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Oil, gas firms help area schools

‘We’re not just here to make money for ourselves’

September 11, 2013

Oil and gas companies targeting resources in the Utica shale aren’t just looking at digging into the local ground but fitting in with the community....

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Sep-11-13 7:59 AM

They are here to pillage Ohio as long as they can till they get kicked out. They can take their $20K and shovel it where the sun don't shine.I wouldn't sell the good health or the lives of my children or anyone else's for any amount of money.All they will leave Ohio with after it's all said and done is billions of gallons of Toxic waste.

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Sep-11-13 10:41 AM

"We're not just here to make money for ourselves". I call BULL! The small $ amounts they have given to schools is just a PR attempt to influence people's thinking. They don't gave a darn about our schools!

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Sep-11-13 11:22 AM

I wonder if they talked about the fact that fractal drilling/toxic waste water storage in Ohio has caused 109 earthquakes? Google it!

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Sep-11-13 12:02 PM

A hard-hitting investigative piece the Times is set to publish later this week will focus on the oil and gas companies' effort to rescue area cats stuck in trees. Can't wait.

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Sep-11-13 1:03 PM

Of course every school but FRONTIER, and these trucks are all over our township roads and tearing them up!!!!and $2500?? Whoopi! That wont pay for gas for a bus for a month probably :-)

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Sep-11-13 1:11 PM

Well, if the Greek says there are no earthquakes, that's good enough for me. Because clearly the ability to google random information gives one the equivalent expertise as, say, an advanced degree in the field of geophysics.

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Sep-11-13 1:52 PM

Josh: Don't worry about delivering your check to the high schools; you're doing so much good with your toxic comments already. But you may want to see about some remedial education. The degree you got from the Bazooka Joe University isn't paying too many dividends.

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Sep-11-13 1:55 PM

I think Josh's definition of earthquakes is rather broad. Minor Seismic activity isn't unusual, I want him to show me proof of cause. And how about some numbers from say, 10 years ago? Do you think "earthquakes" are anything new to Ohio? As for the others, the small-minded negativity is astounding but not surprising. It's hard to be positive and appreciative when you a) don't educate yourself but rely on others' opinions and b) only see the world through your tiny, narrow-minded view. My only hope is that none of these people posting are teachers. I'd hate to think that young minds are influenced by them.

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Sep-11-13 2:37 PM

I don't see many other companies giving back to the community. How many other industries do you see that do ?

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Sep-11-13 3:06 PM

Mexican drug cartels are often known to be quite benevolent to their local communities; tithing generously at churches and putting food on the tables of widows. Despite these wonderful public outreach initiatives, there are some of small-minded folks who would say that these token acts of benevolence don't balance out the over all destructive nature of the drug trade.

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Sep-11-13 3:14 PM

Looks to me that a lot of people posting comments on this story did not get any oil and gas royalties.

If you are receiving royalties you tend to look at this differently.

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Sep-11-13 3:14 PM

Everyone can scream as loud and long as they want the FACTS are that Drilling/Storage of Toxic Cancer Causing Waste water causes EARTHQUAKES! These reports aren't made up there FACTS and the EPA will be coming out with new rules because of these FACTS before February 2014. The Report Came out on Sept 4th 2013 Look it up !

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Sep-11-13 3:24 PM

Wow, comparing the oil/gas companies to drug cartels now? I am speechless about such an insult to many workers who are from your own communities. And I have to wonder how many of you who are so suspicious and hostile toward companies bringing in local and regional workers, ordering parts and services from local companies, many of you willingly throw your money at Walmart buying cheap crap produced by foreign companies that oppress workers and pollute environments across the globe. It's called hypocrisy, maybe you should look it up.

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Sep-11-13 3:51 PM

Valveguy, some of us have turned down offers because we recognize there are greater values at stake than a quick buck.

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Sep-11-13 5:01 PM

@citizencane Last time I checked Walmart wasn't causing earthquakes and dumping millions of gallons toxic waste water.Also how much is a human life worth ? If the oil/gas companies pays out money&jobs it's okay to make people sick and kill them ?

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Sep-11-13 6:08 PM

Josh, I didn't say Walmart, I said the companies that provide cheap goods you buy at Walmart. Do you research any of the companies, or do you only concern yourself with american health and well being? And please provide numbers and sources of how many deaths/illnesses have been caused by the drilling waste. Bottom line, any time the MT has an article about the industry, the same handful of people get on here to complain and accuse. Natural gas provides cheap, clean energy---what is your alternative? Please, if you have any better energy solutions that make practical sense, share them with us.

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Sep-11-13 6:25 PM

5 Ways Fracking Can Make You Sick - TakePart ****takepart****/photos/5-ways-fracking-can-make-you-sick May 24, 2012 - Fracking can provide cheaper energy, but is it worth risking your health? ... While evidence of pollution mounts in heavily fracked regions

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Sep-11-13 6:35 PM

2,500 per school, cost of 1 asthma attack, 1 childs cancer treatment, 1 child's safe environment to grow up in, and raise the next child, and that child's child, are these honorable profits, lease agreement settlements, royalty checks, time will tell, of course at one time, they used doctors to sell you owe your soul to the company store???

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Sep-11-13 6:42 PM

Josh there areUtica shake fields here so I don't think these companies that do fracking are going to leave the area anytime soon,so if you are sure they will ruin your life and your children's health , you might be thinking about a move. Hmmm where would that be? There are a lot if small and larger areas that are resorting to cracking, even so called green states like Colorado Wyoming and Montana. That us what happens when the United States is told we need to stop relying on the imported Middle East products and OPEC. Most of you drive cars, heat your houses, and now your lawns with what? Petroleum products are not renewable energy sources, so you look for ways if getting to it.

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Sep-11-13 6:58 PM

@citizencane Doesn't matter about Walmart or not your whole point is mute. Kind of like a little kid pointing out to his parents that someone else is misbehaving so he should be able too also.

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Sep-11-13 7:13 PM

Sorry I meant Utica shale and fracking, Bad phone

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Sep-11-13 8:37 PM

1. Many companies now treat and reuse their water. 2. Companies do care about our schools. The majority in industry are set to retire and are in need of young talent. 3. They also repair the roads after the heavy traffic has subsided, into a condition that is much better than before.

If you think industry is so bad, why don't you try going a day without using any petroleum based product. Good luck. How do you think solar panels and wind turbines are made?

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Sep-11-13 8:39 PM

Ask not please don't feel you need to educate me . I know where "our oil " comes from / it was my family 's bread and butter. And no I have nothing to do with Antero or fracki ng. I already know because I actually studied it at MC. I think you'd be better off helping persuade others of the evils of oil companies. But then to truly walk the walk , you'd have to park that cycle and use those feet.

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Sep-11-13 9:39 PM

I think we all want a cleaner source of energy. Natural gas is the cleanest of all commercially available resources. I personally would like to see us make a move into nuclear's extremely efficient as long as it's safely carried out. Anyway, CNG powered vehicles will soon to be publicly available and help us reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Our fuel costs will be cut at least in half.

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Sep-11-13 10:04 PM

Ask not I'm really proud if your green lifestyle and your education. Surely you realize that everyone is entitled to his / her own opinion , and your constant lecturing them on the subject will not change their mind. I enjoy this forum and a lot if your insights , but do you have to constantly harass people who do not share your opinion. I mean its just so Freddie, give it a rest.

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