

cased = caused Sorry Type'o

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Sep-07-13 1:39 PM

The Study just came out on Sept 4th that proves that earthquakes in Ohio are cased by Fractal Drill and waste water storage. Google it !

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Sep-07-13 1:13 PM

Good grief Slogoin, we're not talking about the fracking sites, we're talking about the injection wells. Also, I specifically pointed to the company's past record, where they have been fined by the EPA. Also, I notice you're silent on the issue of increased seismic activity, so I'm glad we at least agree on that point. Again, this article and discussion is about waste disposal, not the fracking itself. Please read and process the information before you respond.

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Sep-07-13 12:53 PM

I am on location daily.Havent seen the loss of chemicals from fracking..disposal is almost 9,000 feet below the water table.Please name me one well fracked that the chemicals made it into the drinking water that has been confirmed by the EPA.Also you fail to mention that there is negligble air impact from drilling..per the EPA's evironazi's own research.How many copies of gasland did you hand out?

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Sep-07-13 12:25 PM

Slogoin, the pollution is in the myriad of chemicals being pumped into the injection wells. Ohio has become a dumping ground for this toxic waste-water as many other states that allow fracking prohibit the waste disposal within their own borders. Also, check out GreenHunter's shoddy record of environmental compliance. They've been fined for dumping pollutants into rivers in Kentucky. Pull your head out of the sand, do some research, and get the facts. While you're at it, you'll see the astounding increase in earthquakes sustained in southeastern Ohio since these injection wells have proliferated.

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Sep-07-13 11:59 AM

Maybe they should pay their bills they owe to the local companies in the area for the services they have provided.

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Sep-07-13 11:47 AM

Where is that pollution? your's called working for a living and making a profit.Where is that pollution anyway?..I know I left it here somewhere.

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Sep-07-13 11:03 AM

I'm glad to hear polluting and generating earthquakes in Appalachia has proved a profitable venture for the good folks at GreenHunter. I'm always happy when the financial portfolios of corporate fatcats can be padded at the expense of our children's future. Yay!

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